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How Russia Uses Energy to Gain Global Power12 min read

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  1. Joseph K says:

    Its very clear what Russia is up to and no one seems to be able to stop them. Not the US, not Europe.

    Russia is quickly gaining power while making friends, despite its old brute force tactics.

    The difference between Russia and US is that Russia is up front about it, whereas America hides behind schemes.

  2. Gregory says:

    Very well written and easy to read article that really connects the dots. I have yet to read an article that articulates the simple matter of Russia’s strategy as well and precise as this one.

    Great job. Thank you, Gregory

  3. Jason Suni says:

    First Putin slaps Obama in the face, no he slaps the EU

  4. George says:

    There is little for the West to be surprised about. Ukraine is ruled by a Communist President who cheated his way back into the Presidency with the help of his buddy Putin by rigging the votes. I don’t understand why a referendum was not an option versus a request for a Communist hard liner like Yanukovych to join the EU. The result is what we now have: the youth of Ukraine protesting their future. I can only hope that the West supports them in their bid to rid themselves once & for all of the Communist yoke. It certainly cannot & will not be easy as Putin will not give up Ukraine just as he didn’t give up on Georgia. There is a desperate need for the West, especially America to support Ukraine in this its second attempt for freedom.

  5. noIMspartacus says:

    gee… it really must be a bummer no longer being N01 and having Putin play the game better than all those western muppets…. and puleeeeze… talk of lack of “democracy”, “brutality” and “rigging elections” coming from the ‘west’ – and especially the land of the slave and home of the fee – is a bit rich and stinks of hideous hypocrisy. Ah well, like Goethe said… “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”

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