This Secret Organization Controls Everything?

How a 1000-page report could soon lead to a stock market disruption and the next stage of the Great Reset.

A 1000-page report could soon lead to a market disruption and the next stage of the Great Reset.

No matter your point of view, I urge you to read this to the end. Because not everything is as it seems.

Let’s begin.

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The cat is coming out of the bag. 

As part of its latest investigation, the GOP-controlled House Judiciary Committee uncovered what seems like a secret cabal led by the Biden administration.

Its influence reaches deep into the Department of Justice (DOJ), secret agencies, as well as some of the biggest tech companies.

headline weaponization of FBI

Soon after, the committee’s Chairman, Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), subpoenaed the CEOs of Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft.

Is this merely a tactic by the Republicans to dethrone the Democrats? Or is there something much deeper in the works?

If the suspicions turn out to be true, those biased progressive algorithms are peanuts compared to what’s actually happened over the past two elections. 

We may be talking about one of the biggest state-level sabotages in the history of America’s democracy…

The Bombshell Report 

Last November, the House Judiciary Committee dropped a bombshell 1,050-page document—featuring shocking whistleblower testimonies about Biden’s ties with law enforcement.

(Read the full version here)

And these aren’t just some random whistleblowers – they’re those who are rather high up within the FBI, as you’ll soon see.

From the report “FBI Whistleblowers: What Their Disclosures Indicate about the Politicization of the FBI and Justice Department:

“Over the last year, a multitude of whistleblowers have approached Judiciary Committee Republicans with allegations of political bias by the FBI’s senior leadership and misuses of the agency’s federal law-enforcement powers. These whistleblowers have risked their careers out of fidelity to principle and a commitment to restoring public trust in the FBI. This report begins to tell their stories. Even at this early stage, one startling conclusion is clear: the FBI and its parent agency, the Justice Department, have become political institutions.”

(Read the full version here)

Whether voluntarily or not—Big Tech appears to be in on it, too.

According to the whistleblowers, Silicon Valley giants like Facebook have been selectively spying on conservatives at the FBI’s urging:

“Relatedly, recent whistleblower allegations suggest that the FBI’s “special relationship” includes Facebook voluntarily sending information to the FBI that may relate to citizens’ private political speech. Other whistleblower information provided to Committee Republican suggests that the FBI and Facebook have a so-called “special relationship” that may threaten constitutional protections and lead to partisan efforts. As part of a program likely code named “Operation Bronze Griffin,” the FBI allegedly accepts private user information from Facebook, but without the user’s consent or the legal process the FBI would otherwise need to independently pursue such user-related information. Furthermore, according to whistleblower information, the types of user content that Facebook provides have a partisan focus, tending only to concern users from one side of the political spectrum. The FBI’s willingness to accept this political speech information from Facebook—outside of routine investigative pathways—further threatens Americans’ constitutional rights.”

If this is all true, these shadow partisan organizations’ power is almost limitless.

They control the media, digital information, as well as law enforcement. And as I’ll show you, the evidence indicates that it has exploited that power in recent years to manipulate the most significant political events.

(WARNING: Read at your own discretion. Because by the end of this piece, you’ll never look at American politics the same way.)

I urge you not to view this as a political hit piece of Left vs. Right or Democrat vs. Republican – because the power behind this influence can go both ways.

It’s just skewed toward whichever side it currently has the most influence. 

Domestic Violence Extremism

Let’s begin with one of the newest political narratives: “domestic violence extremism” (DVE).

For years, Democrats blamed the Republican party for the rise of DVE, calling it the biggest threat to US national security. 

But as it turns out, the rise of – for example – “white supremacists” may have been grossly exaggerated. 

In the report, whistleblowers reported that the FBI pressured its agents to beef up DVE figures by reclassifying crimes, even when there was no supporting evidence. 

Via the report:

“One whistleblower explained that because agents are not finding enough DVE cases, they are encouraged and incentivized to reclassify matters as DVE cases even though there is minimal, circumstantial evidence to support the reclassification.”

