Justin Trudeau’s Broken Promises

From broken promises by politicians to fallen empires, here’s a look at what Canada’s debt level really looks like and what will happen if Canadians allow this to continue.

Why the People are Voting for Donald Trump

If this one event happens, the world could be in for a very disastrous and disturbing surprise. In this Letter, I’ll tell you what that event is and what to do if it should happen. Also, I talk about why Americans are voting for Trump and I give an important update on a major technological breakthrough.

Perfect Storm? The Shipping Industry Has a Warning for the World Economy

If the Baltic Dry Index is any guide for the global economy, the picture is looking stormy. It’s plunged to historic lows since the start of the year. Bloomberg looks at why, and what it could tell us about future growth.

Why Vancouver Housing is So Expensive and Why Oil Could Climb to $100

The world is flush with debt which could spark the next financial crisis. Meanwhile, proxy wars are coming. Here’s a look at why these two events could lead to mass suicides and dead bodies. And why oil could climb to $100.

Why the U.S. May Be Entering a Recession, in 3 Charts

With oil prices tumbling, stock prices falling and bonds rising, the word recession is getting tossed around quite a bit. Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu has three charts that show the U.S. may be entering a downturn.

Why the TSX and the TSX Venture are About to Change

Canada’s TSX stock exchange is one of the largest stock exchanges in the world. Yet, while other stock exchanges are climbing, we’re falling way behind. Why? Here’s a look at some of the reasons why the TSX and TSX Venture are failing and why our Canadian capital markets about to change in a big way.

How to Win in the Stock Market with Justin Trudeau in Power

Now that Justin Trudeau is the Prime Minister of Canada, how should we invest? Here’s a look at how we can benefit and make money in the stock market with Trudeau in power.

The Great US Debt Rotation

Here’s a look at the great US debt rotation and how the stock market bubble will burst to fuel the demand for the mass supply of bonds in the market.

Why Every Expert Has it Wrong: The Truth About the Fed

Here’s a look at what to expect for our financial market and economy over the next decade, as Ivan Lo reveals what the Fed’s true plan for our economy really is.

The Real Reason Behind the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

The Real Reason Behind the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: a secret plan by China and its Eastern and Western allies to dethrone the US dollar.

How this Landmark Decision Could Destroy the Market

This week, Ivan Lo talks about a landmark decision that could destroy the market, gives an update on Germany’s gold repatriation, and talks about what the actions of the Swiss means for us all.

A Technological Revolution: Microsoft HoloLens and Switzerland Exposes China’s Secret

Here’s a look at an amazing new technology by Microsoft dubbed the HoloLens, as well insight on how the Swiss made their decision to leave the euro-peg, and how they have given us clues revealing China’s secret gold holdings.