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The Real Reason for War in Syria: Pipeline Control14 min read

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  1. Candice Watts says:

    Another American intervention. america should not be in Syria. all of these people dying so that first world countries can keep their beers cold in the fridge.

    Very sad

    1. dasource411 says:

      Israel goal not AMERICAN, Israel and the zionist JEWS ARE THE SAME AS HITLER AND HIS CREW. ANYWAY THEIR MAIN GOAL IS TO COMPLETELY TAKE OVER CONTROL OF ALL ARAB COUNTRIES, and then take over EUROPE AND ASIA CAUSE THEY ALREADY TOOK OVER PALESTINE, BROOKLYN NY AND AMERICA, with the simplest tool the TV AND THE MEDIA, as long as they control the people minds they can use any puppet they want in every country. They use the people to revolt or cause a simple civil war in each country to over throw old regimes into controlled puppet regimes, and they lease the governments to you and then if you grow balls like saddam and gadaffi they go after you, and if they dont do it organized they lose the whole country to rebels or neighboring countries. And then they have to start all over. And its still hard to control everything but they still manage. You just need to grow balls on the low and form an ALLEGIANCE WITH OTHER COUNTRIES SO THAT YOU CAN BECOME STRONGER. BUT AGAIN THE ZIONIST JEWS LIKE GREAT BRITAIN KNOW WELL HOW TO DIVIDE AND CONQUER WITH THE USE OF MONEY. BUT SINCE THEY MOVING AWAY FROM THE DOLLAR BECOMES HARDER TO USE USE THE DOLLAR TO BRIBE YOU TO BECOME DIVIDED SO RUSSIA/CHINA MIGHT BE A GREAT TACTIC ON THEIR BEHALF. thats what happens to ISRAEL AND AMERICA WHEN YOU WANT TO KEEP GETTING BIGGER AND KILL INNOCENT PALESTINIANS AND ACT LIKE ITS OK.

  2. Peter G says:

    Does any one even know the media’s reason for the Syria conflict? Ie. does anyone know, other than for oil, why there is even a civil war conflict in Syria?

  3. Rob56 says:

    This all boils down to LNG and the Strait or Hormuz. Now controlled by Iran. Syria is a means to get to Iran to protect US interests in the strait. Hence the threat by Iran if we attack Syria they will attack Israel and bingo the start of the next world war.

    1. Frankeey says:

      Yup. The whole thing is a lot more than just Syria. But to explain the whole process would be like explaining the last 20 years of politics.

      War is bound to happen.

      1. Lee says:

        I just 1% of the population would take the time to take a few moments of time and consciously send the vibration energy of LOVE not war.(no special instruction as your heart knows how (bottom left of the heart there is an emotion center, just pay attention to it when it happens so you know where it is) War will not happen
        There is earth Grid and this Grid (matrix) can be accessed by thought form or prayer if you wish..
        A lot of us have come to understand that black or white don’t exist and are simply perceptions on the physical realm.


  4. AndyB says:

    The problem with your recommendation re uranium is that once the REAL truth comes out about Fukushima, no one will be interested in uranium. Fukushima’s uncontrollable and unstoppable radiation will, at best, kill only billions, and at worst, will destroy the planet.

  5. Grant Smith says:

    You are quite obviously desperately trying to `push` uranium to cover an insanely stupid, bad bet in Uranerz. Nuclear power is incredibly dangerous and incredibly expensive(How much does it cost to build and then decommission a nuclear plant?). And, of course, there is no way to safely deal with the waste products. Fukushima is the final nail in the coffin of nuclear power.

    1. admin says:

      Andy and Grant,

      Thanks for sharing your comments.

      Until I see China, France, and most importantly the U.S. decommission their nuclear plants, my views remain unchanged.

      I am not pro-nuclear, nor am I against it.

      I am simply calculating supply and demand fundamentals in a market that is not easily manipulated via paper trading.

      As far as danger, there are more people dying mining for metals and coal then there are people dying from uranium.

      People also forget that Fukushima was a result of a natural disaster, not because the plant itself wasn’t safe.

      Should Japan have built better security measures, knowing they are susceptible to earthquakes? Yes. But I blame that on Japan’s lack of oversight; not on the dangers of nuclear power itself.

      This is the world we live in. There are pros and cons to many things. More people die driving cars, drinking alcohol, and smoking cigarettes. But that doesn’t stop human civilization from doing any of those things.

