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The Stock Market is Rigged?7 min read

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  2. Rick Havill says:

    Good one!….thank you.

  3. Neil Vezzetti says:

    I agree. Its been rigged since you could short without an uptick .also day traders hundreds of trades a day don’t help. Most stocks are volatile not getting anywhere.

  4. Terry quesnel says:

    I have looked for 20 years or more for a publication that will truly deal with the small investor and participate with that investor to get bigger and richer. Not one does this or believes in the small investor. Like Bloomberg getting faster talkers and squeakier talking heads promoting greed worldwide the investing community is loosing credibility with the vast majority of business men and women. Maybe your publication will stay level headed and work with people to improve their lives.

  5. Fred says:

    Of course the markets are rigged when you enter this casino be sure to know when to fold them,cause you will lose in the long run,the vultures will take all!Should be a warning – potential gamblers entering this market use at your own risk !And if you still proceed don’t cry at your loss try another tactic,you never know you might hit winner.

  6. Once again your Stock Market is Rigged analysis was fantastic. I don’t like to read on my computer, so I print, I read and I delete.
    I deleted the analysis before I read it. There is a lot of other analysis that we could refer to, I would love to get access to them.
    Could you return your analysis of december 23, the stock market is rigged and than I would have access to them and print the material I want to study the most such as How to read a stock chart etc…….

    Thank you very much, Happy New Year to Equedia Team!

    Have some fun this year before you become too busy next year trying to have some funds was particularly good.

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