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How Tariffs Really Affect the Market17 min read

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  1. Joanne Nikides says:

    Your review was excellent. Your conclusion was nuts. Donald Trump does not negotiate. He is clueless about how national and international economies work and everyone in the world is aware of that except you. Have you not noticed that he got nothing out of the Koreans except a snub and an insult when Pompeo returned. Nothing in exchange for eliminating the military exercises by the US and South Korea. Today he called the European Union “our enemy”. He is an idiot. And by the way, he’s now going to meet a dictator in secret to get his orders on what to do next to destroy our republic. Russia’s economy is much smaller than Italy’s. What’s he meeting about? His personal loans with Russia because he negotiated himself into being Putin’s Puppet. And now the strings are around our necks too. He’s an idiot who is out for personal gain and nothing more. I was impressed with your writing until I read that absurd conclusion of faith in Donald( Crooked) Trump. Impressed? Laughable.

  2. Barbara E Moshofsky says:

    Right on, Joanne.

    1. Rooney says:

      Everything with the liberal mindset is political, they are obsessed with Trump…

  3. Kenneth Richardson says:

    I find your comments on the general state of the economy both domestically and internationally very informative. I am also pulling for the Cannabis industry because I have a position in about 6 stocks.

    I had a position in Abcann until their application to be licensed in Germany was declined due to lack of capacity generally speaking.

    I’m long on Aurora and Organigram.

    I do not understand how you can endorse anything positive about the accomplishments of Donald Trump? He has been a miserable failure!

  4. Keith C. Cowan says:

    $12 billion in farm subsidies? Sound like socialism to me. Centrally planned economy based on tariffs. Way to go Trump! I always suspected that he was not a true Republican.

  5. Robert Clark says:

    All I can say is that I have made some big dollars with your recommendations the past few years! Thanks. Haven’t made profits on all of them,,,but the good has done me well. Just bought some of your recommendations on bonds and interest rates will sit tight for a while on these. Don’t care about the politics just want the cash in where I can. Thankyou |Mr. Trump your stupidity is making me well off..keep up the “good work” Donald.
    Oh the weed stuff…….keep the money rolling in.

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