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Russia vs. America: Nuclear Threats11 min read

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  1. Henry says:

    Russia is clearly just making empty threats knowing that America won’t be the one to launch the first attack and make itself the aggressor. Putin has been smart in playing his cards. Obama is an idiot

  2. Charles W says:

    It would be interesting to see what happens because America hasn’t deviated from its plans for their PGS system. Does that mean Russia is going to start firing nukes? Doubtful. The question is what is the next move?

  3. IDM says:

    If I were a Russian faced with America’s superior military might, I too would use the threat of nuclear first strike to keep America in check.

    1. Anon says:

      Russia has always been aggressive in its statements, but now the country is really making a comeback, one that shows no signs of slowing down. Putin is not exactly a class act and is very dangerous and ruthless. Be careful

  4. luigi says:

    Putin has no love for the West and for America in particular. But he is no fool: he knows that the US has a great military superiority that Russia will never be able to match, let alone surpass. No matter what he comes up with in terms of new weapons, the US will always be at least one step ahead of him. It all boils down to GDP: the huge difference in GDP between the two countries will always keep armaments in the same ratio, no matter how many resources Russia throws into armaments.
    The US has a GDP almost seven times larger than Russia’s whose GDP is almost entirely resource-driven. Any significant drop in oil, gas or minerals prices will push Russia’s GDP way down the ladder.
    Notwithstanding his well-publicized dislike of America, Putin never mentions his two major enemies and his fear of them: the Chinese in the East and the Muslims within Russia and the Muslim states “associated” with it. These Muslim populations want more independence and less controls from Moscow, not more. At the other end the Chinese see the rich and empty spaces of Siberia like a promised land and want it.
    Time is on their side and they can wait.
    Russia’s threat to use advanced weapons as a first strike can be construed more as a warning toward its real enemies rather than the West.
    Putin is dreaming to create a new Soviet Union, another giant with clay feet that will crumble under the weight of corruption and lack of democracy.
    The real danger lies in whose hands those dreadful weapons will end up in post-Putin days.

  5. Henk Yserman says:

    Who was first to develop the nuclear bombs? Who has been the only one to drop nuclear bombs? Who has caused the nuclear power race?
    Who has to be feared and to take defensive action against?
    Who should give convincing evidence of nuclear disarmament?
    Who should replace the Uranium fuelled energy generation by the almost “green” Thorium fuelled ones?
    Let’s stop hegemonic arguments, and promote world wide direct democracy!

  6. bernie says:

    Putin is a bully but, hopefully,not stupid in that the nuke card threat is fine but the reality is he will be glowing in the dark and vaporized quite soon after his index finger pushes the red button.I am not as worried about a blow-hard like him as opposed to that nitwit in North Korea or some crazy in the Middle East. Welcome back to the sixties I guess. We sure could use a Kennedy again.

  7. Charles says:

    Ok, last week an article about a company fabricating e-cigs, that pretty much anyone can compete with, to a re-start of an arms race with Russia this week, as an excuse to invest in an uranium miner. The author has ties with both companies featured and encourages us to invest. It’s my 2nd issue and I think it’s time to Unsubscribe from this so-called investment newsletter. Equedia has been worth what I paid for it: zero.

    1. Cameron says:

      I don’t see an issue with a newsletter writer talking about his investments. frankly, I find it appalling that there are newsletter writers out there that about how great a company is, but doesn’t invest in it. my 2 cents.

  8. Mac Lary says:

    You write: “Paul will become the President, Chief Operating Officer and a Director for Uranerz Energy moving forward.”

    Because the phrase “moving forward” refers to time, where else is there to move? Backward? Sideways? Up? Down? No, none of those. Time ONLY moves forward, so why appear like a trendy copycat of a meaningless phrase that only makes you look silly?

    You would have been quite proper and sufficient to have written: “Paul will become the President, Chief Operating Officer and a Director for Uranerz Energy.”

    Gilding the lily doesn’t make it better, It kills it.

    1. Kyle Thompson says:

      Why do so many critics come on here and comment about stupid stuff? Every one is a writer, yet no one on here writes.

      Some people have nothing better to do…

  9. jamie says:

    If it happens then he will only have his own country nuked, I think? Why would he want to do this, its pathetic this world will not regain anything out of this at all, why do we want to go back in time and start again for what reasons Its madness.

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