The Ultimate Bailout: The Fed’s True Plan

2015 is underway and the biggest question is: Will the stock market continue to climb? This week,Ivan Lo gives you his thoughts on the direction of the market and what the primary focus for 2015 should be. He also talks about American debt, what is required to pay that debt, and the Fed’s true plan on how it will unwind the enormous amount of bonds held in reserves.

Forget Ebola, Worry About the Coconut Virus

Here’s a look at something much more toxic and dangerous than the Ebola virus: The Coconut Virus. In this letter, Ivan talks about the dangers of the virus, as well as the real reason for inflation and what it really means for our future.

Do Baby Boomers Impact the Labor Force Participation Rate?

Do Baby Boomers really impact the Labor Force Participation Rate? Here’s a closer look at the truth behind unemployment numbers, the labor participation rate, the amount of money being borrowed to buy stocks on the NYSE, and a look at what Bank of America’s institutional desk is doing with their stocks.

What a Stock Bubble Looks Like

In today’s “Single Best Chart,” Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu displays equity bubbles in various sectors over the past 40 years on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

What Warren Buffett Does to Limit Taxes at Berkshire

Warren Buffett showed last week how adept he is at lowering his company’s payments to the U.S. Betty Liu reports on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Mr. Market Laughs at Correction Ideas

Is it still too early for the big stock market correction? Technical trader Kevin Cook thinks it is. Watch the video to see how he is going to handle the shake from past two weeks using technical charts and analysis.

Under Mr. Market’s Hood: Market Breadth Indicators

Time for Mr. Market to go to the doctor again and get a check up on his internals. Watch the video as Kevin Cook goes over several market breadth indicators to show you, from a technical standpoint, where the market could be headed.

Secular Bear Market: Dead, or Just Hibernating?

Is the secular bear market over, or is it just around the corner? Technical trader Kevin Cook believes it could be, and he’s looking for evidence. Watch this video as he looks for clues on where the market is headed in 2014 via technical charts and fundamental analysis.

What is the Grat Tax Loophole

Billionaires use the Grat Tax Loophole to save on millions of dollars in taxes. What is it? Watch the video as Bloomberg Markets’ Zach Mider explains the “Grat” tax loophole used by billionaires.

The Most Important Aspect of Investing

There are a few things that every successful investor should know. First of all, never bet against an entity that can print unlimited amounts of money. But the most important aspect of investing is this.

How to Play Gold, Treasuries, and the Yen

Timing the swings in interest-rate sensitive ETFs is a great global-macro game. Watch the video as Kevin Cook of Zacks Investment Research talks about the overall market and gives you guidance with charts on how to play gold, treasuries, and foreign currencies.

How to Play and Invest in Convertible Arbitrage

Pine River Capital Management’s Franklin Parlamis discusses his investment ideas on How to Play and Invest in Convertible Arbitrage