How to Invest in Marijuana without Investing in Marijuana20 min read

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  1. Daniel says:

    Does anyone know which cannabis company Alkaline partnered with ?

  2. Paul Sheridan says:

    How do I get in an how much do I have to invest

    1. Al says:

      Hello Paul,
      Currently, WTER shares are at $3.66; therefore, you can buy as many shares as you can afford. I just bought some shares, I expect the shares to drop a little since the shares have gone up from $1.90 to $4.60 in the last 20 days. I will buy some more shares once the price starts to go up again.

      1. TONY SLATON says:

        Man i already haveing bought my shares marketbis looking good on my part ….by ur shares now

    2. Hi can I get in and how much it will cost to invest

      1. Can I get in on this investment, and how much will it cost me????

        1. Edd A says:

          Join Robinhood and we’ll both get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free. Make sure you use my link. 

        2. Edd A says:

          Join Robinhood and we’ll both get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free. Make sure you use my link. 

      2. Erica Bruten says:

        How much to get in

  3. Richard Vedder says:

    Hope WTER works out better than the short telescope idea.

  4. don pizzuti says:

    Great insight

  5. James Gaskill says:

    This sounds two good to be true.if this comes true makes me want two invest .

  6. Adrian says:

    Great follow up to original WTER report.

    I think it may be worth the time for Equedia readers to look over the 10-K. Management does have an incentive to reach the $40M sales number; if they do, they trigger the conversion of their preferreds (Series D) to common (5,000,000 according to filing). The Series C preferreds (1,500,000) trigger once $15M in sales are reached.

    I do like the product but remain cautious on the management team. In Q4 2016, CEO Steven Nickolas was removed for “just cause”. This is old news, i know, but something to point out. This is the nature of a companies of its size, I suppose. Bright side is that the annual report was filed in 2018 without a delay. The company previously failed to file in 2017 and 2016 its annual report in a timely manner.

    Overall, I do think it’s worth the risk especially with the US Farm Bill cited; if “industrial hemp” is legalized, there will be lots of runway . Since Ivan’s initial report, WTER has done well.

  7. Donna says:

    What is the fee to get stared

    1. Jack says:

      Join Robinhood and we’ll both get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free. Make sure you use my link.

  8. Sandra McRae says:

    What is the cost to get started? I have been drinking
    Alkaline water for about 3 months, from a company called flow. They just came up with flavour, ginger, lemon, watermelon, lime. Very good tasting flavours.

  9. Chandell dargin says:

    I want to invest soon need to know what to do next…

    1. Join Robinhood and we’ll both get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free. Make sure you use my link.

  10. Tom Koetter says:

    I would be very interested in info on this venture.

  11. Jeraldine says:

    Could u show me how to invest and make lots of my way I’m tired of struggling please

    1. janice smith says:

      its tough when u have to struggle u can learn a lot by google look up company and their financial report will be there then u can make an educated decision, good luck

  12. Tina says:

    Would like to know more info

  13. Don Orich says:

    Like to know what Investment groups in Canada that I should see to Invest. If thats a question you can answer for me.

  14. Wendy Olson says:

    New to the investment game. Interesting article…interesting venture. Need more details.

  15. Peggy Smith says:

    Would like more info on how to invest and what cost if any to get started. Cost of shares.

  16. Lety says:

    Anyone know where to go to invest? Very interested.

    1. Harry says:

      Lety, as I’ve stated to some folks, find a discount broker like Charles Schaawb or E-Trade. Commissions are less and you can buy and sell stocks very easily.

  17. Robin Barrett says:

    Very interested

  18. Mitzi Sneed says:

    More info please

  19. Bruce Chambers says:

    Let me know what stock agency should be used.

    1. Harry says:

      Bruce, I use E-Trade and have no problems. Use a discount broker if possible, commissions are a lot less.

  20. James stewart says:

    How do i invest in this

  21. david farant says:

    Has Nexoptic run into a wall. Is there a big corporate issue I don’t know about? Is it dead money? Just curious.

  22. Tammy says:

    Become an associate for FREE to purchase/sell organic CBD oil! No $ no commitment. Get in on the ground-floor before the industry really takes off!

  23. Rosa fundora says:

    Hi need to know how to invest

  24. Terry Nixon says:

    How to on vest and is a registered company

  25. Lori says:

    need more info

  26. Lisa says:

    How do we invest ?

  27. Kelly says:

    How do we invest and what’s the turn around on your money?

  28. Judy Bullard says:

    I would like to invest, how can I do this?