      As far as Uranerz, let’s see what happens next year; too many people have become day traders and forget that real investments take time, because it takes time for companies to grow.

      Thanks for sharing your comments.

  6. Michael Pyles says:

    When do the economic interests of country (US) trump those of a few tea party conservative demagogues living in rural Virgina? The largest uranium reserves in North America have been held hostage long enough!!

  7. lino tavares says:

    Every 90yrs or so a currency plateau seems to happen. This is due to the inflationary causes of printing money out of thin air. Currently depletion of the US dollars is about 90% I hear. Thus is planned by the Fed’s. The depletion of the US dollar will happen unless all debts are written off.(1930) Wars are planted such as Syria , just like the US Sept 11..Foreign policy is just a means of a society survival. Very selfish act indeed. The reason US and not the “United States of America” enforces foreign policy is for the citizens societal survival ? Guess again, as I see it is more for the Hungry elite and as far as its citizens can go hungry is a means of wealth control and depletion.
    International Law does not permit countries to take over otherS yet it seems a norm now a days. We the people need to learn to say No to these politics of commerce as earth has only one society, its people. Learn to share the wealth with all and no wars. This will happen when the majority of folks are awakened and say NO MORE.

    Uranium has been dormant for a few years now and sooner than later the buying should take place.

    There are other forms of energies available for each country to freely utilize. Why do we have to kill more humans in a act of war.US army will have to step foot in Syria for sure. This is not what the majority wants but the few elite do this all the time .(WHAT IS THE UNITED NATIONS FOR ?, IT HAS NO CONTROL , THE BIG BOYS CLUB DECIDES ALL THE TIME ) FIRE THEM ALL.) Take over smaller richer countries based on their resources, Print free money and ENSLAVED them, for now they own their Land and resource assets. They don’t really care. and with the depletion of wealth in the US/EUROPE the TARGET will be undeveloped rich resource countries where the printing of money is unlimited for the next 90 years or so. LEARN TO TAKE ADVANTAGE ALSO FOR YOUR OWN financial SURVIVAL.
    is to have each country having their printing machine and fire the Fed private organization (wealth depletion )
    Why are we paying these guys to then turn around and finance wars to print more money. one word only for this (ENSALVEMENT) from the beginning of time ..


  8. Roger Davison says:

    It would seem that Stupidity rules the World. I wonder how old the majority of those commenting are- I am 92 and was an air crew member of the RAF in WWII. That one did seem to make some sense considering the arch lunatic starting it-but like most Wars it finally made little sense. The bad guys seem to have done much better than the good guys and things have gone from bad to worse since. Rule Britannia-?????
    We seem to have a lot of educated idiots running things-ie economists and politicians and lawyers and very few people with any common sense.
    I can remember when gold and silver coins were in everyday use and things made a lot more sense than they do today. You could even understand the words of songs and remember and hum the tunes. Some of the modern ‘musicians’ would have been sent away for hearing problems or worse.
    Are we sure that global warming is a man made problem and not just another display of Mother Nature’s power to change things. This is a carbon based planet-carbo-hydrates = food & hydro -carbons = fuel. Plants love CO2-just take a look at trees these days and crop yields. There are several billion humans all breathing the stuff out all the time. Are we going to put a carbon tax on them?-or ration their breathing account?? HOW about controlling their numbers?
    We have much better things to think about than starting more one-sided conflicts that only injure people with absolutely no influence on anything.
    All I can say now is “Good Luck World1”

  9. Dabo says:

    He has shares with Uranez so he wanted you to buy more to push the price up. LOL.

  10. Pascal says:

    I am not sure I understand why you say that option one for the Nabucco pipeline won’t happen because Saudi Arabia wants the control of the LNG going through its land. The option two you mentioned that is likely to happen also involves Saudi Arabia…

  11. Pol Albarico says:

    You mean the war in Syria is purely on economic side? Who fuels up the chaos then? It’s freedom ! We are bored of dynastic mandate from one offspring to another when people are suffering and the dynasty of few getting rich from one’s suffering. Bashar Al-Assad is one, and Kim Jung Un of North Korea is another.
    US gains more in having war than having peace. Patriot Missile was used in Iraq war. Since then numerous nations placed orders of that missile – Taiwan, Israel. South Korea, to name a few. Isn’t it it’s business?

