Big Tech Divided Society

The Hidden Agenda Behind Free Speech?

Twitter’s “free speech” is setting a tidal wave of serious ramifications, but there is much more than meets the eye – We reveal the hidden truths.

The newly-freed blue bird is already chirping truth.

And this truth is setting a tidal wave of serious ramifications.

But there is so much more than what you’re being told. And I am betting you only know a small fraction of these truths.

By the end of this Letter, I’ll have you second-guessing everything.

Before we get to that, a little precursor is in order.

Last month, the Biden administration tweeted an outrageously misleading claim under the White House’s handle. The tweet read:

WH Tweet on Social Security

Technically, they didn’t lie, but they did leave out an important detail: Social Security checks are tied to inflation. 

So when prices rise at the highest rate in 40 years, of course the benefits increase.

It certainly doesn’t mean seniors are better off in any way.

In other words, Biden’s administration spun inflation as a political achievement.

Ironically, Twitter fact-checked the claim and added the following annotation:

“Seniors will receive a large Social Security benefits increase due to the annual cost of living adjustment, which is based on the inflation rate.” 

(The irony is that the Biden administration pushed Twitter to add this fact-check feature in the first place.)

A day later, the White House’s tweet was gone. 

Just like that, Twitter curbed the spread of misinformation that politicians, in this case the Democrats, would have exploited for political gain.

Shortly after, at the request of Twitter users, Musk also pledged to reveal Twitter’s internal docs that expose who’s behind the Hunter Biden laptop story:

Musk on Hunter Biden Tweet

We can’t overstate what a critical inflection point in American politics this was.

For the first time since the advent of social media, the historically overly-progressive big tech called out the Democratic party.

And what has followed behind closed doors may be just the beginning…

Musk Sets Irreversible Chain

When Musk took over Twitter, I thought—even if Musk’s commitment to “free speech” wasn’t just clever PR—that Democrats would eat him alive.

And they tried. 

They called on the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) to probe Twitter on an exception, as I wrote in “Who Owns Twitter and Why it Doesn’t Matter.” 

Even though CFIUS usually scrutinizes businesses in which foreigners hold a controlling stake, on October 31, Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) demanded that CFIUS would make an exception:

“As you know, CFIUS has the responsibility to review transactions that could result in an American business being controlled by a foreign person. However, CFIUS must also review noncontrolling investments in certain sensitive US businesses, including companies that develop critical technologies and businesses that possess sensitive personal data on US citizens. The purpose of these reviews is clear: to protect the national security interests of the United States and American citizens.”

It’s not yet clear whether CIFIUS will follow through, but it doesn’t matter anymore.

Because, as it turns out, big tech no longer answers exclusively to Democrats.

After Musk revoked Twitter moderation policies, Apple immediately boycotted Twitter by taking down its ads. And according to Musk, the company later threatened to yank Twitter from the App Store altogether.

Musk Apple threatens twitter tweet

He didn’t share details, although it’s obvious the order came from high up. It just doesn’t make sense for one of the world’s biggest companies to alienate half its customers.

But Apple’s temper tantrum didn’t last long.

Soon after the news broke, Tim Cook was called onto the GOP carpet. 

According to an anonymous whistleblower, last Tuesday, Cook met* with three republican leaders in the House. (*there’s another source saying the meeting is yet to take place, but the agenda is the same.)

The next day, Musk paid a visit to Apple’s headquarters, and coincidentally, the issue was settled. 

Via the Hill:

“In a late afternoon tweet, Musk thanked Cook for “taking me around Apple’s beautiful HQ” in Cupertino, Calif., and said they had a “good conversation.”

“Among other things, we resolved the misunderstanding about Twitter potentially being removed from the App Store,” Musk wrote. “Tim was clear that Apple never considered doing so.”

If the GOP members did indeed meet with Cook, what could they have said for Cook to back off Twitter?

The Historic Antitrust Bill

A few years ago, Congress introduced a landmark antitrust legislation to break up big tech. 

The bill, known as the American Innovation and Choice Online Act, was supposed to be a bipartisan effort, but Democrats soon backed off. 


Part of it was money, obviously.

A recent report from Bloomberg showed that Silicon Valley had poured nearly $100 million to sway Democrats from pursuing this bill. 

But it wasn’t just the money.

Big tech convinced Democrats that if they passed this bill, they would lose the power to censor content. 

As a result, behind closed doors, Democrats, led by senator Brian Schatz, tabled the bill:

“This week, a group of four Democratic senators, led by Brian Schatz of Hawaii, sent a letter to Amy Klobuchar asking her to pump the brakes on the American Innovation and Choice Online Act. 

Schatz’s group argues that a terrible side effect is buried in the legislation. The bill, they claim, would prevent dominant platforms from enforcing their content policies, which in turn “would supercharge harmful content online and make it more difficult to combat.”

Would the bill actually prevent dominant platforms from moderation?

We doubt it.

You see, the antitrust legislation has little to do with moderating content that breaches laws or sane terms of use.

If there were a video of, God forbid, child porn, nothing in that Bill would prevent Big Tech from removing it. Child porn is clearly and highly illegal – it’s not even a debate.

The Bill’s intention is to limit Big Tech’s capacity to discriminate in a way that can’t be justified by law.

Without this Bill, censorship remains in Big Tech’s hand, and thus, whatever political view those companies want instilled.

Just ask Parler—a conservative Twitter alternative.

After the Capitol attack, both Apple and Google, which control 99.5% of the mobile market, banned Parler from their app stores. And Amazon, which hosted its app, pulled the plug on it.

Parler sued the duo, but with no legislation or legal precedent, it didn’t have enough legal grounds to lean on. And it had no choice but to give in to big tech’s censorship policies.