  29. Brenda says:

    Can we have more detail? What are the steps of investment other than researching the company

  30. Deb says:

    Would like to invest 2000.

  31. ronnie evans says:

    I’m retired and don’t gave a lot of money to invest, so how can I get in this comoany

  32. Troy Wootten says:

    I have been thinking about this since the conception of legalizing Marijuana , but I don’t have a large amount of money to put into this, somewhere between 1000 and 2000 dollers.

  33. Kevin Rogers says:

    Big busines for all

  34. Donna Higgins says:

    Can I still invest in canibus stock for under 5 bucks a share and how

    1. Harry says:

      Numerous stocks available under $5.00

  35. I would like someone to help me invest in Quick lawn service

  36. Johnny Spain says:

    How can I get in to investing

  37. Arcade Istre says:

    I want to invest

  38. Vickey Cahill says:

    Very inrerested

  39. Lance j Amerman says:

    Wave of the future till its 100% legal….no intrigue after this

  40. Clemente Arrington says:

    Hello my name is Clemente
    .A i am 41 years of age amd i am quite interested in this new improved production .In 2011 i was diagnosed with M.S and i have been told this just might be something that could help me with combating my M.S l
    Amd so i would like to sent all the information about this new product for i am very interested in this .

  41. Jimmy says:

    I have not tried it because I work for the airlines. I have been told by friends that it help me with hurtful area of my body.

  42. Verjulia says:

    Whats are the rules forma investing?

  43. eze emmanuel says:

    how can i get into the business

  44. I really need this done why I’m between jobs!

  45. Allen says:

    How can I invest in this and What’s the minimum investment requirement?

  46. Domingo Aquino says:

    Medical procedures are reveling incredible results for human recovery this is a new age and New dawn nature’s way of saying I’m hear to help

  47. OK what is the game plane here?? I though this suffered was not good for you, now it coming back say it is? So is the game plane here? Let me know & what the cost of it to get in on it??

  48. Brent Slaughter says:

    Need to invest but strapped for cash and want to get in

  49. Breanna says:

    So when can I invest with lenders n get 85% when stock is won?

  50. Andy Smith says:


  51. Godwin says:

    I am interested in it and would like to know how to start up immediatelt– may i have the name of Companiesd that i can invest in.
    Meanwhile anyone can as well register with CBD for free and start making money and continue the use of their excellent products. have a wonderful period

  52. After reading this remarkable letter. I eager to invest in the ever growing products that are at hand. Please instruct me on how to get the processing going full steam ahead. Let’s all secure our future by making money the legal way.

  53. Lawana Edwards says:

    I am also very interested in how to start investing it says that we can use there money tell me how to get started

  54. Susan Schiebe says:

    How do I buy shares in the company?

  55. Holly Martin says:

    HELP us with training our minds to get out of the hell I was abandoned and left to die by spouse and trying to make it

  56. Kathran says:

    It was good for God saik

  57. Oscar L Walter says:

    I’m interested in investing tell me how to get started.

  58. Deborah Mariah says:

    Good evening I am very interested in this opportunity to unable me to provide a better sound future for retirement because I know the system is not design for that. I look forward to communions regarding the partnership!!!

  59. Eva Mcgill says:

    I’m interested in getting started is there someone that helps you do that? God bless Eva McGill

  60. Akin Fadeyi says:

    Thanks so much for your detailed information.

    Please keep me updated ASAP when new Technology Company is getting
    ready to put new product out.

  61. Herman burnette says:

    I’m ready

  62. Ray says:

    I would like to know more about how I can get involved in investing.

  63. Iva Goins-Green says:

    I’m interested in investing,please let me know how much I need to get started.

  64. Sharrell says:

    I would be very interested in learning more about investing, the cost of the stock and fees.

    Thank in advance!

  65. Yolonda says:

    It sounds very good. Like the previous comments. How much and what do I have to do to get started. Thank you 😊