And such “reclassification” was forced across all levels of the FBI by tying agent pay to DVE cases:

“Another whistleblower, who led at least one high profile domestic terrorism investigation, stated that Washington Field Office’s Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) Timothy Thibault and the FBI’s former Assistant Director of the Counterterrorism Division Jill Sanborn pressured agents to move cases into the DVE category to hit self-created performance metrics. According to whistleblowers, the FBI uses these metric to dispense awards and promotions.”

And these aren’t just some random whistleblowers – they’re those who are rather high up within the FBI.

But why? Why would the FBI tie agent pay to increased DVE cases? That’s like solving a crime that you caused. Or creating a poison and making money from the antidote.

The easiest way to answer such questions is to look from the top down.

So who was in charge?

None other than now ex-FBI agent Timothy Thibault, who infamously whitewashed Hunter Biden for no apparent reason other than his own obvious partisan bias.

Via Time:

“In a July letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland, Grassley had alleged that whistleblowers reported Thibault had sought to close “an avenue of additional derogatory Hunter Biden reporting” and sought to prevent it from being reopened.”

But it appears these secret agencies didn’t just manipulate numbers…

Staged Violent Incidents?

As FBI insiders revealed, law enforcement bodies also staged DVE incidents. 

One such case was the attempted kidnapping of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

During Covid, she was among the first officials to lock down a state. And that, ostensibly, motivated the right-wing militia group “Wolverine Watchmen” to overthrow the governor. 

The fact that someone was angered by Whitmer, of course, isn’t a surprise. And if an extremist group plotted to overthrow a public figure, that also wouldn’t be a surprise.

But does that mean those extremists are always tied to the Republican party?

In fact, things get rather convenient once you learn that—as if by sheer Democratic luck—this conspiracy was conveniently uncovered a few days before the 2020 presidential election.

It turns out the 1000+ page report may have exposed why.

During the trial, defense attorneys revealed the other side of the story. 

They presented evidence showing that the plot was actually staged by the FBI itself—with over 12 FBI agents involved.

Via the report:

“According to defense attorneys, “[t]he government’s agents actively planned and coordinated its efforts to induce the defendants to engage in incriminating behavior and statements, even going so far as designing the objective and structural components of the conspiracy alleged in the indictment.” 45 Court documents detailed text communications between FBI CHSs and their FBI handlers that show the FBI pushed for the defendants’ alleged criminal behavior. For instance, “surveillance trips were planned and orchestrated entirely by FBI agents supporting undercover informants.”

Yet, all this evidence fell on deaf ears in court.

Despite ample proof pointing to the contrary, 13 men were convicted for orchestrating a domestic terror plot—getting up to 20 years in prison.

But hang on – there’s more.

Capitol Attack—Pulling All Resources 

There’s no more extraordinary example of what this cabal is capable of than the infamous Capitol Attack.

As you undoubtedly remember, on Jan 6, 2021, a group of rioters holding up Trump banners stormed the Capitol, overwhelmed the guards, and for a short while, took control of Congress.

The official version is that it was an insurrection powered by the Republicans.

But when you look at the most recent findings of the House Judiciary Committee, things don’t really add up.

First, the FBI has changed its testimony a couple of times now. 

Officially, the FBI stated that they had no intel about any large-scale assault. But later, it became known that an FBI office knew and issued an internal memo warning about a plotted coup a day before the incident.

If they knew about the “coup,” why then didn’t they put the Capitol’s security on high alert? During the assault, the Capitol was protected by just a couple hundred of the 1,879 sworn officers.

Again, that’s despite the intelligence warning that things would boil over.

Then, as Twitter’s recent hearing revealed, Twitter played a critical role in this attack by changing its internal rules and allowing Trump to keep posting during the riot.

Via New York Times:

“Twitter and other social media companies acted as central organizing and staging grounds for the Jan. 6 violent insurrection against Congress and the vice president,” said Representative Jamie Raskin of Maryland, the top Democrat on the committee, who also served on the House select committee that investigated the Jan. 6 attack.”

