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These Six Events Will Determine Our Future13 min read

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  1. Don Taylor says:

    your statement about trump being the cause of the division in the USA is way of base,it was the left wing administration under Obams that fueled the division and now Trump is trying to fix the problem even when the corrupt media is so biased against him in their quest for New World Order that they will control and you should be smart enough to realize that fact

  2. Casa says:

    Congratulations, I ran ABCN through a stock scoring program I developed. It came out as the worse investment I have ever scored. It managed to reach 9. I had never previously seen anything below 20. A Canadian bank stock would score 70 or more. The only reason it got to 9 is due to the 236,273 volume of shares being traded. Why would anyone pay 91 cents for a stock with a book value of 3 cents, no operating margin, no price to earnings? Having said that I did find the statistics you provided interesting but your conclusions are questionable. In times of deflation usually prices and interest rates go down to get the economy moving. You are saying they are about to go up. In times of inflation, prices and interest rates go up. Due to technological changes things are becoming cheaper to bring to market which is leading to deflation not inflation. Unemployment figures are misleading for many reasons. There are a high percentage of the population looking for full time employment that do not show up in our unemployment figures but still are a factor in on going deflation of which there is no end yet in sight.

  3. John Kemp says:

    The ONLY answer to our debt problems is to reboot the dollar. To that end, Trump should meet with representatives of major countries and thrash out an agreement to value GOLD at or about $10,000 per ounce. Settlements as between countries should occur based on the new values.

    The meeting and agreement should be done this year.

    1. Mike T says:

      I totally agree.Gold should be a serious benchmark.I have increased my holdings in gold, in particular “BAR”Balmoral Gold as well as ABCANN due to their technology.

  4. John Latoszek says:

    You have not included and analysed what world bankers are currently up to in particular the BIS and the IMF in relation to the value of the US dollar against world currencies and the potential for the BRICS to vote as a whole on the SDR’s allocation?


    I enjoy reading your newsletter, but I find that the right-most 5 or 6 characters are always cut off, making it difficult to read, Can you try to find an alternate way to format it? pdf?

  6. RedDog says:

    I think the US really want and are provoking a war against South Korea and would welcome Iran to join the party because they know how dominant their military powers are and with a NATO backstop, this war would probably end fast and be the end to the proliferation of nuclear arms in the world particularly by these ruthless and egotistical regimes.

  7. Nelson G Chenaur says:

    Your world assessment is too shallow. China’s global ambition is expressed at the moment as demand for the Oil in the South China Sea and is one major driver for the South Pacific tensions. Kim Jong Un wants/needs the wealth in S. Korea and China uses that to tweak the US as the USN stands between the Oil and China.. Iran adds to the issues and lowers the cost (Money) to China.

    Iran wants world Islamic conquest. It’s an open question whether Islam will get the Atomic Bomb by self manufacture or by conquering France, (or England),. The Islamic Bomb is a certainty, in my opinion … Just how they get it is the question.

    Eventually Russia, China and/or the US will have to address the Islamic Bomb if they hope to survive. I see little hope of Europe playing a role in it’s own salvation. If Islam wins then all the world’s libraries and heritage will be lost. Despite extravagant claims Islam has contributed almost nothing to the world’s knowledge or public health. Knowledge the Arabs, Persians and others have contributed was before Islam.

  8. Jim says:

    Read the book by Henry Ford “The International Jew”.
    Everything you have said is true and it’s all be done before.
    The Golden Rule. He who has the Gold Rules.

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