3D Signatures: An Entirely New Class of Biomarkers

I wrote a check for $50,000 into 3D Signatures. That’s because I believe that this $50,000 could soon be worth many times that. In fact, in just a bit, I’ll show you why a 15,700% potential return is possible from here. And it all starts with a very special situation that could soon propel the shares of this Company.

How K92 Mining May Become One of the Lowest Cost Gold Producers

Here’s a look at K92 Mining’s recently announced PEA, what it means, why its significant, and how I plan on taking advantage of it. Also, a look at how the demand for gold in first half of 2016 has now surpassed that of 2009.

The United States vs Germany: A Global Financial War

An international political war is breaking out and the consequences are terrifying. This week, we look at the United States vs. Germany, the events brewing behind the scenes, and what to expect after the US elections.

The Bubble Gets Bigger: How Money Works

Something BIG is about to happen and you’re not going to be happy about it. In this week’s Letter, Ivan talks about how money really works and what to expect in the coming months. You won’t believe what the governments are allowing banks to do.

How to Invest in Lithium: The Fuel of the Future

You can invest in Tesla, or you can invest in the fuel that powers every electric car. Here’s a look at the fuel of the future and how to invest in it through this one Company.

Forget Interest Rates, Can the Fed Buy Stocks?

While the Fed has the world focused on a potential rate hike, there is something much more important you should be focusing on. In this week’s Letter, Ivan talks about exactly what that is, how the world is changing to accommodate it, and how to prepare yourself for such an event.

What Private Equity is Buying and the Next Canadian Housing Bubble

In January, I told you of a secret plot by the “smart money” on how they would seize control of assets for pennies on the dollar. Today, that plan is unfolding. Read more as we tell you how to profit from this and which Canadian city is going to have the next real estate boom.

Will this Junior Bull Market Continue? The Micro and Macro Perspective

Here’s a look at the Canadian junior bull market from an inside and outside view, as well as the one question you should be asking every junior you invest in. And its not what you think…

How to Time this Opportunity: NexOptic Technology Nears Prototype Completion

Timing is one of the most important aspects of investing. Found out how you can use clues from this Company’s press release to profit from this “timing” opportunity.

K92 Mining: How Big Can it Be?

The last time I did this, readers saw a potential 95% return in less than a few weeks…Here’s a look at K92 Mining Inc., a near term gold producer that could be much bigger than what it appears.

Back to 1968: History Repeats Itself

A shocking and dangerous historical event is repeating itself and the similarities between then and now are so vivid it’s scary. But there is a way to prepare for it. Here’s how…

First Mining Finance: A Massive Gold Mineral Bank

One of the biggest financial triggers since 2008 just happened. And it’s already sent tidal waves across the world. But that doesn’t mean you have to lose. Find out how this one man has been able to use this one single strategy and turn penny stocks into multi-billion dollar companies