In this week's Letter, Ivan Lo talks about his Mass Theory, the growing speeds of communication, uranium outlook, the copper and S&P correlation, the unloved mining sector, North Korea's latest threats to the U.S., and the outlook for March.

This week, Ivan Lo talks about the effects of Quantitative Easing, if QE is working, the new wave of millionaires, how the Fed works, and what to expect from the Canadian markets.

This week, Ivan Lo gives you insight on the supply and demand fundamentals of gold and money, gives you insight on the gold mines around the world, and gives you an update on Corvus Gold's recently released PEA.

A look at why you should be looking at the silver and gold space, why there will eventually be QE3, and what to do to take advantage of it.

A look at what I am about to buy and why and a brief comparison of today and 1973.

Silver is undeniably one of the most favoured investment vehicles for the top minds in the industry. From its ability to rise with a growing economy, to a precious metals hedge against inflation, silver is a metal with many talents. Right now, we're seeing history in the making for silver. 2012 will be a big year for silver and with it, my favourite way to play the precious metals boom...

The world's central banks have come together to help with the severity of Europe's problems. Unemployment in the US fell to 8.6% - the lowest level in more than two and a half years. Markets soared with the biggest 3-day gain since 2009. Things are looking good. Or are they?

Unless you truly believe the world's financial system is coming to an end, then investing in the markets shouldn't keep you up at night - not yet anyway...

Horrible numbers, downgrades across the world, and investors running scared...again. Is it just me, or is it time to take an early summer vacation? It has not been a great start to the month. Take a look at some of the dismal number released...

After a week of being on edge, it turns out nothing has changed. Bernanke has once again promised to keep rates low. As I predicted, he will continue with QE2 and will continue with record stimulus as needed. In other words, they'll continue pumping money - they just won't call it QE3. Gold and silver rallied while the Dollar fell. Surprise, surprise.

Back on November 15, 2009, we issued a featured report on a silver company that was trading at $0.32.<br /> <br /> Since that time, the Company's share value has climbed to a high of $0.50 (currently trading at $0.475). Not only that, the streams of news from them has been nothing short of impressive. More on that in a bit.<br /> <br /> Over this last year, we have been discussing topics related to the devaluing of the US Dollar and why we expect precious metals to outperform in the long-term. (see A New World Currency? What the US Goverment Doesn't Want You to Know")<br /> <br /> But this topic brings along with it a lot of financial practices that many are still not familiar with yet. So to end the year off, let's go over the realities of how our financial system works.<br /> <br /> Every day, we hear about the US printing more money; that this will lead to inflation. But this isn't exactly what's happening.