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Nuclear Arms Race Threatens the World12 min read

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  1. D. says:

    I don’t think Korea is dumb enough to kick-start a nuclear war, let alone one with the almighty U.S.A., however, I could be wrong about those kamikazes. Nonetheless, if they did, they would be digging their own graves fighting against NATO as well or 12 other countries, a losing proposition at that. I think the Korea military and their leader Kim Jong-un are just fear mongering pip-squeaks or ‘shit disturbers’ that demand to be respected and accomplishing that with threat tactics is laughable.

  2. How can you write an article like this without mentioning the only nuclear armed , and constantly sabre waving country in the MidEast , Israel — not to mention slaughtering thousands of its captive populations every couple of years . It’s defense minister recently alluded to making a nuclear first strike on the Hiroshima and Nagasaki model against Iran .

  3. Realistic Thinker says:

    Ron Paul has the right idea. Bring back all the military from around the world and stop trying to dominate the world at the cost of going broke.

    Ron Reagan had the right idea.
    Take the money saved and invest it in a star wars program. He was laughed at.

    I have an idea.
    Stop spending money overseas and build our defenses like China is doing. You don’t see them defending the world. You don’t see them sending foreign aid to any other countries. Meanwhile we are going broke while we wait for them to simply take us over. We have the brains to build superior technologies while China only knows how to copy ours and use it against us.

    The answer is simple. Let the enemy (middle east et al) fight themselves while we build superior defense systems and Offense systems to be deployed only if and when we need them. It really is that simple. Of course George Bush and Barrack Obama at too stupid (or is it STOOOOPID) to see that. Time for people to take to the streets and call for the jailing of leaders who have become CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT towards the people who elect them into power. Remember Benito Mussolini?

  4. Mitch MIler says:

    George Bush pursued small “tactical” nuclear weapons that could be used against Iran to destroy their nuclear facilities. It is definitely conceivable that the next president will be a Republican and will use these weapons to destroy Iran’s nuclear program.

  5. Yatti420 says:

    @Realistic Thinker – Those comments are just embarassing and factually incorrect..

    First thing to understand – China & North America are different beasts.. While North America (USA & Ontario, Canada ) whilts away from reckless abuse of money. China has played it smart.. They haven’t prespired money at the rate of the USA..

    They do have their own issues however.. It’s nothing on the level of USA however. Most people either forget or ignore the fact that China is one of the biggest holders of USA debt. AKA they already own the USA!!

    Essentially China already owns the rights to the US of A in the event of a default or if they feel USA can’t pay their debt (or tries to deflate the USD to pay them back)..

    We talk about the invasion scenario but it’s already not required. I’ve had dreams about millions of chinese soldiers dropping in the Arctic via Russia. I use to think this could happen until I dug a little deeper in to China – their history, past and planned future. By the time the majority of millenials pass this version of China we once knew will be gone..

    Let’s put up walls and kick anyone who disagrees with us out.. Then as we sit in global isolation

    1. Realistic Thinker says:

      Which facts are incorrect? You have argued my case quite well but I don’t understand what part you disagree with. We are going broke and they are taking us over. Our leaders are simply Criminally Negligent for letting this happen.

  6. JJ Joseph says:

    None of this would be a problem if we weren’t basing our military in 150 countries, poking at the soft under-bellies of most of the other countries of the world. Look at the mess we are making in Ukraine while we’re poking at Russia. No wonder we’re becoming so hated by these nervous little republics. If we left them with their petty local quarrels, they’d go broke and think of the money we’d save.

  7. R says:


    1. Jim says:

      You clearly are not a very bright person. First of all, its not Korea, its North Korea. Second, N. Korea and Iran have been working together for ages to threaten the West. This is fact. No one said anything about an invasion. And no one said they would achieve their goal.

      So yes, you should eat your golf shoes. Some people really are idiots.

  8. George Hartwell says:

    The West is focussed on Military might. We live with the assurance that the world’s bully will always be strongest and be able to ‘take out’ all comers. However this is no longer the truth. We are not prepared to face that USA military can no longer dominate.

