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Top Sectors to Invest in 2018: Turning Average Joes to Millionaires20 min read

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  1. w. craig harvey says:

    Investment advise letters never fail to talk about financial colapse as if it was just another event by which it’s readers could make money.And not suffer along with everyone else:unemployment,inflation,social unrest and then war.The world is going slowly with many corrections into a new world-wide super economy merely because the new technologies call for stability.Any world-wide depression means war.Such an event would end for some time all human progress.However,the new super economy calls for less employment while the population grows exponentially and so there may be another war anywayThe world has reached a new place…

  2. LEROY HOWE says:

    Your newsletter is very informative.

  3. Scott says:

    Not to mention the gene splicing is blowing Canadian marijuana up in smoke.

  4. G Woody says:

    Pretty much spot on. Hi Ian, it’s been a long time. I’m especially excited about the new work done on life extension technologies. The last year has had many tremendous breakthroughs. The recent work, Nov this year, on telemeres and the discoveries of multiple new pathways bodes well. I believe by the end of 2018 we will have cracked immortality. I’ve been giving that a lot of thought on just how that will play out.

  5. Peter says:

    Ivan thanks for another year of fine reports.
    I am very excited about where NXO.V is heading .
    Should ,or could be a fantastic year for them….if they can execute .
    All the best to all for 2018

  6. t milbourn says:

    i dont know you, but are correct.

    would not let me post this with out filling in my name.

    GOD bless everyone in this post and have a terrific 2018

  7. Jim Salisbury says:

    This sounds very interesting

  8. Michael Hassan says:

    Hi Ian,

    I agree with all you say and am already deeply invested in Marijuana and sporting +60% returns since mid November. I’ve purposely stayed away from BItcoin due to lack of underwstanding and am heavily invested in internet of things type companies. SWKS, NVDA, etc.

    I also agree that 2018 may be the year to pull back some monies but when and how much is really the issue. My plan is to hedge my 3 portfolios, 1 portfolio is my IRA which is conservative, big cap and REIT stocks and mainly generates dividends with a touch of growth stock thrown in; a second is a growth portfolio with a touch of options to enhance returns and the 3rd is an options portfolio with a touch of stock ownership.

    I intend to hedge the growth portfolio, already have hedged the IRA and will begin to shift my tactics in the optiion portfolio as the market dictates. I do NOT intend to leave the market since I believe in the long run, that’s where the returns will be gotten. At the most, I’ll increase my cash position from fully invested (now) to maybe 2/3rds invested.

    Any info on hedging you may have, the better.
    Thanks and great writing,

  9. Robert Lyon says:

    I was one of the 325 people invited to the NexOptics introduction. Other than the terrible ecoustics in the building chosen, it was an eye opener to hear John DeGoula tell his story. Because of your incredible ability to find companies with a great future I jumped in with both feet. Progress that has resulted has got me even more a believer. Just thinking about the future prospects of the “Staked Lens future potential keeps me awake at night. The very thought of the potential to add wider angle and more distances to cell phone and tablets camera keeps me adding to my holdings in NXO. Do continue to keep us all informed as to their future as this is not one of their strong points. —————Robert Lyon Surrey BC

  10. Ronald Trott says:

    I have some Videos with teachings some 25yrs ago predicting things that will take place in the near future.
    He teaches that there will be a cashless society, that all cash will be withdrawn and than we will be forced
    to take a mark. Now today people are being chipped in there hand. He also talks about. EFTPOS.
    ELECTRONIC FUND TRANSFER AT THE POINT OF SALE.. The predictions have been 100% correct.
    If all cash is withdrawn what will this do to the market? I believe crypto currencies are the build up
    to this, a process of gradualism.

  11. Thanks says:

    Dream big have faith pray 2 ur God money is the root 2 happyness bless 2 all 2018😀😀😀👽🙉🙈🙊

  12. What’s the latest on efficient generator progress?

  13. Amiely says:

    Well everything is quite alright but am yet to understand the concept of this business

  14. Toy says:

    My response is to be fucked up

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