US-China Trade War: The Countdown Has Begun11 min read

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  1. Sandy Manhas says:

    Again great informative read Ivan,
    If only Trump would suspend the INTEREST ON THE $1 Trillion deficit! Why should the big banks with their 10million bonuses to CEO’s and the like be LEGAL……..who gains from the debt? And why? They, by no means act as catalysts, rather they create the disparity between the classes…..

    The war should be on the financial institutions on homeland soil! A new civil war….before the masses pay the price…..Trump should expropriate the profits and foreclosed homes that are on the bank books ever since the financial crisis……otherwise our children’s children will have to pay for all the b.s.

    Over 50% of American fiat is offshore and its gonna come back in waves…..say goodbye to oprressing emerging markets with the IMF and the American dollars purchasing power……China and Russia (especially Russia and Iran) have made due without the US dollar….soon the rest of the emerging markets will take advantage of the yaun as the currency of the World……something’s gonna give…and its not the rest of the world anymore, it must be the country that created the problem to suck it up……..sponge up all the currency being printed, the rest of the world doesn’t worship or need the green back……..

    I wonder which currencies will be safe, any thoughts Ivan.?

  2. Michael Hooper says:

    Yes I want there’s Stock reports

  3. Jerome says:

    What do you predict for silver and gold?N

  4. Jae Altemus says:

    About 20 years or more ago I said to my husband Americans Don’t know, that Chinese.They have 5000 years history and what kind people are .pretty soon they’ve get everything from the world. Because American big companies moving in to China,without thingking. Finally those big companies made China rich. That big companies support them become rich and strong. So they will turnaround and chew them up, will see!!! Shame,Shame.big American companies.

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