Back to 1968: History Repeats Itself

A shocking and dangerous historical event is repeating itself and the similarities between then and now are so vivid it’s scary. But there is a way to prepare for it. Here’s how…

Integra Gold Hits More Gold

Integra Gold Intersects 10.26 g/t Gold over 10.9 metres, 9.92 g/t Gold over 16.6 metres and 5.57 g/t Gold over 19.0 metres (all intervals uncapped) at No. 4 Plug Deposit, 500 metres North of the Triangle Deposit

First Mining Finance: A Massive Gold Mineral Bank

One of the biggest financial triggers since 2008 just happened. And it’s already sent tidal waves across the world. But that doesn’t mean you have to lose. Find out how this one man has been able to use this one single strategy and turn penny stocks into multi-billion dollar companies

The Secret Government Experiments

While every one talks about Brexit, the Fed, and Hilary vs. Trump, governments around the world are quietly experimenting with this. And these experiments could affect your kids, and future generations.

The New Housing Bubble Just Began

Think you know why stocks and housing are booming? No, it’s not low interest rates and strong employment. It’s because the top three American banks by assets all just introduced new products aimed at providing riskier mortgages. It’s housing bubble 2.0.

Going Against the Grain: Why Gold is Going Higher

When Most People Say They’re Right, They’re Usually Wrong. Here’s a look at the many “right” calls Ivan made when every one else said he was wrong and why he believes the market has topped, as well as what to do about it.

Schiff: Gold is just getting started

Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific Capital CEO, discusses his firm’s outlook for gold, disappointing retail earnings, and election 2016.

Is Gold Priceless? Or Pointless…

Gold broke the $1,300-an-ounce barrier in May for the first time since January 2015. What drives the price of Gold? This Bloomberg QuickTake tackles the booms and busts of gold.

Thailand’s gold problem

Thailand could be on the verge of a gold rush if new laws are passed by the military government. At present, the country has only one operational gold mine, but hundreds of licence applications are waiting for approval. But not everyone is happy about the potential economic boom, with villagers claiming that the mining process is poisoning them.

What Juniors Strive to Be: The Red Eagle Mining Opportunity

The timing of this world event combined with this Company’s upcoming milestone could set the stage for an incredible market opportunity. In this report, we talk about why gold may continue to climb and how we are taking advantage of it.

A Simple Solution to the World’s Debt Problem

The world’s biggest and most complicated problem is the growing devaluation of currencies and increasing amount of debt. This week, Ivan Lo shares his simple solution to the problem of the devaluation loop.

Justin Trudeau’s Broken Promises

From broken promises by politicians to fallen empires, here’s a look at what Canada’s debt level really looks like and what will happen if Canadians allow this to continue.