  12. Pol Albarico says:

    United Nation serves the interest of only 5 nations: US, Russia, China, UK & France. If one vetoes, no matter how good the resolution is, it ended up to nothing, when it goes against their interest. Why not remove this veto power by these giant nations? why not let the Security Council or the entire UN Members vote for such resolution? The Majority vote wins. That should how the democracy works. UN is only good to humanitarian aspects, like calamities and natural disasters. But politically speaking, UN is a tool for those nations who have veto power to serve their own interest.

  13. Yuli Wahono says:

    every war spent huge money, so the returns has to be much bigger. so the economic concern is the main issue. middle east is the land of prophets which rich with oil and gas.

    1. will martin says:

      your right about your analogy about the united nations but shouldn’t all countries pay their fair share? the unite states pays 85% of funding this organization as I recall. could I be wrong here?

  14. GopalB says:

    lots of Bull@#$%

  15. bill says:

    The more the Christian anglo saxon US bureaucrats in DC try to influence muslim middle east the more violent the ultimate muslim backlash. Imagine if Syria decided US trade to South America was not in the best interests of Syria and threatened air strikes on DC to take out current US president.
    My long term advice, US stay out. US is not wealthy enough to wage war across the pacific or atlantic without Russian or Chinese support.

  16. tekni says:

    The US/CIA rules the worlds resources and will destroy those who threaten USA domination of them. Time the rest of the world removed US Dollar domination by supporting and trading via the Euro.

    1. BobHope says:

      The Dollar and the Euro are too intertwined, wont happen.

  17. jase says:

    Shale gas is the big game changer, USA have their already online, the uk’s come online next year, and lots to come in mainland Europe in 2015/16, any argument baesd on middle east and energy supplys is soon to be out of fashion, if not already

    1. JOos says:

      the UK doesn’t even have close to enough gas to supply Europe

    2. David Fisher says:

      not only a “game changer” but also an environment changer. for the worse.
      along with tar sands an absolute death nell for the planet

  18. David Fisher says:

    “In order for Qatar gas to reach Turkey, it has two options*:

    One option would lead a pipeline from Qatar through Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq to Turkey.

    The other would go through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and then to Turkey.

    Saudi Arabia already said no to the first route because it wants to ensure that it gets a piece of the action.”

    I might have missed something (if so, I apologise) but it seems to me that both options include Saudi Arabia.
    Was that a misprint?
    If not I’m confused as to how SA is not getting “a piece of the action” in both options.

    1. Greg N. says:

      Because saudi has poor relations with Iraq, even if things have gotten better. Its all about control.

  19. Psycho says:

    The United States has taken some nuclear warheads out and have then ready along with the bombers B-52.
    So… If you do not want to die a bade, hard, nuclear death get out of the middle east, get out of Russia and get out of the United States.

    Zechariah 14:12 – And this shall be the plague wherewith the LORD will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth.

    Matthew 24:6-7 – And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all [these things] must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

  20. Richwood7 says:

    WOW another conspiracy nut!!! We are going to war over a pipeline when the world is flush with gas. Right, China is approved over 20 nuclear power plants and plans on 80+more. fracking is making gas plentiful throughout the world (doesn’t help with global warming). Sorry, to disppoint you but the USA didn’t fly the planes into the World Trade Center and Kennedy was killed by a lone assassin

    1. Franklin008 says:

      It’s called politics. You should learn about it.

      Richwood7 = another example of a zombie glued to the TV and Jersey Shore

  21. Lola Weingartner says:

    Interesting article that describes what’s really going on in Syria. Syria’s problem can thus be summed up as “Global energy economics meets age-old medieval religious bigotry and hatred”. The Syrians had it in themselves to destroy their own country and murder their own kind, and energy provides the reason for international involvement. There’s not much we can do about the former situation: western involvement to try and ‘save these people from each other’ is pointless. The first part of the article displays a dodgy understanding of economics though – I don’t know where to start, but for one: QE in the US might make exports from poorer countries dearer, but it is primarily designed to stimulate the US economy. Stimulating the economy on its own will have some effect on demand for exports from these countries. The author would claim the first is the dominant effect, while ignoring the second reason all together. Given the second reason (stimulating the US economy) is the prime purpose of QE, the economics reasoning in the article is shoddy.

  22. ureyrey says:

    Very interesting article. But I found something to be a bit inconsistent and confusing. The options 1, and 2 for pipelines both run through Saudi Arabia. How is it the Saudis are against option1, but option2 is not viable only because of Syrian rejection (implying the Saudis are okay with option2).