Could those tweets have been secretly amplified?

What better way to stain the Republican party than sowing fear of an extremist revolution?

That’s a textbook divide-and-conquer play.

No matter your opinion, there is clear evidence that there are much higher forces of power controlling government – not just in the US, but all around the world.

In other words, if you’re focused on Black vs. White, Left vs. Right, or Democrat vs. Republican, the true rulers will continue to maintain their rule.

Here’s a Letter Ivan wrote in 2014 that explains this clearly:

“Throughout history, rulers have successfully used many strategies to maintain control; none more so than pitting one group against another.

By ensuring that citizens fight amongst themselves, the rulers of an empire never have to worry about a unified revolt.

In Niccolò Machiavelli’s book “The Prince,” he described a necessary, but dangerous game of internal politics, which involves the pitting of one group of citizens against another.

We have seen Machiavelli’s strategy used in many historical events.

For example, the Dutch East India Company often played one group against another and crushed a revolt by Chinese immigrants with the help of 2000 aborigines in Southern Taiwan. Leaders of the Qing Dynasty also often pitted one group against another to maintain control.

In American history, Europeans often pitted one native tribe against another by trading firearms to rival tribes. The more the tribes fought amongst each other, the easier it was for the Europeans to rule and conquer.

This strategy is now once again being used in America.”

That was written by Ivan in 2014.

Take a hard look back at the last decade and tell me that hasn’t happened.


Critical Inflection

The House Judiciary Committee’s investigation has just begun.

By March 23, America’s biggest tech companies must provide all correspondence with federal agencies. And their CEOs will likely have to stand before Congress.

My gut feeling tells me that what we’ve discussed is just the tip of the iceberg.

Remember, if the goal of the top-level elites is to divide and conquer, with the next stage being this so-called Great Reset, this could represent a critical inflection point for the markets.

Seek the truth and be prepared,

Carlisle Kane

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  1. I have long enjoyed the Equedia view of market and investment matters, and find it provides a valuable perspective and often fascinating agglomeration of data.
    I am disappointed to see Equedia diving into partisan conspiracy theories. Some of those whistleblowers appearing before Jim Jordan’s witch-hunt committee are very problematic people who appear to have politicized agendas they seek to fulfill. I don’t find this article compelling at all (I am not American nor living in the US if that matters) – just divisive. I can go to Fox “News” if its conspiracy-based divisiveness I seek.

    1. Divisive is what is happening in our countries. What Ivan wrote in 2014 is bang on. The fact you read it and thought it was divisive is the author’s point. Why is it divisive? Because the author gave a story and said this is all done intentionally to divide us? I’d say it’s rather embracing. Was it not political for Thibault and Twitter to surpress the hunter Biden story? That’s already been proven and just prior to the last US elections, it was called a Fox News conspiracy.

    2. Thanks for your comment Hartland. We appreciate everyone’s point of view here. Our point on this topic was to present that this report exists and people should be made aware of its consequences – whether entirely factual or not. The same can be said about the suppression of speech on platforms such as Twitter – that, too, was considered a partisan conservative conspiracy theory. It wasn’t until Musk purchased Twitter and revealed all that it no longer became one. The point is to take what’s happening (such as the 1000-page report) and turn it into something useful to guide our investment philosophies and try to remove any bias you may have.

      For example, if you go back and read our Letters on COVID, we were called Nazis, conspiracy theorists, right-wingers, murderers, and all sorts of other names. A few years later, all of what we wrote regarding COVID (including the simple fact that despite being vaccinated, you can still catch COVID) have been proven true. If we only listened to politicians, such as when Biden said we can’t get COVID if we’re vaccinated, we’d almost always lose.

      As it relates to this letter, we didn’t say the 1000-page report is 100% factual. But it does exist and there most certainly are truths within it – a 1000-page report filled with only lies is incredibly hard to make up. However, if you believe it to be 100% false, then why would anyone go to such great lengths to conjure up such a detailed report? If you believe it to be accurate, then why would the FBI do such things?

      What’s their purpose in this? Keep asking questions and seek the truth.

