The Epidemic Hidden Behind Ferguson

Here’s a look at how your government and the media is using the Ferguson Shooting to divert your attention away from THIS much bigger problem in America.

Dear Readers,

For the sake of our freedom, I urge you to read this letter in its entirety.

Never before has information been so easily and readily available in real time as a result of the Internet.

Despite its power, our access to information and the truth has never been as stifled as it is today.

I am not sure if the journalists and reporters who work for some of our most respected news sources are either lazy, incompetent, or being controlled by a bigger force*.

(*A few months back, Associated Press Washington Bureau Chief Sally Buzbee exposed 8 ways the Obama administration is blocking information).

But much of the news that fills our hearts today are often inaccurate, incomplete, and almost always lack any form of real research.

That is why I urge all of you to forward this, and many of my past letters, to media outlets across your country.

Then, please forward this to your family and friends and have them do the same thing.

Perhaps if enough caring and patriotic citizens reach out, the local news outlets might begin to do some real research and cover some real stories hidden behind the facade.

Violence Erupts Across America

Violence has erupted across the United States because of a grand jury’s decision not to indict the “white” police officer that killed a “black” Michael Brown. Media outlets, bloggers, social media, and likely many of you, were outraged over the conspiracies and inequality that shrouded the non-indictment.

The inconsistencies from witness and grand jury testimonies gave fuel to a massive fire that’s tearing America apart.

I, too, found many discrepancies in the case that warrant further questions, including some that weren’t mentioned by media outlets.

One, for example, was the profile of the Grand Jury.

In Missouri, grand juries are comprised of 12 members, with 9 votes required to indict; in other words, 75 percent of the votes are required.

Coincidentally, the jurors in the Michael Brown case, whose identities were kept secret, were 75 percent white: six white men, three white women, two black women and one black man.

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But before you go and join the Michael Brown conspiracy discussions by sharing your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter, ask yourself a few things:

Should race play a factor in your judgment?

What if Michael Brown was “white,” and the police officer that shot him, “black?”

I raise these questions because it seems America is more consumed by race over the Michael Brown case, than it is about a police officer shooting an unarmed man.

It seems almost impossible to see a headline without the word “black” or “white” in the Michael Brown case:

Ferguson Officer Who Shot Black Teen Quits Without Severance

Ferguson Police Officer Not Charged in Black Teenager’s Shooting

Grand jury has made decision in Ferguson shooting of black teen

The list goes on.

But has anyone cared to talk about the other shootings of unarmed citizens by police officers?

Here are just some that no one has talked about:

New York City Police Officer Accidentally Shoots, Kills Unarmed Man

Video shows trooper shooting unarmed man, South Carolina police say

White teen killed by black cop in Alabama mirrors Ferguson

and the kicker…

Killings by Utah police outpacing gang, drug, child-abuse homicides

The list goes on…yet, barely a peep from anyone.


Diversionary Tactics

I’d like to believe that in our modern society, race is no longer a segregation tool.

I’d like to believe that every American or Canadian citizen believes in equal opportunity, and thus, equality.

Unfortunately, as far forward as our society has moved, we are now going backwards as a result of certain puppet masters.

Throughout history, rulers have successfully used many strategies to maintain control; none more so than pitting one group against another.

By ensuring that citizens fight amongst themselves, the rulers of an empire never have to worry about a unified revolt.

In Niccolò Machiavelli’s book “The Prince,” he described a necessary, but dangerous game of internal politics, which involves the pitting of one group of citizens against another.

We have seen Machiavelli’s strategy used in many historical events.

For example, the Dutch East India Company often played one group against another and crushed a revolt by Chinese immigrants with the help of 2000 aborigines in Southern Taiwan. Leaders of the Qing Dynasty also often pitted one group against another to maintain control.

In American history, Europeans often pitted one native tribe against another by trading firearms to rival tribes. The more the tribes fought amongst each other, the easier it was for the Europeans to rule and conquer.

This strategy is now once again being used in America.

I get it.

I get how the non-indictment of the police officer that shot Michael Brown spurred an uprising, using the race card.

