Calibre Mining Gets Price Target Upgrade3 min read

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  1. Rick Atlmann says:

    Your encouraging analysis of Calibre mining was much appreciated. If its not asking too much, before investing in this new great story, would you possibly revisit your rave review of First Mining Finance (FF.TO) of well over a year ago? Gold is up close to 20% since your infectiously enthusiastic analysis of this company was released but, for reasons that are unclear, the company has lost well over 50% of it’s value since you published your recommendation. Perhaps you’d be kind enough to revisit this for the. many readers who indulge in your research.

  2. Orest Wakaruk says:

    Yes i would like to see an update as well

  3. Paul Scurko says:

    Hi- This is a lot of info to process. Due Dili on the co. is my main focus. The narrow gold spot range will change in the near future, but will the co. be able to deliver? Big promises here .. we have all seen before. Shares outstanding and the chance of a reverse split coupled by the small volume in the stock lends itself to a big IF. Interest rates can fall a bit more but the upshot is on the horizon. That will put pressure on gold in the future. With low interest rates one would figure gold would be much higher, but those damn crypto’s stole some of the market share. We need India to come of age so Gold will be in big demand…but when will that happen – 10 yrs out? Like I said, I will have to look closer.

  4. Dr. Raobert carter says:

    I really appreciate getting your newsletter. It is exceptionally informative. I detect sincerety, integrity and honesty.. It is my judgement that a larlge number of of these kinds of services are more interested in subscriptions. You have my interest and applause. Thank you for such fine work. R.. Carter. Ph.d. Economics

  5. larry Roesch says:

    first mining was a dud would also like to hear your comments good or bad.

  6. Orest Wakaruk says:

    Still have not seen an update on first mining. Why??

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