How to Speculate in Junior Resource Stocks6 min read

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  1. Th time has come for not only small miners

  2. Ron Gervais says:

    Your candle analogy seems very appropriate for TRQ. Comments?

  3. Terry Kotyk says:

    Happy New Year Ivan! This the first time I have responded to your comments request and want to officially thank you for your writings, advice and comments for the last few years, so thank you for this.
    I have been trading stocks since retiring 20 years ago and have been quite successful and improving every year since I started reading your Equedia.

  4. HASMET KANSIZ says:

    Would you look closely with your keen eyes at CCW?

  5. Fred says:

    Ivan, Can you Give your latest info on NXOPF and the double take product as well as the supposed revolutionized lens they make

  6. John Tierney says:

    At the end days of 2019 the year price of gold had some very healthy moves upward (as seen on Kitco’s website). Yet gold equities (large and small) responded as if the opposite was true. Can you explain the causes of this unusual occurrence?

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