    1. admin says:

      Saudi Arabia and Iraq have very poor relations and Option 1 means the pipeline will have to go through a country that is not on good terms with the Arabs, leading to less control.

      1. ureyrey says:

        thanks for the clarity. so either way it’s less control and profits for the Qatari’s. Still better than nothing !

  23. Ludmila C says:

    Very nice article indeed. It helps so many confused people how to understand the complexities of these politics of war, mainly those done by the gulf vampires and the satanic neighbour of poor Syria.

  24. Ricardo John C. Borlaza says:

    All these events will END when America will no longer be a World Power (both economically and militarily) to contend with.

    The Balance of Power is shifting to the East. We can now see the Emergence of a Powerful Eastern Countries rising nowadays, in terms of Military and Economic Might.

    The strengthening of ties between two (2) big countries (China and Russia) will also form PART of the GREAT SCENARIOS that will ultimately lead to the FINAL END.

  25. Adrian May says:

    Of course, nobody funds people to kill each other without a business case, and since the Berlin Wall fell, the business case was usually about gas pipelines. Syria is no exception.

    But I think the details are slightly different from what you describe. Your logic about Saudi and Qatar is self evidently flawed in several ways. The real deal is that that Allies of Energy don’t want the Axis of Energy anywhere in their supply chain. Iran is obviously ruled out, but Iraq is heavily influenced by Iran on account of 60% of them being prepared to castrate themselves if ordered to do so by Ayatollah Sistani. Iraq also stunned everybody during their infancy by playing hardball over the drilling contracts. Jordan is kocher so Syria just needs to be “Karzaized”, not as if that worked in Afghanistan.

    You also overlook the connection with Egypt and Libya, both of which have vast gas supplies which would like to avoid a detour through Iraq. That gas can also swim to Italy and it’s pretty much blocked from Axisland, so whatever happens in Syria, we can expect the resurgent Mubarakists to keep sweet with the Allies.

    I see the currency thing as irrelevant and the fears of an all out war unfounded as yet. The war is being fought right now using gas taps.

  26. Flying says:

    IMHO…. yes we can say the middle-east conflict is not far from oil or other hydrocarbon as the region had it since decades ago… but to break down the conflict as it happened now in daily Syrian, it is not simplicity we abstract by seeing the pipeline routes over the region, or who has the control, who are the buyers and so on.. i involved in some conflicts analysis on resources and society, to look it more comprehensively… the hydrocarbon and its support analysis only help us to see the macro level but failure to explain the micro level of conflict…

    you can use galtung’s theory, iceberg, union model and so on…we have to combine all the prespective and model of analysis we have..such as..what does the cause sectarian conflict excalate ? why the rebels can not unity in one movement ? and so on…

    if we assumed the trigger had been pulled by some actors, the conflict now is far-reaching that we imagine and that the question will answer why the civil conflict takes time so long so far…

    the last.. the hydrocarbon or mineral cause conflicts is an old-same analysis, and we know the answers (Saudi backed by US, Syria-Russia and so on) it’s like a general encyclopedia…i admit that determined factor but not the only one…


  27. Dean Conrad says:

    Your arguments are interesting and historical, BUT you overlook developments that will change how the world creates energy. Natural gas, coal and oil will be supplanted by the use of solar, wind, tidal energy and others as our main source of energy, as well as currently unknown developments of outer space teynologies that have yet to be discovered.. I commend your arguments, but the reality is different than you forecast.

