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The Brink of War – Why You Should Be Scared17 min read

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  1. noIMspartacus says:

    Selective but interesting none the less “timeline” with the very notable absence of the criminal insanity in the ponzy casino banking whorehouses and toxic cesspits of Wall st and ESPECIALLY the scumbags in the “city” of London.

    And easy on the WW III and Iran WMD bullshit… you only have to look at the way Camermoron and O-bummer got slapped down by Putin – and China – over Syria and are now playing footsie with the Iranians as the the jewboy/anglo/american (and lesser extent French) mafia is increasingly coming up against a BRICS wall…

    What is REALLY fucking scary is that instead of sitting around a table like adults to deal with the humongous and very REAL social/economic/political AND environmental problems we ALL face, we get the pathetic, petulant and absurdly puerile tantrums and squabbles – especially from the western so-called leaders…

    Cheezus! time to stop behaving like stupid lemmings and also wake the fuck up and realize that Mother Nature does NOT do “bail outs” and “QE”…

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