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What to Expect for Stocks in 201412 min read

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  1. eugene says:

    great insight!!
    all the best in 2014

  2. Ken H says:

    Another great piece. Thanks for your insights this year – truly an eye opener.

    Look forward to your thoughts in 2014!

  3. Art Smith says:

    Focus on creating work for homeless and criminals. Organic farming, manufacturing things people need for survival, any hands-on skills like the schools that teach the trades. sincerely,Art

  4. Lee says:

    The Capitalist system is a FED preten-ced notion of creation of wealth for the multitude .Yes we all got a taste of it but for those who read between the lines Fed policies is intended for a small group , has been and will continue to be so.This is what we come to understands how economics work, However there are enough educated folks now a days to know the difference and HOW TO IMPLEMENT THE CHANGE quite smoothly.Its simple.
    The banking system stays operating as the net-work middle-man as they are but the MONEY MACHINE out of thin air is created by each government responsible for the economics of their own country. Countries and populations grow at their own pace based on its natural rhythm of personal evolution. All that is needed is an outside body with no conflict of interest to maintain rules and regulations on how each country prints money out of thin air. THE SOLUTION IS SIMPLE AND AFFEECTIVE. Currencies would hold their values accordingly, goverment debts would disappear as all citizens contribute to the system, unlike taxation, where we are penalized and controlled. THE ONLY ASSET IS LABOR..
    and we all produce this asset. The FED capitalizes on this ASSET the day we all obtain our BIRTH CERTIFICATES.as per the New York-Stock- Exchange registration of your stock birth certificate.THIS IS A TRUST THAT BELONGS TO EACH ONE OF US AS THE BENFICIARY, yet we are not able to redeem part of it for the well being of our own financial life. Each individual life production is more or less established at the day of birth. CAN WE EDUCATED FOLKS BE CAPABLE OF DREAMING UP A WORLD WITH NO SLAVERY OF THE REAL ASSET (LABOR)and levy this asset for what it really is .Its one people one nation , one earth working together for the same goal,FOR THE EASEMENT OF OUR DAILY FINANCIAL LIFES AND FOR THOSE OF FUTURE GENERATIONS.HAVE WE COME TO OUR SENSES THAT WE THE MAJORITY 90% HOLD THE VOTE TO CHANGE THE FUTURE OR ARE WE GONNA CONTINUE TO BE GOVERNED, MANIPULATED BY POLICIES THAT ONLY INTEREST A FEW. CHANGE IS EVIDENT, SILENCE AND PEACEFULL WHETHER THEY LIKE OR NOT.IT IS TIME IN THE COSMOLOGY FACTORS THAT SO INFLUENCE THE NATURAL BEHAVIOUR OF OUR HUMAN SPECIES.
    The FED is a very predictable institution and we all must learn and anticipate their thinking and for those so called intelligence money managers, guru’s etc,for most just create noise. Why don’t they tell it like it is..I been able to see in plenty of time thus far the major turn arounds, the manipulation of human emotions for personal gains. Oh Yes the FED knows more about us the commoners than we think we know about them. More SO PAINFULL ARE THE POLITICIANS IN PLACE who have fallen into their ideology navigating a current against main stream of the river. And for those in the past who have initiated some kind of ideas of change have fallen under. YET we all hold the vote. OR DO WE EVEN KNOW THAT WE HOLD THE VOTE. IS THIS DEMOCRACY Of WHAT OUR FOREFATHERS FOUGHT AND BELEIVED WERE BETTER WAYS FOR THE GOOD OF ALL INVOLVED. Someone left a common and it went like this. POORER COUNTRIES FIGHT KILLING EACH OTHER SO THAT MORE ADVANCED COUNTRIES CAN KEEP THE BEER COLD IN OUR FRidge.
    If we are so advanced, how can we allow the FED. now take the charge again in the implementation of the pretense-idea of financial freedom by financing their way into the smaller economies (countries) to only later devaluate their currencies and seize their own survival assets of natural resources along with the only ASSET-LABOR…
    20014 is 100 year cycle since first world war, and the only thing that is stopping another one is Divine intervention and the vibratory thought process of humanity coming into common sense that we don’t need wars to solve issues.(The Budha Awakening)That the survival of a society is interdependent on another and in all.
    AS I mentioned before, rates to stay low for long time and in between is just manipulation. We will see the same in 2014. Economics are not as good as the media advises. Just ask your self the question. Has my income gone up or has my LABOR ASSET been asked to improve its production to the limit.? Metals to have its usual seasonal run Jan-May..HISTORY IN THE MARKETS KEEP REAPING ITSELF. ITS THE PROGRAM.IF THE FED MOVES ITS RATE 1% IN A S-HORT tiME (30 TO 60 DAYS ) THEN YOU KNOW THINGS ARE CHANGING. So what is it that takes Guru’s to figure things out. Have you ever seen a CEO of a company says things are BAD. the word does not exist. Main time the FED will continue to guide us economically for mutual interests, however their policy is to make sure that some type of inflation factor, small as it may be, it must be there in all economies for this is the survival mechanism of its internal organism.

