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The Entity in Charge of the Entire World and What They’re About to Do12 min read

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  1. Jock Begg says:

    Good Morning Ivan,
    Always an anticipatory pleasure when I check my email and find you’ve had time (and the energy) to send us, all of us, another Sunday letter.
    Thank You!
    I’m writing this morning to ask if you have a website that comments on some or perhaps all of the stocks you’ve recommended?
    I currently own many that you’ve written about, however, finding timely news update information is difficult becuz most of the companies are without presence in the United States.
    1. Canada Zinc…I’ve read and re-read your letter a number of times and keep buying anytime there’s a price dip. It would be appreciated if could provide an update from your vantage point.
    2. Integra Gold….Now Eldorado Gold. It would be appreciated if could provide an update from your vantage point and any thoughts you have about EGO.
    3. Newmarket Gold…Now Kirkland Lake Gold. What a fun ride this has been. It would be appreciated if could you provide an update from your vantage point.
    4. Nexoptic Tech…Incredible Home Run…Thank You for sure! It would be appreciated if you could provide an update from your vantage point.
    5. Red Eagle…Seems we, and the company, were a bit blindsided by the need for a “Paste Backfill Plant” (?) Whatever that is????? They’ve issued Warrants, to raise new funds, however, I’ve discovered I can’t exercise the warrants becuz they are not registered here in the Unites States. That’s a shame.In the interim I’ve plan to continue buying open market shares. It would be appreciated if could provide an update from your vantage point.
    6. 3-D Signatures…This is a tough one becuz, as of a few months ago, I truly could not locate any update information. It would be appreciated if you could provide an update from the company and your vantage point.
    7. At some point in the past I read about a Premium Subscription Service (?) offered by Equedia, however, if I’m remembering correctly, membership back then was closed….Is that still the case? If not, I would like to explore such membership.
    As always, your efforts are greatly appreciated,
    Jock Begg
    Corona del Mar, CA

  2. Deron White says:

    Thank You.

  3. David wilson says:

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  4. YEAH but all your saying is what we all have known all along and no matter how much money you have!, change will always take place and the seasons will rule and mother nature will put it all back in its place where it belongs and once thing is for certain no amount of money will make Mrs. Mother Nature go away we are all going to have to deal with her fury if we all don’t start getting along and stop having wars because even at this very moment there are wars and rumors of wars so that is an average of about 100 different wars going at any one time in the world.
    As long as Americans can find a reason to continue to work together and I do mean work together – Happily there is still hope and we also have Technology working on both sides we as a society must learn to harness our genius and Trust in the checks and balances in our society, come together, learn to distribute the wealth to one another for humanity Sake, we shall triumph.

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