Yet, the law that could have easily prevented the Parler shutdown is still collecting dust in Congress’s chambers because big tech has bought off the Democrats. 

But the balance of power is now shifting. 

GOP Threatens Big Tech 

Republicans have regained control of the House.

Although a single chamber doesn’t grant the GOP the power to pass bills without Democrat support, it does give Republicans the power to not only block legislation but launch investigations.

In other words, it will be hard for Democrats to achieve their goals, and made even harder as they deal with investigations into their actions.

As a result, there is a strong possibility the red wave occurs.

The Republican’s power to investigate doesn’t just stop at politics – it can span every sector, including looking into the origin of COVID-19.

And it could also include investigations into Big Tech practices.

In other words, from this midterm on, Big Tech’s fate hangs on the will of the Republicans.

But unlike Democrats, the GOP doesn’t want to break up Big Tech. Instead, they believe that vertical integration at such a scale benefits consumers by reducing costs, which outweighs the monopolistic nature that inevitably comes with it.

Their only pet peeve is that Silicon valley’s anti-conservative bias systematically censors their party.

The Zuckerbergs of Silicon Valley knows that very well.

And if they don’t want to set antitrust watchdogs on themselves, they’ll have to stop the censorship – or face further investigations. Or, even rose, the possibility of the GOP passing the American Innovation and Choice Online Act.

I’m convinced that’s why Apple backed away from Twitter immediately after the meetings.

Meta and Google

The GOP’s dispute with big tech is much more than Twitter. 

In September, 35 GOP lawmakers sent a letter to Zuckerberg ordering him to “preserve all existing and future records and materials” related to the same Hunter Biden laptop story—including correspondence with the FBI.

And now that the GOP runs the House, they have the power to compel committees to subpoena Zuckerberg starting next year.

Zuck is getting enough headaches from Apple’s privacy war, and the last thing he wants is scrutiny from the GOP. If he has to face Congress again, I think it won’t be long before he capitulates.

Alphabet wasn’t left to its own devices either.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee recently blasted Google over its biased spam filter. The allegation came after a new study found that Gmail sent 77% of Republican emails to spam.

“Google and its algorithms have handed a distinct advantage to Democrat fundraising efforts, resulting in Republicans raising millions of dollars less than they should be able to.” the letter addressed at Alphabet said.

In response, Google quickly pushed live a pilot program that exempts all political emails from the spam filter. And despite the backlash, the Federal Election Commission green-lit it in no time.

All of which points to an obvious conclusion…

Is Silicon Valley’s Technocracy Over?

Let’s connect the dots here real quick.

Apple backed off of blackmailing Twitter. 

Zuckerberg is about to get called on the Republican carpet at Congress.

And Google is fixing a biased algorithm at the sight of a draft letter from the GOP.

Despite the overwhelming evidence, big tech has never lifted a finger to address censorship. But now, it seems, they’re pandering to every reasonable GOP request to fix it.

After decades of technocratic censorship, the reins of public discourse are returning to the people.

All thanks to Musk—a man who put everything on the line to set a once-unthinkable example that started it all.

Could Silicon Valley finally be caving in?

Or is this all part of the elite’s plan Ivan discussed in his Letter from 2017, “These Six Events Will Determine Our Future“:

  1. Inflate: Make people feel good by giving them cheap money through Quantitative Easing (QE) and low-interest rates – increase the money supply.
  2. Deflate: Take the good feeling away by taking away cheap money through Quantitative Tightening (QT) and higher rates – decrease the money supply. (Happening now)
  3. Control: Subdue the population by taking their focus away from the real situation. Think media control; think the increase of opioid usage and the legalization of marijuana; think President Trump; think billionaire-funded protests. (More recently, think COVID lockdowns and vaccine passports)
  4. Divide: Segregate society by inducing riots and hate crimes.
  5. War: Mask the international financial and economic crisis through the rhetoric of war, or even war itself.
  6. Reset: Global economic reset will be blamed on war; not the monetary actions of the powerful elite.

The last decade has been fuelled by a divide driven by those in power. From stirring racism to attacks on anti-maskers/vaxxers to the most polarized political environment in the 21st century, modern society has never been more divided.

While social media has given everyone a voice, it has also given the powerful elite a direct transmission into our daily thoughts.

As history has taught us, society fights back when the powerful elite grows too powerful.

The solution for the elites is to pit citizens against one another. With the advent of social media, this is extremely easy to do – just ask China’s Tik Tok.

Could these next years of so-called “free speech” be a tactic to drive more division?

If a red wave occurs, will there be a sudden wave of serious riots?

If Democrats remain in power, will censorship of conservatives lead to even more civil discourse and, dare we say, civil war?

Could all this lead to a global war, followed by the Great Reset the elites have so carefully planned for us?

Leave a comment below.

Seek the truth and be prepared,

Carlisle Kane

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  1. Hello,

    You can read the novel ”Le Mage du Kremlin” in french, by Giuliano Da Empoli, a swiss / italian guy.
    A big succes in Europ last summer about the new war by the russians against the occidental world,
    a good idea to know from where the problems are coming from.
    François G.

  2. Thanks for the in-depth article on the Bills (or lack of them) on this all too important issue. I had heard the account of Tim Cook and Musk last week.
    Such seemingly dire possible futures, eh? Seems like you’ve read the end of the Book too though… perhaps?

  3. Sorry Carlisle, but combining a broad set of rumors, non-sequiturs, and random conspiracy fears does not result in a reasoned, publishable article. Back in your cubicle please, where you can research stuff for someone with a talent for composition.
    Happy Holidays,

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