    Power and authority are not just projected by military force. One can gain power through loving action, faithfulness to international law and order, respecting other nations, mutual cooperation, trade and financing that is to everyone’s mutual benefit. The evil empire (UK, USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia) have not thought or acted like this. They have not listened to religious and humane ethical values.

    Russian and China are extending their influence not through force, power and bullying but by financing mutually beneficial arrangements between nations. This is the new order, the new way and the future of Planet Earth. USA etc, represents the old and dying way of evil Victorian British Empire – colonialism.

    Right now USA military power is basically held in check by the growing military power of other nations. These nations have good memories of the injustice done to them. WE can hope that they will forgive.

    USA must let the New Order of mutual cooperation to operate without evil mischief and ugliness. This time has come. Military is being held in check. Time to reap the whirlwind of ugliness, evil and sinful actions America, Harper’s Canada, Israel, and UK. You have created enemies not friends and you must recant, repent, turn around before you turn into ‘hell on earth.’ Make love and trade, not war.

    1. clifft says:

      Right on George!! I see it just as you do.If the United Snakes really cared about the world the way they say they do there would be no reason for the 900 plus military bases around the globe.It’s all about America in the end. The US Military Industrial Complex,Central Banksters, and the top 1% have pushed Russia and China into a partnership without realizing what they were doing. They see the world as a multi-polar society not a uni-polar one the so called New World Order(USA) wants.As our debt based monetary system slowly collapses so will the funding the evil empire needs so badly to carry on their devious ways.When the dollar dies so will America. Hopefully the never ending wars will come to an end and we can start thinking about the whole planet as a group and a multi-polar society. Humanity will be number one and America will be down at the bottom of the list. Make love, and trade, NOT war!!

  9. Tom says:

    You are as nutty as a fruitcake.

  10. Evan Efston says:

    In a matter of minutes not even an hour, in order to verify the offender, another nuclear missile – or many of them – will be on the air on the opposite direction.
    Every one party realizes that he/she will be Dead within minutes or hours. That kind of mentality has prevailed so far and will continue. Except if and when ISSIS manage to acquire the means to do that, then the dynamics of the situation it will be entirely different.
    (their God will not be Great any more for anyone……)

  11. Dr. Aubie Baltin says:

    none are as blind as those that refuse to seeDear Sirs Are you all so gullible that you can’t see the writing bon the Wall.
    First of all You must realize that Obama is a Muslim FANATIC whose goals are identical to Iran’s and all the other Muslim Fanatics, who are seeking to speed up the coming of the 12th Imam. The End of the world is their ultimate goal. That’s as plain as the nose on your face. Everyone knows that there can be no winners in an all out Nuclear War. Especially in an all out nuclear war, since all the factions will have nuclear weapons including delivery capability from all over the planet.
    If you examine the actions of President OBAMS IT BECOMES OBVIOUS THAT HIS # 1 GOAL IS THE SESTRUCTION OF THE USA . the obvious fact that he was not born in the USA is secondary. A Muslim Fanatic is only seeking the coming of the 12 IMAM which would require the destruction of the world. So winning a Nuclear is not the Objective. and Destroying the Worlds only Super POWER CAN ONLY BE ACCOMPLISHED FROM WITHIN. PEN YOUR EYES

  12. Red Dog says:

    The US reminds me of Mike Tyson in his prime, an aggressive pit bull terrier ready to pounce and eat your heart out if you so much looked at him the wrong way.
    The reality is, the world needs a big brother like that who is very intimidating and who won’t put up with the terrorists. The US fit the bill because fighting and protecting their allies is what they do best.
    The military have superior satellite detection systems that not only gives them eyes to where Kim Jong-un is taking leak, but more importantly where nuclear weapons are located and sensing technology that detects radiation levels in determining how far along they are with their weapons programs.
    If Korea and Iran were smart they should just remain the terrorists that they are, if they want to retain that place they call home.
    I think being on the offensive is the right strategy for the US because not doing so only breeds more strength in terrorism and graver consequences everywhere.
    Don’t mess with big brother Korea or Iran, just ask Iraq or Afghanistan. They know the consequences.

  13. bmoore says:

    You seem to have left Israel out of the equation, who supposedly have 300 or so nuclear weapons at last count. Oh wait… I forgot they are not on the world radar as a possessing weapons of mass destruction !

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