Under Mr. Market’s Hood: Market Breadth Indicators

Time for Mr. Market to go to the doctor again and get a check up on his internals. Watch the video as Kevin Cook goes over several market breadth indicators to show you, from a technical standpoint, where the market could be headed.

Secular Bear Market: Dead, or Just Hibernating?

Is the secular bear market over, or is it just around the corner? Technical trader Kevin Cook believes it could be, and he’s looking for evidence. Watch this video as he looks for clues on where the market is headed in 2014 via technical charts and fundamental analysis.

What is the Grat Tax Loophole

Billionaires use the Grat Tax Loophole to save on millions of dollars in taxes. What is it? Watch the video as Bloomberg Markets’ Zach Mider explains the “Grat” tax loophole used by billionaires.

The Most Important Aspect of Investing

There are a few things that every successful investor should know. First of all, never bet against an entity that can print unlimited amounts of money. But the most important aspect of investing is this.

How to Play Gold, Treasuries, and the Yen

Timing the swings in interest-rate sensitive ETFs is a great global-macro game. Watch the video as Kevin Cook of Zacks Investment Research talks about the overall market and gives you guidance with charts on how to play gold, treasuries, and foreign currencies.

How to Play and Invest in Convertible Arbitrage

Pine River Capital Management’s Franklin Parlamis discusses his investment ideas on How to Play and Invest in Convertible Arbitrage

Kevin Cook’s Outlook: A look at the Internals of the Market via Technical Analysis

It’s time to practice a little internal medicine with the markets. Kevin Cook isn’t a doctor, but he tries to play one with the charts. Watch the video as technical trader Kevin Cook looks at the the internals for some very specific charts to gauge where the market is headed.

How Dr. Doom Roubini Would Invest $1,000 Right Now

Economist Nouriel Roubini, cofounder of Roubini Global Ecomonics, explains how he would invest $1,000 in the current climate, what he thinks of his “Dr. Doom” nickname, and what he saw before he forecast the 2008 economic downturn.

Don’t Feed the Bears, Buy the Dips: Kevin Cook’s Technical Analysis

Watch the video as Kevin Cook uses charts and technical analysis to show you why the charts, the global economy, and investor behavior favor new highs.

Stock Market Forecast for October 2013

Are equity markets waiting for Godot? One good compromise out of Washington and we lift higher? Zacks’ Kevin Cook doesn’t think so. He’s now turned into “sell the rallies” mode. While he remains a bull long term, he advises that investors take caution. Watch the video as he gives you his market timing expertise on why the odds of a bigger correction have increased and his stock market forecast for October 2013.

Why Investors Shouldn’t Worry About a Government Shutdown

On today’s “Insight & Action,” Adam Johnson shows you why you why investors shouldn’t worry about a government shutdown as he looks at past shutdowns and shows how the stock market has gone up during that time on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

An Important Concept in Options Trading

An Important Concept in Options Trading: Why intrinsic value and time value are important and what you need to know before placing your next options trade.