  28. Me says:

    Wow. You are supremely stupid

    Well done

  29. Cyril Mahachi says:

    Ivan Lo is certainly correct to say the Syrian war does have external players heavily involved and influencing its outcome. However there are other underlying factors at play whose importance is far more influencing than that of controlling the gas pipeline.
    First lets look at the fighting groups. The Free Syrian Army (multiple sects of Islam) and the Alawites (Al Assad and buddies). the Shi’ite Muslims are the majority and once upon a time had been in power until Al Asad’s late further took the country during a coup. The Alawites were a minority and still are even though they have most of the power. Pre- the first Al Asad rule, the Alawites were outcasts because the Shi’ite Muslims considered them none believers. Alawites interpret some of the core Muslim beliefs as symbolic rather than perceive it as true doctrin to which one abides by unquestionably. On one occasion an Imam (whose name skips now) denounced Alawites and called them worse than the Israel. You already know how Syrians feel about Israel and you can also imagine what happened next…..lots of atrocities against the Alawites. Finally when the Alawites did get power, they held on too it dearly and for good reason. In the process, they enriched each other etc and caused a socio-economic imbalance that helped start this civil war.
    Now knowing what happened in the past, Al Assad will not abscond power in fear of retaliation which is most likely to happen against him and the Alawites. The Free Syrian Army will not stop fighting because they fear once all calms down and Assad remains in power, he will retaliate and make sure an uprising never happens again (Both uprising and retaliation are most likely to happen…..should Assad stay in power). This ultimately and sadly looks and feels like it will be a very long war. I am sure at some point both sides will get tired of the sight of war and will wearily sit down and talk peace.
    Now come forth the players that Ivan Lo mentioned. Whether in times of war or in times of peace nations still have their own interests to protect and here comes Russia, US, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Iran……the usual suspects capitalizing on the imbalance. If the had been no war, the efforts to control the pipeline would have been a political fight involving technical consulting fees (bribes) among other things. Now that there is a war, these countries have no option other than to adjust to the new situation and support the side that with their interests. Unfortunately this prolongs the war and causes more suffering. To say it started off as a proxy war between Russia, US, Iran, Saudi etc would be incorrect as the nations named above are just reacting. Am I justifying their actions? Absolutely not, they have an option to end it….they can back both fighting sides into a corner and have a resolution. However of the available resolutions, its either one side will lose [US, Britain, Saudi etc]…….. [Iran, Russia, Syria, China]. How does China come into play…read this and pay attention to the Russian/Chinese partnerships ( As it stands right now, none of the sides are willing to cave in yet so we are going to see more drama on Syria. Personally I think Syria is the most complex and difficult situation in the history of mankind’s conflicts. There seems to be so much at stake, too many players and new interests that are generate every day……I didn’t even get to the part of Israel.

  30. L Grapentine says:

    We can sell all of our gas we want to Europe without getting involved in a war. That is the way to go. We could probably even negotiate an agreement for the uranium based upon our agreement not to get involved in the middle east. I can’t believe O would do this so Clinton could pocket $500K. So are we doing it to ingratiate ourselves with the Islamists? With Qatar? What is really going on?

  31. L Grapentine says:

    Dean, your comments regarding solar, wind, tidal, etc are unrealistic; none of these things make economic sense, nor will they any time soon. Helium three is closer, but even that is fifteen years away. Lola might have backed into the real answer; everyone who understands him realizes he does not want to stimulate the US economy, so a war in Syria might accomplish three birds with one stone. He distracts the voters, sets up vigorous competition for the European gas market, and jacks up uranium prices in the US, while simultaneously suppressing gas prices and slowing the fossil fuel industry. Of course, he would have to arrange to lose the war in the end, but he is quite practiced in that area, so it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

  32. L Grapentine says:

    Richwood, the world is NOT flush with gas, and fracking is not viable in most of it. The US IS flush with gas, but it has to be exported, and last I heard, only one company had a license to do so, and that company was still working on its infrastructure. And, of course, the shipping capability is not yet complete either. Still, with the proper approvals and moving on schedule, we are probably as close as anyone to getting into the European gas market.

    1. Kurious says:

      L Grapentine- which company is that? And if I may, what is your opinion on DAPL?

  33. Eldon says:

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  37. you ask the question is the threat of a strike against Syria fueled by energy reasons. of course it is and that is what is the bottom line is in all this turmoil with the middle east. they have the gas and oil and the routes for pipeline transportation at the cheapest cost and the u.s. want it. the u.s will find any way possible be it by war, insurgency, bribing or by any means available to get control. it doesn’t matter about the cost of lives lost whether it is American or others. that was proven when the u.s. had their own Trade Centers BLOWN DOWN AND ARE STILL TRYING TO BLAME TERRORIST FACTIONS. check the videos and watch as controlled detonations are seen as the buildings are coming down. watch the corners of the second tower very closely as it is falling. so much for the American government’s love and protection of it’s people. they do not give a damn for the people, only about money. the Dulles brothers, L.B.Johnson and others went so far as to have Kennedy killed. now get this—even Fidel Castro offered help to find those responsible for this heinous crime. he was turned down and as we all know, the blame went to an innocent party and any evidence was hidden(the fact that Kennedy was killed by the secret service) and/or destroyed. and the American people are too stupid and naïve to believe these facts. whatever happens to them—they deserve it.