  2. Therein lies the issue. If you watch CNN, you’ll say exactly what you just said. If you watch Fox, you’ll side with the whistleblowers. What the article appears to be saying is that it doesn’t matter if the report is all true – but there are truths to it. The CEOs might have to testify, and there could be more evidence coming out. Just like everyone thought the Twitter files were once a conspiracy, and it turns out Twitter did hide conservative stories and amp stories from the Left. Your opinion of those whistleblowers is based off of what? What CNN tells you? What about your opinion of Thibault?

  3. How about what the courts say(excluding what any media -including EQUEDIA says). Many
    judges on both sides are biased to various degrees-but sworn testimony(which comes with
    criminal penalties for lying) produces a different and more believable result(see the
    the current Dominion Voting case testimony)
    When you dismiss the court results as “falling on deaf ears” because you dont like the
    results, its clear that you have no ears or eyes at all.

  4. We should refrain from referring to “American politics”; it really is United States politics. And it is completely un-American.

  5. Kevin, Perfectly Succinct! However another adage applies – “If it barks like a dog…”
    I, like Hartland, am a huge believer in Ivan’s (and Carlisle’s) posts, as they all come to pass given sufficient time, however this devolving into the partisan game is not the purpose I signed up for.
    I will say however, like any decent trader, the best clue to what’s going on in markets, so power, so politics, is “Follow the Money, Stupid”. And this partisan game is no different. Imagine how many $$ it took to put together this GOP show with Big Tech across the board to play along. Imagine the fury of Trump shelling out like he did in 2016 to win via SM and then losing at his own game next go.
    Follow the money! but don’t take it from me,

    1. Bard, precisely our point here! Democrat or Republican, those who control are neither. The key is to follow the money and use what clues are given to us to make the right decisions.

      “That’s a textbook divide-and-conquer play.

      No matter your opinion, there is clear evidence that there are much higher forces of power controlling government – not just in the US, but all around the world.

      In other words, if you’re focused on Black vs. White, Left vs. Right, or Democrat vs. Republican, the true rulers will continue to maintain their rule.”

  6. this is a poorly researched article.
    GOP say there are dozens of whistle-blowers but have failed to produce their testimony.
    Jim Jordan and his whistle-blowers rely on conspiracy theories that they have not been able to provide any back-up for.

    1. You say there are dozens of whistleblowers who have failed to produce testimony. You then say the whistleblowers rely on conspiracies. So there are no whistleblower testimonies but the whistleblowers are conspiracy theorists? What exactly are you saying? Because the there are already testimonies and they’re seeking more. It’s how investigations work.

      Stop reading the democrats 350 page report, or CNN, and start looking at the facts. Let me help you:

  7. What is interesting to me is that there is so much reporting out there about the problems this country faces … one side gaslights and the other has to accept that as a rule. (See above) …. You have that here on these pages as well. Sickening. Now a separate not on these pages example … Abortion … when one understands how the legal system works in these cases and the misrepresentation around Roe V. WADE and the damage that this supposed absolute right over ones body (for a woman) has done to so many women who grieve their discission and are never allowed to speak in the mainstream media …. and all the sudden it’s about MEN’s control over them. GASLIGHTING! I could go on for pages and pages …. say in this and the relation of our personal body rights and the vaccine. Rights trampled here big time and lives mangled in the effort to baby step our failing society into a brave new world. We have a right to be confused and afraid for this country.

