The September vote on Iran nuclear deal is heading towards a bitter standoff between US President Obama and Congress.

The Iran Nuclear Deal has been signed and is now waiting for final approval. But why is it so important and why is Obama so adamant about getting it done? Here's a look at the real reason behind the Iran Nuclear Deal.

We are now closer to global catastrophe than we have been for nearly seventy years. While nuclear weapons have been thought of as the technology that could one day wipe out humanity, they are now making a comeback with the world in a renewed nuclear arms race.

Tanks, weapon arsenals, ballistic missiles and now, nuclear material have been seized by ISIS Militants in Iraq. Experts claim its not enriched enough to make a nuclear bomb. Former security policy analyst Michael Maloof explains what ISIS can possibly do with its weapons booty.

An in-depth look at the massive gas deal between Russia and China and how it will affect the world. This deal is much bigger than the world even knows and it could mean that many significant events are about to unfold.

Just as China's overall growth has played a significant role in our market, Russia's ambitions will have a dramatic effect on global economies. Specifically, Russia will continue to grow as an energy powerhouse. This is important because the nation - under Vladimir Putin's reign - will challenge anyone standing in its way for global energy dominance. Including the all-powerful United States...

There are a few things that every successful investor should know. First of all, never bet against an entity that can print unlimited amounts of money. But the most important aspect of investing is this.

Peter Cook explains the details of the nuclear accord reached by world leaders with Iran to limit its nuclear program in exchange for reduced sanctions.

The landmark deal that freezes Iran's nuclear program could be a step in the direction of peace in the Middle East. But just how close is Iran to actually making a nuclear bomb? And how exactly would they do it? Bloomberg contributing editor and former White house security adviser Richard Falkenrath has more.

Energy has sparked wars and cost the lives of many all around the world. Without it societies would crumble. Every nation knows this. The countries that control energy will remain - or become - super powers. Read this Letter to see how one nation is becoming an energy powerhouse and using it to gain global power.

A look at the real reasons behind the war in Syria and a look at the timeline of events that shows how fragile the global political system is.

The charts you need to see on gold, the stock market, and the 10-year yield, and how to use them to your advantage. Also a brief look at two Equedia Selects.