  5. gold bug says:

    The trouble with the gold bugs /gurus or whatever you wish to call them is that they all run gold related businesses so try to talk the market up . Buy the dips has been their cry all the way down to where we are. For me the red signal was when Sprott threw in the towel on silver a number of months ago . He said he had trust obligations ,but was it inside information? The following day silver tanked . Jamie Diamond visited the White House and the market tanked further. Was he told to hammer the gold market to protect the dollar?
    JPM are now long the gold market yet the price is going down , how can that not be manipulation?
    Finally the LBMA chairman openly stated a few days ago that they would knock the price $400 to $800 in 2014 . Expect the investigation into them in London and Germany to go nowhere just like the CTFC investigation into silver went.
    All these people do the Feds bidding.
    Prosperous New Year , I doubt it ,unless we have a black swan event

    1. Larry says:

      Its all manipulation. Its as Ivan said in this letter, anything traded on a financial platform can basically be manipulated by the Fed – they have all the money in the world.

  6. jrj90620 says:

    So,you’re saying,you knew gold and silver were not the place to invest,because the Fed was creating lots of fiat and keeping interest rates,artificially low?I don’t get the logic.I think precious metals prices went up too fast/far and got ahead of actual inflation(which is about 2 1/2 to 3 times govt figures or 6-8% per year) and has to rest,letting prices catch up.Eventually,when currency holders,foreign and domestic,figure out they have been conned,by what the Fed has done and is doing,it will result in a declining currency and rising precious metals.Stocks are the trendy investment,today,because they have been rising.Same as gold was,a couple years ago.Everyone gets a turn,eventually.

  7. John S says:

    Blah blah blah…..Russia is going to nuke US, inflation will go through the roof, world will end, get guns, buy silver and gold and put under your beds,..etc etc

    These are just some samples of your dire predictions and suggestions in 2013.. Not to mention the brilliant stock picks..:) LOL

    1. Jamie says:

      Why do people come here and make statements that aren’t true? I don’t think I have ever read the Equedia Letter mention that Russia will nuke the US, or inflation will go through the roof.

      As a matter of fact, I’ve read great reasons in this letter on why inflation has been tame and why it will remain subdued because of unemployment, spending, and money velocity.

      Shame on you for defamation.

      1. David says:

        Must be from the people who have bought his stock picks,… He is a paid stock promoter and people should realize this when investing based on these kind of newsletters. Almost in all cases the authors of these newsletters are here to make money for themselves and not the readers. And people should not believe everything they read and do their own research. If they buy into anything they read then they have only themselves to blame..

  8. Honestly says:

    this may be the most insightful information on the web – or not!
    One thing is for sure, the author does not value my time adequately.
    Articles here are far too long winded!

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