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  46. The Savage says:

    Okay, so this is what’s going on…
    American soldiers are fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria and Libya (some by proxy) to protect the value of the petrodollar. Before 1973 the USD was on the gold standard, it was taken off the gold standard because in 1971 European countries called out the United States for printing far more money than it had in gold; the evidence was in the widespread coverage of the Vietnam war, which showed that America was spending lavishly on weaponry and technology, so as a response they began to ask for their gold back. This caused a rapid decline in the dollar and in August of 1971 President Nixon suspended the convertibility of the dollar into gold and other reserve assets, which should have been redeemable at $35 per ounce of gold as outlined in the Bretton-Wood Agreement of 1945, which established the US dollar as the world reserve currency. This was not a temporary suspension as he stated, but rather a permanent default and was nothing short of theft to the countries who had entrusted the USA with their gold. No one had a clue as to what the US was doing with their gold because the Federal Reserve refused to allow any audits or supervision of its printing presses.

    In 1973 President Nixon asked King Faisal of Saudi Arabia to accept only USD in exchange for oil & to invest any excess profits in US treasury bonds, notes, and bills; in return Nixon offered US military protection of Saudi oil fields and discounts on US weaponry. The same offer was extended to each member of OPEC and by the end of 1975 all OPEC members started trading their oil in USD in exchange for Nixon’s offer. This forced every country in the world to keep a constant supply of US Dollars, and in order to get those dollars countries had to send real physical goods to America. Paper went out, everything the US needed came in and the United States got very, very rich as a result. This is how the petrodollar was born.

    The situation in Afghanistan is a little bit different because the main product they have there is poppy. Most of the world’s opiate-based pharmaceutical drugs come from that region. And, like oil, if they control it they don’t have to spend as much on it. At the time The United States wanted to avoid a direct conflict with the Soviet Union (now Russia) out of fear that the Cold War would become a hot one, so they waited for the Soviet Union to withdraw from Afghanistan in 1989 and finally its collapse in 1991 and invaded in 2001. There was a double purpose to this, they also used this opportunity to establish fully equipped military bases in Afghanistan because they couldn’t leave the OPEC countries to go after Iraq, hence why companies like Blackwater (now Academi) took over the responsibility of guarding the poppy & oil fields while their employees were making a killing (pardon the pun).

    Think of the arms race of the Cold War as a game of poker where military expenditures were the chips and the US had an endless supply. With the petrodollar at hand it was able to raise the stakes higher and higher outspending every other nation in the world combined; this helped cause the collapse of the communist bloc in December of 1991, the Soviet Union never had a chance. With the Soviet Union out of the way the United States was an undisputed superpower with no rival. Many people/countries hoped that this would mark a new era of peace and stability, however there were those in high places who had other ideas. Within that same year the US invaded Iraq in the first Gulf War and after crushing the Iraqi military and destroying their infrastructure like water purification plants and hospitals, the US government imposed crippling sanctions aimed to destabilize the region and preventing that infrastructure from being rebuilt, resulting in the deaths of over 500,000 children. The Clinton administration was fully aware of these figures. An interview with then secretary of state, Madeleine Albright stated to 60 Minutes in 1996 that, “the price was worth it” regarding the deaths of these children. These sanction, which started with the Bush Sr. administration were sustained throughout the entire Clinton administration and continued with Bush’s son.

    In 2007 four star general Wesley Clark of the US Army had an interview with Democracy Now and stated that the decision to take down all the countries was mapped out shortly after the 9/11 attacks. He states, “10 days after 9/11 I went to the Pentagon to see secretary Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz and one of the generals called me in and said, ‘Sir, we’ve made the decision we’re going to war with Iraq.’ This was about the 20th of Sept. I asked him, ‘we’re going to war with Iraq, why?’ he said, ‘I don’t know?’ I asked him if there was any information connecting Saddam with the 9/11 attacks and he said, ‘no, there’s nothing new that way. I guess they don’t know what to do about the terrorists but we got a good military and we can take down governments. If the only tool you have is a hammer than every problem’s gotta look like a nail.’ So I left it at that and came back to see him a few weeks later […] and asked him, ‘are we still going to war with Iraq?’ and he said, ‘Oh, it’s worse than that!’ He reached over to his desk and pulled up a piece of paper and said to me, ‘I just got this from upstairs (meaning the secretary of defense’s office) and this is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out 7 countries in 5 years. Starting with Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, and finishing off with Iran.’ I asked him if that’s classified and he said, ‘Yes sir.’ And I said, then don’t show it to me because I’m gonna talk about it.”

