Calibre Mining: The Billion-Dollar Buyout Team is Back25 min read

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  1. Rick Altmann says:

    Great article Ivan,

    On the subject of gold, perhaps you can take a moment to tell your long-time readers what to do with the shares of First Mining Gold Corp. that you recommended so enthusiastically well over a year ago. I know that you’re probably very busy writing these new and exciting exposĂ©s so you may not have had the time to check up on that company’s share price, but you may be interested to know that it has declined approximately 65% since you promoted it, this is an environment where the price of gold is trending upward. I just re-read your letter on First Mining – it was hard to resist. Let’s pile into Calibre now.

  2. leroy h hoback says:

    send me more info

  3. David Crawford says:

    I’d rate the assets to be located in one of the high risk countries due to growing political instability, high unemployment, rampant crime, and a labour force that doesn’t have the skills required. The risk may even get higher depending on what the guy in the White House does. The article should address these risks before I get interested. What are the mines doing to gain local support – investing in training for jobs? medical? education? etc. Without a lot of local support risks rise. Then there’s the issue of pollution from gold mines – they have a bad reputation & ethical investors want to know more about this issue as any smell of trouble will be problematic for such a small company. Bottom line is – the article sounds too good on the positives without delving into risks.

  4. Equedia says:

    You make some great points, David. There are certainly geopolitical risks in almost every country, especially when it comes to mining – including Canada.

    However, these mines have been in operation for a decade now and the risks you mentioned have not yet come to fruition – including lack of a labour force, among others.

    As far as rampant crime, Nicaragua actually has the lowest murder rates in Central America, and crime rates in other categories have dropped significantly over the last few years.

    And being the one of the largest exporters of the country, the mines certainly contribute to the overall economy of the nation. In the coming months, I believe Calibre will highlight this in future media.

  5. Equedia says:

    Hi Rick,

    Thanks for your comment. First Mining Gold was introduced many years ago. After our introduction, the stock climbed to $1.18, and held around a $1 for more than a year – so it was a great trade for our readers.

    Unfortunately, like most gold exploration companies, the stock fell along with the price of gold – of which, I believe manipulation had a big part to do with it. Which is also why I wanted focus on a producer with our latest gold play – as they will be the ones to climb first with the rising price of gold.

    I haven’t followed First Mining for some time, as they have had many management changes there, and hope that you would’ve taken profits along the way. We’re not familiar with the new management team, so can’t really comment on their ability to succeed.

    The hardest thing about trading stocks is knowing when to sell. A successful owner of a brokerage firm once told me that I should never get emotional with stocks and always take profits along the way, because we can never guess the bottom or the top. I still have a hard time selling stocks and taking that advice has not been easy. But mostly, I should have.

    Of course, in the case of Newmarket Gold, holding on for all of these years would have been the right thing to do – yet, I sold a little early! But in the case of First Mining, taking profits over the course of the year would’ve been the smarter thing to do.

  6. Tom Hoops says:

    Thank you for ur advice pertaining to gold. Very informative. Am looking forward to ur weekly letter.

  7. Peter William power says:

    I’m very interested

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