Insider Guide to Marijuana Legalization in Canada10 min read

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  1. Richard H. Anderson says:

    Why did the market sell off?

  2. Sal says:

    First please let me know from where you got my email ? Then I will start investing with you.

  3. Don Taylor says:

    What happened to abcn and emc ?

    1. murray hopper says:

      Good question , I remember EMC being promoted as the biggest IPO in Canadian cannabis market history by Equedia
      it is currently at 50% less then its IPO 1st day price, so there is always the possibility of a downside

    2. marlaine says:

      abcn is now vivo name change in August

  4. S. Patel says:

    Thanks for a good tip. Should I sell TGOS shares now or wait for further upside. Thank you

  5. Leslie Price says:

    I live in BC Canada. In my small town of 35,000 there are 15 marijuana dispensaries. They are sourcing their product from private (illegal) growers. Everybody who wants marijuana in Canada already has a supplier. And they provide the product cheaper than any of the Government sanctioned growers ever can or will.
    No matter what the officially sanctioned growers charge, the private(illegal) growers will do it cheaper. And now that marijuana is becoming officially legal, no-one is going to be prosecuted for growing it. Already, the police turn a blind eye to all of it, including the 15 dispensaries.
    There will be very little money to be made by any of these companies investing millions in greenhouses and infrastrucure.
    I know of what I speak. I do not use marijuana myself, but I am in a position to see that many do, AND THEY ARE ALREADY CATERED TO.

    1. murray hopper says:

      I agree with a lot of what you say , there are promoters that act like cannabis is a new product without seeing that its already widespread in Canada the money is already in the economy and the tax stream via GST/PST .
      However don’t you think that with legal producers and shops setting up that there will be moves to curtail the black market I know that all the money being invested in cannabis companies will want protection from cheaper illegal suppliers and they will lobby for enforcement and contribute to MP’s campaigns who promise to get tuff with them .
      Its just the beginning of what will probably be many years of transition from an underground to a legal scenario .

      1. Leslie Price says:

        Hi Murray

        I agree, any government with a spine would do exactly that- ie curtail the illegal producers to support the legal ones.
        But, we do not have that in Canada. The popular culture is so ingrained with the idea that consumption of marijuana is a civil right, that no government would ever choke off the illegal supply (the little guy producing a quality product is the popular narrative, even though it is mostly the Hell’s Angels controlling most of it)

  6. Rich says:

    I started investing 2 years ago . I sold my Canadian stocks and I and my friends have all invested heavily in the US MJ market . Turn back the clock and look at the alcohol prohibition. Who made the money . People who invested. Thank-you MJ .

  7. Bernard Winiewski says:

    Although no drug should be made illegal by governments, this does not mean that certain drugs are harmless. I believe that except for a few restricted medical uses, marijuana is one of the most dangerous of the street drugs. It is widely known that heavy use causes extreme forgetfulness (i.e. stupidity] that can linger for several days after use, resulting in disfunction at work and a proneness for accidents. Secondly, but not so widely known, is that its use curtails ambition and drive yielding an under-achiever. Finally, marijuana use in young teens curtails the production of sex hormones making their bones continue to grow, resulting in lanky, overgrown freakish adults.
    Also, it is a foolish waste of money to spend billions of dollars on expensive greenhouses, when many farmers could grow whole fields of marijuana as cheaply as they can grow fields of alfalfa. This is not the case with tomatoes or cucumbers where greenhouses are needed to produce fresh vegetables year round.

    1. George S Planzos says:

      I’m not from Canada I’m from New York not sure where your statistics come
      From but I’m 32 have not been involved in any car crashes am a college graduate and manage a family business and I puff like Snoop. Marijuana cannot simply be “grown in a field” and I can assure you that there is a lot more that goes into growing marijuana than cucumbers and tomatoes. We realize there’s a black market for marijuana however what everyone here has failed to mention is the potential of Canada supplying the global market of medical marijuana. “The company” Is already involved with Germany, Australia, South Africa, and even Mexico. They are investing in a variety of products that will have a huge medical advantages and be sold all over the world. It’s inevitable that the US will legalize and who will they turn to? Europe has no production of canibus to speak of. I’m involved in Canadian marijuana companies for a few months and have seen 200% of my original investment with ctth, acbff, ……..
      Like it or not like a few of you have said already were about to make millions get with it or go back to sleep!

  8. I agree with your premise about the future of MJ stocks. Most negative opionion statements have proven so far to be wrong whereas all opinions (like yours) to the positive, have proven to be correct (from an i nvestor’s perspective).

    And that was done under the cloud of illegality so once it becomes legal in the USA, I would expect the momentum to pick up. I have been calling it a tsunami since November when I first entered the sector.

    Is it bad for you? Maybe but certainly not as bad as alcohol nor opiods. Should humans be able to use products that some others think are bad for them? Well, they already do with alcohol and CIGARETTES and CIGARS and PIPES. I mean if someone want to beat the drums, try working on those sectors.

    Anyway, my comments are mostly from an investor perspective since I don’t use now (other than a salve for my arthritic knees) and I really don’t care who does. It’s a free country and hopefully I don’t need a big brother to tell me what to use or not use.

    So to finish my comment, leave the “Cary nation” concerns and sentiment to others, do your due diligence (it’s hard at the beginning of a tsunami) and pick some winners. The handwriting is on the wall for US legalization and you would want to be in on it however, don’t think tsunamis don’t take work, they do and cause more anxiety than normal investing since there is very little precedent on how to i nvest in a product that was illegal and now becoming legal. Suffice to say it is my biggest winner to date in the shortest amount of time and I am a rank amateur investor though I work hard at it.

    Thanks for the article, it is right on IMHO.
    PS Trump is a sharp/shark businessman (no matter what else you may think of him) and my prediction, from November, was and still is that he will jump on this when the timing is right (soon).

  9. Frank says:

    I am a new reader – looks very promising. Thanks!
    Could you point to the best stocks/ path to get into this market
    for a newbie who is not currently in
    ( its just recommendation – it’s totally my responsibility what I invest in- so I won’t come wining if it doesn’t work 🙂

    but a direction would be highly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance

  10. Anthony A says:

    I agree with your article. 1) Based on today’s stock prices, could you give us your opinion on what stock is the best buy 2)Are there any Canadian companies that will benefit if/when MJ becomes legal in the US?

  11. Janis says:

    I only have $100 to invest for now to get started. I’ve never invested in anything before. Where can I get help on what to do and how to do it? Where can I open an account for that small of an amount?

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