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The Ultimate Nuclear Arms Race17 min read

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  1. Frank says:

    Thanks for your insight. Too bad our media is so concentrated on impeaching President Trump they can’t look at anything else far more important. Keep us posted. Thanks again.

  2. Sam Batista says:

    Although your fundamental thesis is very disturbing, I can’t help but agree with it. The war cycle is heating up, and there would be no winners in a nuclear war.

  3. Our space friends tell us that NO Nuclear Weapon will be allowed to detonate ever again. The Earth is to fragile.

  4. James shumer says:

    While you make some very valid points you fail to take all your points to a logical conclusion. The US has indeed become involved in a trade war with China and that war has come about because the trade between the nations has been way too one sided, and that one the side of China. Our corporations have invested greatly in the Chinese economy in producing goods consumed there and around the world. Yet they have applied tariffs on our goods that could and are sold there.They have also taken our patented processes and utilized them to their advantage with no consideration in return. They have managed to obtain great advances in their technology from previous administrations which put them in a greater place of threat and that without any increase in trade position. Secondly, we are in a treaty which makes us responsible for the safety of many of the nation’s in that area which keep us investing in better ways to assure that safety. Thus if we fail to insure the safety in any way we fail in our treaty agreements and place all nations in any way dependent upon us to be less safe. I am incomplete agreement that a peaceful means must be saught after to remedy the situation as it exists, yet until that is found or even an arena whereby the seeking may be safely and securely carried on we are obligated to be in a place of adequate defense. You will need to consider the consequences of our failure in terms of your peaceful existence as well.

  5. Michael Beaton says:

    Agree James A. Jordan. There is a reason Earthlings have not been back to the Moon space ship since the early 70’s and why the recent Israeli space craft crashed on the moon…

  6. BJ says:

    You used a term, “Global Reset.” And you used this term as defined result from world war.
    Are you so narrow minded to not think all of Mankind can live in harmony without war?
    Are you so shallow in your pondering to not see any other means for a “Global Reset?”

    You follow the path of black hats.

    White Hats will prevail.

  7. Ivan says:

    Sorry, but your comment is a little strange. I never said global reset is war. If read correctly:

    “Unfortunately, massive global resets have only really occurred as a result of war.

    Are we on that path?”

    Previous global resets were a result of war, but that doesn’t mean it has to continue that way. Things change. Hopefully white hats do prevail.

  8. marc matthews says:

    I dint watch any of the silly Game of Thrones shows..I had better things to do.
    So, since I didn’t watch it,..what are you trying to say? –and why didn’t you just spell it out for us?..or is this just another “teaser” for a subscription to somrthing?

  9. Terry Schmitt says:

    As always, Eric is spot on. Great article. Yet, way too much is missing here as to why our President Trump is understandably committed to a ‘Trade War’. Fair Trade anyone? What fair trade. There is no fair trade with China period which is not noted in the good article. Trump is doing what He has to do to protect Americans including Canada. Do you believe what Russian government has to say. Is Russia intentionally violating the agreements on arms? Of course! And Russia brags about violating the arms agreements by showing off their weapons of destruction which violate the agreements. USA is always made out to be the bad guy especially by Canadians so this is just par for the course. Too many think if it okay for other countries to take advantage of USA whether trade of arms agreements and when other countries do not play fair, USA is always made out to be the bad guy. So few people really understand what President Trump is up against at home and abroad. Venezuela… please. NO one gives a rip about the people, nobody, except our President. Oil, we have enough in USA; not a problem for US. But who care about the people in South America as China puts a stranglehold on any nation it deals with unfairly. Malaysian Prime Minister caught onto this right away and killed the China deals which China quickly said they could cut the cost by 50% and still make money, Corrupt governments are accepting help from China and then China owns those countries. Outright corruption and colonial control but it is okay because it is China and not USA. Russia is so filthy corrupt in government they even write about it. Not a good enough balanced article but yet a good article warning, yes, China and Russia are ganging up on USA and I will say it. The day will come, Russia and China will nuke the USA and then no more USA problem. See how you like that afterwards….

  10. RedDog says:

    1- Military Supremacy
    No doubt that many countries mentioned like Russia, Iran, China & North Korea want to flex their muscles & fearmonger the world about their military capabilities, so the US really have no choice but to follow suit and do likewise to protect the rest of us. The real irony is that although the US want countries to dismantle their nuclear arms capabilites, they are more than willing and would also say daring and provoking countries into combat. That’s what a war states & big brother does best & with NATO backstopping them I wouldn’t mess with them.

    2- US-China Trade War:
    Fixing the US IP Issue: US companies that want to setup shop in China, already know the rules of the Communist regime which include giving away their Intellectual Property & then sum to China. Since US companies still operate there, it becomes the cost of doing business. If US companies don’t like doing that, move elsewhere. Likewise should be done for China companies setting up shop in the US.

    Fixing the US Deficit Issue:Tell China to square the deficit difference on their terms (which I believe they are/would do because they said they would buy more soy, wheat or whatever) otherwise the US apply a tariff on the deficit difference.