  8. We all know who the not so-secret organization is—-THE INTERNATIONAL BANKING FAMILIES, ET ALIA.
    Here is my response to them back in the Nineties.
    The pages of your history
    Go back to far in time
    So I’ll just deal with what you’ve done
    To this country I call mine.
    Shortly after settling down
    From our constitutional stir
    The richest land in all the world
    Is simply what we were
    And the control and depletion of all this wealth
    Is what you deeply yearned
    So off you went just
    Like you did in Europe
    Since the days of monarchies
    To establish a form of central bank
    That would control all financial decrees.
    At first our inherent strength
    Made it tough for you to play
    But slowly over the course of time
    You had more and more to say
    Until finally
    On one December day
    Our own Woodrow Wilson
    Signed our country away.
    Yes your Federal Reserve
    A private corporation
    Not an agency of our government per se
    Spread its’ wings
    Took to flight
    And converted both our lands and ourselves
    To your financial prey.
    You created our crash of twenty-nine
    And our bankruptcy of thirty-three
    You hold all our federal lands as collateral
    As part of our receivership
    To which our Congress agreed.
    You have fraudulently created the IRS
    As part of your depletion scheme
    You have pursued with a vengeance our farm lands
    Because you know they’re our bastion
    For maintaining our independency.
    You have created dissension
    Poverty and crime
    So that your New World Order
    Will appear like relief
    Just sent in time.
    You own most of our Congress
    with all its political jive
    Our media
    Our education
    Our judicial
    Our religions on high
    You have no intent of stopping
    The people’s painful cries
    And your only response is
    “There will be no relief
    Until it’s all our own way,
    Or until all of you die”.
    And you assume we possess
    Only marshmallow hearts
    And drugstore lettuce eyes
    Well what can I tell you
    About how far you are wrong
    Because your money’s not the power
    That thinking is wrong
    At best it’s a lever
    That doesn’t have long
    Since the fiddler is now playing
    Your final swan song.
    You have made the worst kind of error
    In your assent to the throne
    You have assumed we were all helpless
    Against the weapons you’ve honed
    You thought you were concealed
    Pulling strings from behind
    You obviously must think
    That everyone’s blind.
    You operate through channels strategically placed
    You’ll even set up a counter against yourself,
    If it means hiding your face
    Your team of assassins
    That work your international affairs
    Are now being supported by soldiers
    Wearing United Nations’ gear.
    Your man Mr. Clinton up there on the hill
    Has certainly proved to us all
    That he’s ready and willing to kill
    Because the slaughter at Waco
    Has been a reality pill
    That says if his Health Plan doesn’t get enacted
    Then the Multi Jurisdictional Task Force
    Through FEMA sure will.
    I could go on and on
    In exposing your plan
    Of world domination
    Of slavery and scam
    But suffice me to say
    And I’ll speak as one man

  9. A lot of effort seems to be placed in the divide and conquer mode. Democrats vs Republicans, whites against blacks, haves against have nots, along with a President, that is trying to subvert the law by forgiving student debt. I believe the supreme court is going to be tested in this case. This will be a huge blow to USA’s future if the debt is forgiven. It will load taxpayers with an already unpayable debt of 31 trillion dollars or more. The dollar will take a huge plunge if this happens, causing other world countries to consider selling their treasuries due to US financial instability. We are already being tested as the World’s Reserve Currency.

  10. “I urge you not to view this as a political hit piece of Left vs. Right or Democrat vs. Republican – because the power behind this influence can go both ways. It’s just skewed toward whichever side it currently has the most influence. ”

    The above are probably the two most relevant sentences in your essay. While suggesting how it should be viewed, i.e., “not a political hit piece”, you have for the most part ignored your own advice and penned just another opinion piece that essentially disparages one party through the use of inflammatory wording and insinuation. It could have been something much more, that primarily illustrated that both parties have a problem with which to deal. Unfortunately that did not happen as it is so much easier to deepen the division and further polarize the political spectrum.

    Regardless, to paraphrase Justice Rouleau in his inquiry re: the Emergency Act, ‘everyone is entitled to their own opinion…you just don’t get to have your own set of facts.’

  11. love to see a “report” like this for during the 4 years of Trump.. Funny how we don’t see much from that time but I am betting the weaponizing of the FBI, CIA, IRS, etc was way up as we have seen from reports in the news during that time. This seem like a hit piece, again, against the biden adminstartin.. Not liking the hate here for a guy that was NOT impeached TWICE, bankrupted 6 business, lied about have account or dealing with China, etc etc etc.. the more i read the more i see the right wing slant here.. sorta like fake,,.. Er Fox News..

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