How Money Works and What it Means Today

Think you know how money works? Think again. Here’s a look at how money really works and what it means for the global economy including the US and China trade war.

How to Invest in 2019

STOP! Before you make any investment decisions in 2019, read this. Here are some timely market predictions to help guide your way.

Top Sectors to Invest in 2018: Turning Average Joes to Millionaires

From Blockchain and Bitcoin to the legalization of marijuana, 2017 was a big year for investors. But get ready because here are the top sectors to invest in for 2018 that could create a whole new generation of millionaires.

Canada’s Stock Market Manipulation and Transparency Issues

Canada’s equities market is like any other exchange in the world. It consists of buyers and sellers that exchange goods – in the case of the stock market, securities. But unlike many other places, Canada is at a major disadvantage. Here’s a look at why Canada’s stock market is failing.

The Bubble Gets Bigger: How Money Works

Something BIG is about to happen and you’re not going to be happy about it. In this week’s Letter, Ivan talks about how money really works and what to expect in the coming months. You won’t believe what the governments are allowing banks to do.

QuickTake: Why the U.S. Finally Warmed Up to Cuba

President Obama is in Cuba starting March 20, 2016. It is the first time a sitting US President has visited the island since 1928. This video QuickTake explains the thaw in the US-Cuba relationship.

Counting the Cost – Why are people paying banks to hold their money?

Imagine a world where you have to pay to deposit money into your bank account. As crazy as it sounds, if you live in the Eurozone or even in Japan, then you’re already living in a region where this very scenario exists. Also, another take on Apple vs. the FBI as well as the how the hospitality business is adapting to survive.

Carrying $1 Million in Cash Is Easier Than You’d Think

Larry Summers proposed eliminating high denomination currency to help curb illegal cash transfers. Here’s how to carry $1 million.

Everything You Need to Know about Zika Virus, in 2 Minutes

The Zika virus is spreading across the Americas. Since it was first detected in Brazil in May 2015, the mosquito-borne virus has alarmed health officials. Bloomberg QuickTake explains what the Zika virus is, and how officials are trying to stop it.

LIGO’s First Detection of Gravitational Waves! | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios

Today, over 100 years after Einstein proposed his theory of general relativity, we are proud to announce that his final major prediction has been verified! Gravitational waves have officially been detected by LIGO! We are still getting details as the teams of physicists go over the data, but this is a huge deal, and is an exciting new step in understanding our universe.

Overview of IMF Financial Operations

This video is part of a new series which introduces the IMF’s Financial Operations. The video provides a brief overview of the IMF’s financial organization, its policies, and lending arrangements.

What Higher Fed Interest Rates Mean for You

The Federal Reserve has kept interest rates at historic, near zero levels for nearly seven years. If Federal Reserve officials begin raising rates this week, what will that mean for you? Bloomberg’s Ben Steverman looks at four things you may want to consider.