  66. Laura says:

    How much and what do I need to get started. What is my participation in this

  67. Chad says:

    Im interested in vesting

  68. Rodney Edwards says:

    I want to invest

  69. I am 63 with no retirement fund at living on $1,000 a month fixed income I’ve been up pot smokers since the 60s I’m telling you anything that has to do with cannabis or hemp it is legalized I know it’s just a no-brainer it’s going to just be huge I would think in the pharmaceutical area so my question is what company did you get the most profit out of a water company do they need the water to make the drink or medical? It’s hard to say cuz they’re going to use it in a lot of stuff but investment is imperative as soon as possible to get the fast money until it levels off once it’s exposed can’t you tell us how to do it or what how to start as people that don’t know I don’t see you answer to anybody’s question and you got a whole bunch of them some of us don’t know what we’re doing and we have very little so it’s important to learn it soon as the less us poor people have to invest the better before they get too expensive like a book for dummies book or something thank you for your education you didn’t even ask for money personally that’s it’s like really rare I’m sick of doing these online surveys they’re Liars you never get paid and they all ask the same thing and you get all kinds of junk mail and you never get to the end of it it’s so all lies I’ve never seen or known anybody that got a damn paycheck from them I don’t know really how to invest but because they’re going to need a lot of water to make the drink with the hemp and cannabis in it right? My concern is there’s a lot of water companies and I’ve never seen the one your I’ve never I see hundreds of them on the shelves I’ve never seen the one you’re talking about today so my question is if that’s what you’re getting at that is the water company investment because they’re already talking about it even though it’s not a big company it’s best to invest in any of them that are considering getting into this Market and you suspect that this one is the best one that you think to invest in because you know for a fact that they are already ready to put the new drinks on the Shelf they’re just waiting for a certain legalizations is that correct they’re the closest to jumping in quicker before everybody else gets on board and everything’s too crazy and expensive I don’t know really how to invest I hope you can help us all out that want to learn about it and get in before it’s too late I noticed a lot of people suffering like me in your comments believe me we’re a few of the billions that are so you’re a very kind to educate us

  70. Joseph says:

    How do I join how much do I need to invest with you guys

    1. harry weirich says:

      use a discount broker ( e-trade for example) and buy the shares on your own. It’s very easy to set up an account and start trading. Try not to use a broker because when trading due to their fees. I’ll go into further detail once I know you received this reply. I’ll walk you through the whole process.

  71. Andrew Hedges says:

    Hey This is a good thing

  72. Beverly says:

    How do I invest in this?

    1. harry says:

      Beverly, the stock trades right now for about $3.60 a share. Open an account and buy as many as you want. Remember the ‘ol saying though “only invest as much as you can afford to lose”. This of course does not mean you’ll lose on a certain stock, just be cautious. The stock market is nothing more than a high priced poker game. Good luck.

  73. Samuel Goldsmith says:

    How do I get ahold of the free money to start trading with I would really like to make money for you and me ASAP

  74. Floyd Perry says:

    this whole thing sounds way too good to be true but I’m going to apply and see what happens wish me luck

  75. I am really excited about this.II need to get my Credit Card debt taken care of so I have money to get a place.Been homeless for almost 4 yeafs. it’s time. Kimberly Carona

  76. Bill Jenkins says:

    Very interested in aquring cheap stock options

  77. Harry N Charles says:

    No comment

  78. Tina Zook says:

    I’m very interested!! How do I get started??? I’m from Ohio and I know just how big this is already and it’s growing.. Please explain to me how I get involved?? Sincerely, Tina

  79. Anthony Houston says:

    How can I be apart of this action now

  80. LaChina Richardson says:

    What do I need to do?

  81. Anthony Jones says:

    Teach me how to in this please

  82. cheryl maxwell says:

    How can I invest

  83. Ann says:

    How do I get in I have no idea how to get started.

  84. Cratis Lewis says:

    What’s the catch

  85. Anthony Lee says:

    How do I get started?

  86. Wayne says:

    Yes how do I get started

  87. Marshall Gibson says:

    Yes how do I get started

  88. Danreco Williams says:

    How do I get started

  89. John Reedy says:

    If I had to pick a drink I’d call it turtle juice

  90. Thomas Noel says:

    My name is Thomas Noel and I am interested in participating. I am eager to learn more about investing in a stock, cannabis or the water. Please send me information on how to purchase. I’m 63 and would like to live out my years comfortably.

  91. tiffny says:

    yes I want in

  92. Abdul says:

    How do I get started

  93. Rhonda Childress says:

    Help me get in

  94. Smokey says:

    Lots of money to be made made…

  95. Sherry Keener says:

    i am a new member a d dont know how thus works yet but am excited to SEE what happens. God bless you all.

  96. Ijeva Bambridge says:

    Sounds Extremely interesting and profitable!!

  97. How do I start investing, love the potential for growth. What’s the stock ? Need to invest asap.

  98. Vin Capp says:

    BDCI, TGGI, IGPK All will impact Cannabis Market, All future USA leaders.

  99. DICK SALTER says:

    ready !!!!

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