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One of the Best and Most Undervalued Opportunities You Never Heard of25 min read

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  1. Peter Smith says:

    Thanks for another great report. I participated in many of the stocks you had recommended and saw strong profits almost every time – the time I lost was purely bad timing on my part (getting overly greedy and not selling when the stock was over 100%!). Glad to see another new idea after so long – sounds like my patience may be well rewarded with this one!

  2. Stargazer says:

    Nice to see that the old CRK assets are now run by competent people. Gold may or may not be at the bottom, but this deal should do well in the long term. Hopefully liquidity issues won’t be a problem and I can get stock for these prices

  3. James Hill says:

    Wow. Just read somewhere that the P/E on this thing is at 3, and that’s not even factoring what may be a great Q2 or the recent Bonanza grade drill results.

    Seriously undervalued and can’t believe that it will stay at these prices for long once every one wakes up from their summer sleep.

  4. Steve S says:

    This thing is the only gold stock that has climbed like this since summer. another great idea that has made me nearly 100% in very short, but steady time. Thanks Mr. Lo!

  5. Douglas V says:

    This is a great recommendation. Another gold stock I am accumulating is GORO. I bought when the yield was over 5%. Pays div monthy in FRN or you can take it in phys! Imagine that.

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