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The Bubble Gets Bigger: How Money Works13 min read

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  1. Robert Chittenden says:

    I have protected my wealth and market gains by investing in two gold stocks. New Legacy Gold, symbol NUG on the TSX and Astorius Resources, symbol ASQ on the TSX. NUG is in Nevada right next to Barrick Golds operating mine and ASQ is in Ecuador. NUG is going to fly, but ASQ is going to SOAR.

    1. Kevin says:

      Are there pink sheet otc stock tickers for the two Canadian gold stocks you have recommended?

  2. Jim Henry says:

    I’m a little confused Ivan. You talk about the current housing bubble but then remark that we should be transferring wealth into things that matter like your home.

    Can you explain?

  3. Paul Scott says:

    My view is that QE1-3 have mostly gone into the stock market boom through the banks so the FED has been buying stocks all along. Has anyone done any work on the fact that the boomers are now withdrawing from retail buying as they retire. I don’t “need” to buy anything anymore unless it breaks. As retail goes so goes the economy and the FED can’t do anything about that. Is there enough population growth to keep retail going ?

  4. Alfons Hughes says:

    To pick up a few bucks I started picking up steel items left out by the road here in Victoria, and sold almos all of it for scrap, which I got more than $150 a ton for in 2012 till 2015, when steel declined to $30 a ton and I could no longer pay for the fuel the truck used.
    I noticed quite early on that there were many useful items being thrown away,which reminded me of stories I had heard when the Japanese were just killing the US, racking up huge surpluses, and generating tales of wonder at the Japanese management practices which were going to take over everything in North America.
    People from here would go there as tourists to see how it looked on the ground, and came back here with wild tales of all the good gear being just thrown away at the roadside for trash, more advanced than anything we could even buy here yet.
    I took this as a cue to the hard times ahead here,starkly in evidence there now that the big deflation had the ordinary person by the feet and was shaking every last yen out of their now pitiful existence. Don’t really know if it means much, but something’s outta whack, and most people are sleepwalking.

  5. Dave Monk says:

    In 2008 I had suffered a huge loss with my retirement funds. The mutual lady told me she had bigger fish to take care of and that’s why it took so long to cash my funds out. I lost 80%.
    What I learned, Brokers make money no matter what. They sell when its high or low and buy when it’s high or low either way they make money off of your money.
    I started buying and selling my own stock picks. Why not I had the professional stock broker who lost 80% of my money by neglect.

  6. X Ample says:

    tax the rich

  7. Peter Heimerl says:

    Love Trump.

  8. noIMspartacus says:

    LOL… I just love all these “expert analysis”, but at the end of the day, Mr Einstein summed it all up perfectly with “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!”

    Oh, and btw, seen “The Big Short”?
    After all that film revealed about the criminally insane CDO ponzi scams, the last caption read….
    “In 2015, several large banks started selling billions in something called a “bespoke tranche opportunity.”

    Which, according to Bloomberg News, is just another name for a CDO.” – and those slimy presstitutes should know…

    “You have no idea of the crap people are pulling (STILL) and everyone is walking around like they’re in a goddamn Enya video”!

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