How the Chinese Buy Real Estate in Canada Despite Currency Controls

Here’s a look at how Chinese buyers buy homes in Canada despite capital controls, and how China’s new currency rules could affect the Canadian real estate market. What’s going to happen to housing prices in Vancouver or Toronto?

What Private Equity is Buying and the Next Canadian Housing Bubble

In January, I told you of a secret plot by the “smart money” on how they would seize control of assets for pennies on the dollar. Today, that plan is unfolding. Read more as we tell you how to profit from this and which Canadian city is going to have the next real estate boom.

The New Housing Bubble Just Began

Think you know why stocks and housing are booming? No, it’s not low interest rates and strong employment. It’s because the top three American banks by assets all just introduced new products aimed at providing riskier mortgages. It’s housing bubble 2.0.

Why Vancouver Housing is So Expensive and Why Oil Could Climb to $100

The world is flush with debt which could spark the next financial crisis. Meanwhile, proxy wars are coming. Here’s a look at why these two events could lead to mass suicides and dead bodies. And why oil could climb to $100.

Millennials Priced Out of Cool U.S. Housing Markets

In today’s “Single Best Chart,” Bloomberg’s Brendan Greeley displays the surplus median income for millennials after buying a home in various U.S. cities. He speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Underwater Mortgages Drag on U.S. Housing Recovery

Barbara Corcoran Ventures Partners Founder Barbara Corcoran and Zillow Chief Economist Stan Humphries discuss the U.S. housing and the impact of underwater mortgages on the economy.

Is The U.S. Housing Recovery Already Over?

Christopher Whalen, author of “Inflated,” discusses the Federal Reserve’s impact on the housing market on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Is Buying a Home Still a Good Bet?

The housing market is arguably the biggest economic indicator for any nation. So what’s happening to the housing economy of the world’s most powerful nation? Watch as Trulia Chief Economist Jed Kolko and Metrostudy Chief Economist Brad Hunter discuss U.S. housing,

What Hedge Funds Want From Fannie and Freddie

What Wall Street investors like Bill Ackman, Bruce Berkowitz and John Paulson are looking for out of their very big bets on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac–as the President and top Republicans are trying to figure out how to shut Fannie and Freddie down.

The Reality of Canadian Debt Levels

A look at the realities of Canadian debt levels, the direction of Canadian housing, the trend of Canadian stocks, and the Fed’s real intentions.

The Subprime Crisis Obama is Allowing, But Doesn’t Want You to Know

The subprime crisis Obama is allowing but doesn’t want you to know, a shocking employment statistic, how QE really works Canadian housing numbers, the truth about the stock market’s rise and the amount of money borrowed by hedge funds (it’s a BIG number), the amount of borrowed money it takes to achieve $1 of GDP activity

Will Government Shutdown Affect Housing?

Will Government Shutdown Affect Housing? Nela Richardson discusses the fallout in the housing market from the government shutdown.