    Let’s take a look at the events of the last couple of decades and try to connect the dots…

    In November of 2000, Iraq began selling its oil exclusively in Euros. This was a direct hit on the dollar & US financial dominance and it didn’t sit well with the leaders of the United States. The US government, along with the main stream media, set up a massive propaganda campaign claiming Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and was planning to use them. In 2003 they invaded and the sale of oil was immediately switched back to USD once they had control of the country. This is particularly notable because switching back to the USD meant a 15-20% loss in revenue due to the Euro’s higher value. It doesn’t make any sense until you take the petrodollar into consideration.

    In Libya, Gaddafi was in the process of creating a gold based currency called the Dinar to unite a block of African countries and eventually switch the sale of oil unto it. This has been the plan for a while and even the Reagan administration tried to go after him. In 2011 US armed rebels eventually killed him effectively destabilized the region, much like Iraq, and immediately set up the Libyan Central Bank to ensure that oil sales stay on the US Dollar. Both Iraq and Libya are now regarded as failed states and unstable regions, and Syria is well on its way on join them.

    Iran, Syria, and Russia have all been campaigning to push oil sales off of the USD and back onto gold for some time now and have recently secured deals to start trading oil in exchange for gold, which will have a direct impact on the influence America has on the world. As a response the US government, along with the assistance of the mainstream media, has been building a massive propaganda campaign in order to give them the diplomatic cover to justify military strikes on the region with the pretext of preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Syria and Iran are bound by mutual defense agreements, and the US knows that have to take out one to get to the other with minimal resistance. And even though China and Russia have warned the United States not to get involved in Syria it should be clear by now that military intervention in Syria is not a consideration but an affirmation. And if that’s not enough evidence the United States have openly admitted that the established sanctions on Iran are aimed at destroying their infrastructure and causing a collapse of the Iranian government in order to overthrow the Grand Ayatollah. Hillary Clinton has also openly admitted in 2008 that if she is elected President she will go to war with Iran. When the ABC interviewer Jake Tapper asked her why, she simply stated, “Regime change. We will be able to obliterate them.” All this should sound familiar because it’s exactly what happened in Iraq from 1991-2003. But what the world needs to understand is that this is not going to end with Iran and Syria. Russia and China have stated, and under no uncertain terms, that they are not going to tolerate an attack on Iran or Syria, which is why Russia has made their presence in the region, which is why Russian troops are continuing to mobilize and mass at the Ukrainian border. Russia and China know that if Iran falls, there will be no way to escape the petrodollar without going to war, which, I’m positive would go nuclear very quickly. When you’re the most powerful country in the world, your greatest fear is losing that power; that is why, despite of the warning signs, the retards running this show are pushing ahead with their policy coup. US soldiers aren’t dying for freedom, they are dying so oil companies, banks, and the pharmaceutical industry can keep a monopoly in their respective industries. Why do you think the NSA is spying on you, me, and everyone else? Why do you think the US is driving the price of oil down? Why do you think oil is now cheaper than the barrel it comes in? Why do you think it’s taking for ever to switch to clean energy even though the technology has been around since before the 1900’s? (RIP Tesla). Because the US government and the Federal Reserve know that there is absolutely nothing holding up the value of the dollar, and if the world decides to use clean energy, if the world decides to stop selling/buying oil in USD than the economy of the United States will collapse; and the powers at be are willing to destroy the world rather than watching it slip between their dirty little fingers.

    Everything I’ve said here are facts and you can find evidence of this with a simple web search. In the age of information & technology ignorance is a choice & should not be celebrated or rewarded. We all have a responsibility to stand up against this by withholding our money and obedience from the government. We need more people writing articles, making videos, protesting on the streets, voicing their opinions on the internet and the news (no matter what those opinions may be). You have the right to speak your mind; I’d suggest you use it because that’s the only way you’ll get to keep that right. The government is slowly taking away your rights and will continue to do so until they’re all gone; you must realize this, you have to see the storm coming. One does blame a raindrop for the flood, yet the flood it is a part of.

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