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The Coming Population Crisis7 min read

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  1. Thank You Equedia for sharing your insight..

  2. TommyG says:

    “So, the world faces a hard choice. A population implosion is not, in fact, a foregone conclusion.

    But avoiding this crisis will require governments and citizens to accept either more immigration, or an economy significantly weaker than what we enjoy today.”

    What a load of Leftist Liberal hooey.

    Declining fertility rates…Uh Huh.

    How about people in the West having less children because they can’t afford to have them.
    When I grew up (born in 1960) our family had 6 children all supported by my father working one job.
    Now-a-days even with BOTH parents working it’s hard to make ends meet for a family of 4, never mind 6 or more children.
    The entire womens Lib movement was concocted to cover up the fact that families could no longer support themselves with only one breadwinner. Get mom out of the house and “liberate” her. More like get mom out of the house so she can help pay the bills, college tuition, etc…..

  3. Henning Mortensen says:

    Today there are 1 milliard (eng.) people in the African countries. In 2037-42 the population will
    grow to 2 milliards and 40-50 years later to 3 milliards. The population in Asia, Australia and
    America will also grow considerably as distinct from Europe.

    1. Rkey says:

      I agree with you. The policies have been wrong. “Get the refugees. Spend public tax money to establish them (Living, food, healthcare, education etc. ) make them immediate citizen and get votes. Why not provide incentives to tax paying couples to have more children (citizens) and provide all the associated expenses (same as provided to refugees) till they grow up and work. Looks like quick votes are more attractive.

      The real reason for declining population is no cost control and dis-encentive to have more children. Also recent study has found wearing tight underwear by men has reduced the sperm count by 50% and hence fertility. The underwear keeps the sperm producing organ next to warm body while NATURE keeps them close or away from the body to maintain optimum temperature based on the outside temperature. In that sense boxers were the right underwear. It appears the HIGH SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH does not know all this unless it is blessed by FDA or published by some researcher. I think same goes with the politicians and public too. THey all have to be FED by news media.

  4. tom says:

    Immigration like other things should not be about quantity but quality. Automation will replace many jobs. Take self driving cars and trucks. Doctors, engineers, and high tech workers would be welcome. Job creators should be encouraged.

    Productivity is the answer.

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