Waiting for the (Golden) Miracle to Come6 min read

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  1. Gold is liked by people like CBN Pat Robertson I think he said years ago maybe i think so

  2. Maurice Tryhuk says:

    The chart for $GOLD today has it at $1588, but your chart is much lower, like about $1350. Why is that?

  3. Dan says:

    No inflation & strong dollar equal weak gold. The recent blip up in Gold should be shorted, the bulk of commercial investors are short gold, & silver. Platinum oversupply for years, and even more production this year.. I’d short all the metals except palladium.

  4. John R. Vicente CHA/3D says:

    I enjoy reading your investment newsletter, lots of good information, gold seems to be highlighted as a potential investment that could grow in the coming months, as worldwide events does point to some financial difficulties that could cause losses in the stock market, not to mention, a decline in investor sentiment. Any suggestions on what gold stocks would be a good buy to hold, and mining stocks too. I realize that Equedia does not provide investment advice and you are not brokers or financial institutions. Any words of wisdom from the Equedia pro’s would be helpful and appreciated. Thank you!

  5. I am so sick of all of you as an investor i am confused what to do next because everyone is saying something different no one knows for sure it is all speculation.

  6. James Lane says:

    there is very little understanding of how much fiat currency is increase the cost (opportunity cost) of everything. these chickens will come home to roost . .. not sure if in m lifetime, but fairly confident that during my kids lifetimes

  7. Malcolm Smart says:

    Again, are you a pump’n’dumper? How come you don’t tell us when and what you’re SELLING?

  8. Old Time Miner says:

    Golden miracle already in play, adding it to central vaults tends to increase returns as well for those hedged in that direction.

    Chinese economy looking to catch up to North America later in the year, construction trends tend to be very positive.

    For those looking for ultra conservative and stable returns, recommending a 50% dividend payer strategy – anything less would be ludacris with the before mentioned goal in mind.

    Thanks Equedia for your fantastic knowledge and sharing.

    Highly looking forward to another excellent year for capital markets, and money in general. .

  9. Karri says:

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