How currency is used in a financial war: A look at how US is fighting China in trade using currency as the main weapon.

The collapse of Lehman Brothers in September of 2008 plunged the world into its worst recession since the Great Depression of 1929. Even today the Gross Domestic Product of many countries is still below the 2008 peak, particularly in Europe. The question is, can it happen again? The answer is yes. Here's how...

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After starting the week off with a bang as I anticipated (The New Breed of Destruction), the market once again tumbled back down towards the end of trading Wednesday when Bernanke decided to open his big mouth. His comments were more of the same...slower growth anticipated, near-zero interest rates, pace of progress in employment remains frustratingly slow, slightly higher unemployment rate in the near future, and that he is clueless as to why the economy is in a soft patch.

There's no denying that China has become a country of serious power. With that power, comes worldwide consequences for all of her actions. Right now, no one is certain which way China is heading. Will China continue this massive growth and fuel the world economy? Or is there a bubble waiting to burst?

We are now closer to global catastrophe than we have been for nearly seventy years. While nuclear weapons have been thought of as the technology that could one day wipe out humanity, they are now making a comeback with the world in a renewed nuclear arms race.