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How to Invest in 201912 min read

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  1. don says:

    you seem to forget EMC And VIVO {ABACANN}

    1. Equedia says:

      Hi Don,

      When we first introduced Emblem, it was just below C$3 and ran to over $4 within the next few weeks. However, we did feel that depsite the small run, Emblem was not one of our better ideas. As for Abcann/Vivo, we first introduced it between $1-1.50 on its opening day of trade. While the stock is currently down along with the recent marijuana downturn, it did run to nearly $4 just over 6 months after our initial report, potentially giving some readers a near 300% profit if timed correctly.

      We hope this helps.

      Thanks for your comment.

    2. I have never invested in anything in my life. Thus seems like a good invest if I can come up with the money.

  2. Jim Franzi says:

    I followed your BUY recommendation on WTER and now am underwater ? What happened ?

    1. Equedia says:

      Hi Jim, we first introduced WTER below US$2 per share in September. The Company is currently trading at US$2.88, but ran as high as US$5.50 in the subsequent months. With the recent pullback in the overall stock market, we believe it also affected WTER. Furthermore, the release of an early private placement has put pressure on the stock. We feel that once this pressure subsides, and if the market can stabilize, WTER could go higher from here. However, please note that this is our analysis and you should conduct your own research before making any decisions. Thanks and we hope this helps.

  3. Roz Glazer says:

    I enjoyed reading this informative review. Will the DOW go up or down when the “*******” moron leaves office?
    Rex Tillersons words, not mine.

    1. robert l stukel says:


      1. LeannePenn says:

        I am new at this and would love to learn more.

  4. catherine vivil says:

    thankyou i enjoy reading thisi newsletter in updo dating myself

  5. noIMspartacus says:

    LOL… I just love all these “expert analysis”, but at the end of the day, Mr Einstein summed it all up perfectly with “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!”

    Oh, and btw, seen “The Big Short”?
    After all that film revealed about the criminally insane CDO ponzi scams, the last caption read….
    “In 2015, several large banks started selling billions in something called a “bespoke tranche opportunity.”

    Which, according to Bloomberg News, is just another name for a CDO.” – and those slimy presstitutes should know…

    “You have no idea of the crap people are pulling (STILL) and everyone is walking around like they’re in a goddamn Enya video”!

  6. Fred Jarow says:

    Just like all the others who profess their knowledge
    Of the markets U are just giving Ur Personel
    Thoughts —-so did al the hedge funds that went under—I have yet to see anyone of U with any kind
    Of guarantee
    Last year I showed a very small profit which was better then most my strategy is the only one that
    People should use— good in almost any situation
    If u want to know what it is just e mail me — it is simple and will not involve much of ur time
    It just wirks

    1. Linda says:

      Please send info I’m retired an looking to start something small

  7. JC Sandberg says:

    I just loved that word ” presstitutes”.
    I’m still smarting from reading a Seeking Alpha article in which the author seemed pretty emphatic that TTD was just not worth $49. As soon as I sold something like 20 -40 shares, it doubled, if not the very day after I read the article, in less than a week. I waited for it to come down to buy more. It doubled again!!! Basically, I think I’m learning to never argue with the wisdom of David Gardner (knock on wood). Either that Seeking Alpha guy was a presstitute, I think (or maybe trying to acquire some great stock at a cheaper price?), or David Gardner had enough $ to make a point clear: his genius does not pick losers. Since another stock picker recently joined The Trade Desk bandwagon, I reaquired 1 lonely share.

  8. MIke says:

    While some of your advice has proven questionable, I do believe you are right here and that investors really do need to be cautious in 2019 as we are just playing with fire right now.
    Looking forward to reading more of your recommendations & letters.

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