    The Real Issue: The US are afraid China will soon take over technological dominance (in 5G, AI, IOT, Robotics etc.) which they cannot stand for and becoming dependant on Chinese manufacturers. So how does the US plan to slow down their progress? Fearmongering & blackballing tactics. Tell China their infringing on their national security. This is the real battleground not trade deficits or IP theft.

  11. Dimitri says:

    Criminal insanity – Doing the same thing over and over again and then expecting different results…

    It is generally accepted that the “bubble” this time is massively worse than 2007 with no ‘tools’ left to re-inflate it and instead of dealing with that reality, the “elite” are trying to rearrange the deck chairs as they secure the best life boats while the presstitutes are ‘orchestrating’ the plebs and getting them arguing on which chairs they are going to sit on instead of throwing the parasites overboard… WTF could possibly go wrong?!?!?

    And see “The Big Short”?
    After all that film revealed about the criminal insanity and CDO ponzi scams, the last caption read….
    “In 2015, several large banks started selling billions in something called a “bespoke tranche opportunity.”
    Which, according to Bloomberg News, is just another name for a CDO.”

    Well this sums it all up again…”You have no idea of the crap people are pulling (STILL) and everyone is walking around like they’re in a goddamn Enya video”!

  12. Stan Hoffman says:

    Read the book of Revelations. There is coming a period of 3 1/2 years of tribulation in which Christians shall be murdered for their faith in large numbers. Currently there are on average, 11 Christians murdered each day in the world. Mostly in 45 different countries. But the antichrist movement is growing each day with the western nations persecuting Christians in many ways. But its only started and will get far worse. After the 3 1/2 years of tribulation, Christ shall rapture the dead in Christ first, and the remaining believers who are still alive. Then all hell shall break loose as the presence of God shall be completely removed from the earth and satan shall have his reign on earth for 3 1/2 years. Those who are true believers, and those who repent and come to Christ for salvation have no worries. Its the ones who remain rebellious to God and attack His people who have everything to worry about.

  13. Bob says:

    Ivan, you sign off with “Seek the Truth”. Well then you need to read feedback written by Terry Schmitt, Reddog, Dinitri and Stan Hoffman. Read each 10 times to get your brain educated!!!! You don’t understand “FAIR TRADE” or “Socialism” which is really “COMMUNISM”. Never in history could a Communist government be trusted…..Russia, China, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, N.Korea, Vietnam and on and on. These country leaders MURDER any opposition. Putin will be Russia’s leader for life. Just like China.
    How about writing an article on how many people China executes every year…..clue….it is in the millions!!!
    Obama handed out 10 Trillion taxpayer dollars, mostly to bail out the big banks and non of these big bank bastards go to jail.
    I dare you to Write about that……….Mr. “Seek the Truth”!!

  14. Equedia says:

    Not sure what you mean by this Bob. Or why you are so upset. No one said to trust Russia, or China in this matter. This is simply a matter of what is happening around the world.

    We have also written many articles re: the Big Banks. Many. And, in those articles, we explain how the biggest bank of all, the Federal Reserve, controls everything.

    My hope is that readers read the entire article. In fact, please read the Letter before this – where we compare Trump to JFK and how Trump is directly attacking the establishment. Not to mention, we said Donal Trump would become President, long before he became President.

    Please do not be so quick to jump to conclusions.

    Here is our last Letter. Hopefully it sheds some light: https://www.equedia.com/a-most-radical-prediction/

  15. Jim Lauder says:

    The US is commanded by an insane group of warmongers. The arms race would not exist if it were not for its constant aggressive imperialistic desire for world hegemony since 1945. Neither Russia nor China has made any significant aggressive interference in other countries around the world. The US exists to foment perpetual war, be it with arms, invasion, covert operations or sanctions. If a nuclear war occurs, it will be on the head of America.

  16. Jay Bee says:

    Hello Ivan Lo,
    Your analysis and insight are well above an average person. Albert Einstein was stated to have said, something like, you really are not a good subject matter teacher until you can explain it to a child. Yet, I enjoy and appreciate pondering all your commentary, Thank You.
    My question is, can you define household debt v expenses v disposable income? (with %ages)
    Best Regards,
    Despite this world’s troubles, there is good news that the near future will be a global paradise under a new Global Government, GOD’S Kingdom, directed from Heaven. I do recommend:

  17. Ma;lcolm Smart says:

    How come all you economists have forgotten the High Inflation-High Unemployment period called Stag-flation that lasted from the end of the Nixon Presidency to the Reagan era? And what the Fed did to cure it? Are low wages and low prices due to Mexican and Chinese cheap production, the cure for Stag-flation?
    Please let me know what you think. If Trump succeeds in his boast to bring back American factories, would that bring back high prices and lead to Stag-flation? I had a mortgage, so I hated the cure, which was High Interest Rates.

  18. Indie says:

    It is the first time I read this info. I wish the high school would put this early learning into Money world so that we can learn early to use our head with money matter and not just graduate and find a job in the hope of security without knowing the world around us
    I f I have learnt these back before 2008 , I may have get a away with shocking brankcruptcy not knowing what the hell is going on.
    Keep writing in simple term and wish many average guys can get access to it. You may well help thousand of average people avoid heavy debts and depression
    Thank You for excellent info

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