I get how political decisions can often cause citizens to react and riot.

I get how the puppet masters in charge use the media to play us for fools.

Don’t Lose Sight 

While we are all being distracted by the Ferguson case, which in so many ways appears staged, we have lost sight of what’s happening around the world.

More specifically, we have lost sight of what is happening at home.

Just before Christmas last year, I wrote about the growing epidemic of homeless children in America.

A year later – despite record-breaking highs in the stock market – the epidemic has gotten worse.

Much worse.

According to a new report from the American Institute for Research released this month, a stunning 2.5 million children in 2013 did not have a place to call home.

That means one in 30 American children nationally did not have a roof over their head. That’s an 8 percent increase over the previous year.

Yet, I have not seen a Facebook or Twitter post about this.

Furthermore, I have yet to hear Obama give a national speech about this epidemic since he was elected in 2009, where he vowed to make the “national disgrace” that is homelessness a top priority by aiming to end chronic homelessness by 2015.

Has he lived up to his promise?

According to the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH), Obama’s doing pretty good; so good that a big banner on the agency’s homepage shows that since Obama’s launch of “Opening Doors” in 2010 (Obama’s homelessness initiative), homelessness is down 10% nationwide.

But if that’s true, how do we explain the rapidly growing number of homeless children?

Between 2010-2013, nearly one million additional children were without homes.

Take a look:

How is it possible that, according to USICH, homelessness is down 10 percent, while the number of homeless children has risen by more than 8 percent?
Why don’t we ask USICH Chairman Thomas E. Perez. He was, after all, nominated last year by Obama himself.

How convenient.

This is just one example of the hidden disease in America that, if put center stage, could add fuel to nationwide uprisings. This is also an example of the dramatic inequality growing in America; an inequality that historically has almost always lead to uprisings and rebellions.

As Joseph Stiglitz, the recipient of a Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences and the John Bates Clark Medal, said, “(The United States is) home to the worst inequality among the advanced countries.”I want to go back to my Letter from last year, What to Expect from Stocks in 2014:

“The discrepancy between the wealthy and the “not-so-wealthy” continues to grow.

The question is: At what point does this discrepancy become so big in America that it forces the nation into a revolution?”

While American citizens tear themselves apart, burn buildings, and fight the police over the Ferguson case, bankers and politicians continue to expand the inequalities between the people – just as I noted in my Letter, How the Fed Influences the Stock Market, where I mentioned that the richest 5% of Americans own directly 82% of U.S. publicly traded stocks, which continues to hit record highs.

The Real Problem: Economic Inequality

Do we all need a reminder that during the financial crisis, politicians socialized losses, while allowing banks to privatize profits?

Do we need to be reminded that our rulers the government extended historical amounts of money to the banks who were the cause of the financial crisis, but did little to help the people who lost their jobs, homes, and families?

This is exactly what “they” want. They want us to be blind to the real problems in our society. And they do this by pitting us against each other; by using race as focus of inequality, rather than economic inequality itself.

That’s because racial inequality pits one group against another, whereas economic inequality pits citizens against the rulers of an empire.

The more focused we are on racial inequalities via the Donald Sterling or Ferguson events, the less focused we are on the real inequalities separating America.

The problem with our modern society is that real news is no longer being presented as news.

Our current generation no longer watches the news, but instead curates their news from their Facebook and Twitter feeds, littered with posts and tweets from celebrities.

As Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber said last year, “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage.” He also said American voters were stupid.

Don’t fuel the fire; instead, seek the truth.

Seek the Truth,
Ivan Lo

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  1. I do not believe that Policeman targets black teens to shoot them.

    I do believe that the police are scared people who compensate for their fear of people by wearing a badge and carrying a gun.

    I do believe that black teens are perceived by most cops as a nuisance and as thugs.

    Black teens can help themselves by staying in school and get some sort of training after high school vs. buying a pair of Jordans, wearing pants 1/4 the way up their ass and wearing a ball hat any which way from which it was designed to be worn. Then with all that attire to start dealing drugs and killing their friends because they are to Fking lazy to finish their education. That my friends is a recipe for a disaster.


