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A Record-Breaking Event: The Green Organic Dutchman26 min read

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  1. Robert B Maley says:

    Sounds very good. I have a account with e-trade. Can you purchase TGOD through them.

    1. Equedia says:

      The symbol should show up in e-trade tomorrow when the Company begins to trade. Hope this helps!

  2. Jeff Haggerty says:

    Is there a OTC trading symbol available?

    1. SHAW BURROWS says:

      As of this morning U.S. residents must buy through “broker assist” tick- TGOD.CN

    1. Equedia says:

      Let’s clarify first. Where in the article did I mentioned there is a shortage? I believe there will certainly be a shortage of supply in the first 6 months of legalization and it could take up to a year or more to fix that.

      Furthermore, regarding your articles, they don’t tell the whole story.

      1. Wholesale prices drop to $50/pound – for trim, which is used for oils etc.
      2. Yes, producers are bankrolled enough if they meet full production. And I do believe once legalization occurs, eventually the black market will be wiped out. Do people buy beer from someone’s garage? Not often, I don’t think.
      3. A lot of people have made money in this sector, and more will continue to. As for the last comment in the article, it compares Canopy to Canadian Tire in terms of valuation – how can anyoe compare a marijuana company to a department store? But let’s say that made sense…they have been saying the same thing about Tesla for the last 3 years – and investors have made a lot of money from the rise of its shares. The market wants what the market wants.

  3. yo says:

    Good points Ivan and that’s what this letter is about…facts and shares views I will allow the “market” to tell me where this is heading. The market IMO knew the POT stocks where ahead of the curve and that’s why lots made money and now has lost money since January. Will they rebound? we’ll see what the market says, but I believe there’s not enough blood on the streets to call a bottom yet-IMO
    Thanks for the reply

    1. Equedia says:

      Thanks for the honest reply – in today’s generation, most would be combative instead of seeing both sides of the picture.

      I am honoured to have you as a reader, even if our viewpoints differ.

      The toughest part about analyzing the market is that most of the time, with the exception of utilities or predictable sectors, the market is led more by psychology rather than fundamentals – especially with new and emerging sectors.

      Take a look at the market today: Canopy just announced the application of an NYSE-listing, which would allow many institutions in the US to invest, bringing even more buying into the sector.

      Furthermore, as I mentioned in this report and other letters, M&A will most certainly pick up and at a very rapid pace – regardless of valuation. So I maintain my stance that big institutions are coming, which will fuel the market further. In other words, while you believe there’s not enough blood on the streets, I believe the blood banks are coming 🙂

      Thanks again for your input – it’s great for readers to see more than one side of the story to help them make better investment decisions.

      – Ivan

  4. Dorian Shortt says:

    Ivan – several months ago you wrote about ABCN. Any updates?

    1. Equedia says:

      I am still a big holder of ABCN.

  5. Andrew says:

    Can’t see the symbol yet. Doesn’t turn up on a search of new company listings on the TSX?
    What gives? Too early?

  6. Gwen says:

    How can I invest

  7. How do I invest. What company. TGOD or Aurora larassen.

  8. Sotero DIAZ III says:

    Seeking funding for 100% organic Hemp Juice producer, Irish & American. Established Irish farms, California specialty food/beverage wholesale distributor and domestic supply from west coast of U.S. Established.

  9. Lisa says:

    Wondering what the best way to invest in this company would be?

  10. Nancy says:

    I would like to continue to follow your recommendations.

  11. Rick says:

    What would B the investment( $) start up funds?

  12. Tarrance Harden says:

    How do I invest

  13. I will follow your recommendations

  14. Karen Hughes says:

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  15. Danny Hopkins says:

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  16. ANDREW GWYN says:

    How do invest now please assist me

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