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The Most Accurate Market Indicator?16 min read

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  1. The value of market stocks is increasing at a rapid rate. During this action. most portfolios are doing quite well. Of course, the question is, when will this increase stop. As an investor, I hope the change is slow allowing me time to change my investing scheme. My experience with these situations would indicate a fairly rapid change. I am very concerned and have taken feeble actions to help prevent losses. I have moved about 30% of my funds into precious metals and placed trailing stops on all equities in my portfolio. I lack nerves of steel; I sell many of my stocks in severe downterns. I know this goes against conventual wisdom, but I can’t watch my portfolio drop in value and do nothing. I have also started investing In options. With enough experience, I can do quite well in option trading. Other than these changes, I can only wait for the bad news and pare m-y portfolio to survive.

    1. Jay says:

      @ Kelly Kinstley: Yes, you should learn options, especially the prudent use of puts, in order to insure your portfolio.

  2. stoxrox says:

    Excellent article. Reminds one to pay attention to actions and ignore what is being said.

  3. Marlo Emerson says:

    That’s some great information

  4. Jim says:

    this was bang on. Great analysis and insight, Thanks so much.

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