These Six Events Will Determine Our Future

Here are the six most important events happening right now that will determine the fate of our economic and financial future. But beware: Once you read this, you may never view life the same way again.

The Entity in Charge of the Entire World and What They’re About to Do

Over the past years, I have been writing to prepare you for what I believe will happen next – not just with the stock market, but the entire global economy. Today, I keep things simple. Forget everything you hear about unemployment, valuations, and earnings, here’s what really matters.

What Happens When the Financial Bubble Pops

Preparations are underway as we embark on one of the greatest moments of our era – the biggest financial bubble in the history of mankind. But what happens when the financial bubble pops?

Will China’s Shadow Banks Cause a Global Financial Collapse?

The collapse of Lehman Brothers in September of 2008 plunged the world into its worst recession since the Great Depression of 1929. Even today the Gross Domestic Product of many countries is still below the 2008 peak, particularly in Europe. The question is, can it happen again? The answer is yes. Here’s how…

Can Trump Stop the Establishment?

You have no doubt heard all of the rhetoric behind Trump’s rise to power. And you’ve probably read countless streams of anti-Trump articles. But whether you’re a Trump supporter or not, I urge you to take a step back and view things from a different perspective: The perspective of the Establishment. Once you do, you may change your views forever.

We’re Back: How to Invest in 2017

Here’s a look at our 2017 investment outlook, what to expect, how to invest, and what to focus on. It’s going to be a big year, but it won’t be easy. Let this Letter be your guide to a profitable 2017.

The Most Undervalued Asset Class Today

While every financial expert tells you every asset class is overvalued, I am going to show you why they may be completely wrong. In fact, my theory on this subject is many years in the making and it’s playing out precisely as I expected it to…

Wilbur Ross: U.S. Recession Likely in Next 18 Months

Billionaire distressed-debt investor Wilbur Ross, chairman of WL Ross & Co., comments on U.S. financial markets and the possibility of a recession. He speaks during an interview with Bloomberg’s Matt Miller and Scarlet Fu on “Bloomberg Markets.”

The United States vs Germany: A Global Financial War

An international political war is breaking out and the consequences are terrifying. This week, we look at the United States vs. Germany, the events brewing behind the scenes, and what to expect after the US elections.

The Bubble Gets Bigger: How Money Works

Something BIG is about to happen and you’re not going to be happy about it. In this week’s Letter, Ivan talks about how money really works and what to expect in the coming months. You won’t believe what the governments are allowing banks to do.

Forget Interest Rates, Can the Fed Buy Stocks?

While the Fed has the world focused on a potential rate hike, there is something much more important you should be focusing on. In this week’s Letter, Ivan talks about exactly what that is, how the world is changing to accommodate it, and how to prepare yourself for such an event.

Will this Junior Bull Market Continue? The Micro and Macro Perspective

Here’s a look at the Canadian junior bull market from an inside and outside view, as well as the one question you should be asking every junior you invest in. And its not what you think…