  3. What’s happening to your famous ECIG stock at 0.62 which you have highlited in several of your news letters in the past 6 months. Its tumbled from $18.00?
    It continues to bleed all over? Any insight as too why or what’s happening?

  4. Ivan:
    I am surprised that you are surprised to learn that there is no transparency and that the majority of voters are stupid. Regarding transparency, when has there ever been transparency and honesty when it comes to our politicians. I would argue that there is now greater transparency then there ever has been. The fact that you have access to all the examples of dishonesty by the government shows that there is greater transparency these days. Unfortunately the population continues to be “dumbed down” by our government welfare state. We are no different today than the Roman mob in the coliseum that was given bread and circuses.
    What further proof do you need to show that the majority of voters are STUPID, than the results of the last provincial elections in Ontario, where a corrupt and scandal ridden liberal party with numerous multi billion $ scandals was reelected with a majority. I rest my case.
    The problem is not the government. the problem is the people. We get the government that we deserve.

  5. I was aware long before the grand jury’s disposition that there were 9 whites & 3 blacks on jury. Millions of others were too if they had kept up with the situation on FOX news.

    This teen had record as a troublemaker and it was very apparent of his non-compliance with the law. For this he paid with his life. I don’t believe that in the same situation with any other race, the result would have been any different. Explosive incidents for our police officers can erupt in seconds. Policing isn’t an easy job.

    I do believe the announcement should have been made during daylight hours though.

  6. Gross inequality is the principal cause in problems, issues & concerns
    Civil dialogue is a first step in resolution of problems etc
    Electronic communication is a great distraction to civil discourse
    But crises such as ebola will not be eradicated by electronic communication but it can be an aid nor will ISIS stop beheadings by bribes nor Putin’s kleptogramy by sanctions nor climate change by regulation of coal burning heating & incineration but could have a modest impact. Prayer may be a powerful influence if done with humality.

  7. I am a white 77 year old South African some of the reports that i
    have seen I DO NOT belief the police officer was wrong The black
    man 18 years old (no longer a teen ager) has a crimanal history


  9. Nobody wants to hear the truth…tell them the truth and the get angry at you and call you names. People want to leave in a fantasy world and the government is pretty good at creating it for the people…the laws of demand and supply.

  10. Earlier today, I heard one report, on Local News, that a young Bosnian man was attacked by a group of young men that started with a hammer against the body of his automobile. When the driver exited his car to defend his property he was attacked with the hammer. He was then killed by the repeated attacks by the hammer.

    The young men wielding the hammer were “Black” the Bosnian was a “White” man. I watched a series of “leading news & talk shows” and heard nothing other than the Ferguson Issue and comments that reached the unanimous conclusion that change is required of the White Community, American Business, Federal, State & Local Government and the related Political & Law Enforcement Community.

    Is there just one Black Leader that might suggest change in the Black Community? What I do hear is “we must tear this country apart” “Burn it down” “kill all the police” “we must have a revolution” “you have won the first round now we go to round two”.
    And then there is ISIS, or ISIL, if you prefer. “If you will not convert to Islam you must die by beheading”. This is where I must end this small comment tonight and try to find peace in my dreams.

  11. Interesting that I didn’t see any mass demonstrations across the USA following the acquital of OJ Simpson inspite of positive matching DNA evidence?????

  12. Good point Ed. There was no mass hysteria by any race when OJ Simpson was acquitted inspite of the evidence that should have convicted him. It seems like the Blacks prefer to irritate conflict via racism. I do believe this behavior is most common with uneducated Blacks (and some bleeding whites unfortunately),the Sharptons and the like.

  13. The next logical question to ask is when is the US going to get gun control?

    And the answer is simple. Just as Boomercare needed a momentous event like the babyboomers starting to retire en masse without having made sufficient provision for medicals in old age, so gun control needs a momentous event to turn the tide.
    In your article you talk about the growing poor and the rich getting richer on the backs of the poor. So the US will get gun control when the rich start fearing the many poor and big money start to switch to gun control because the rich fear a revolution by the poor.

    But we are not there yet.

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