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The Real Reason Behind the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank10 min read

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  1. TOM says:

    If you can’t see the picture, paste it into your browser.
    It tells all.


  2. Vinnie in Sun City says:

    U.S. has tried to be everything to everybody for too long. Any disaster that occured would bring us running to aid the unfortunate. If we have a disaster, we’re on our own. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. Shall we now thumb our nose to worldly problems and take care of US?
    I hate to sound isolationistic but, after all will we have a choice until we clean up our own house?
    Blame Bush, Obama or even F.D.R. for Bretton Woods, the American voters may have to display more basic intelligence than what we’ve seen on the popular “Jaywalking” by Jay Leno.

  3. Rig says:

    We aren’t loosing power, we have already lost it. The only real power enjoyed by an empire is that which is given to it by it’s people. As long as there is trust and belief in the leadership, an empire can survive. Unfortunately those in power loose their honesty to ambition and greed and it is then only a matter of time until they actually turn on their own people. Throughout history it has always been the same. To maintain power, the money is debased to afford meaningless wars and conflict to distract the people from identifying their real enemy, their leaders and the banks that allow them to continue this perpetual theater that has always suppressed the people and prevented the world from finding peace and sustainable existence. This time the stakes are so high. Where do these mad men and women think they are going to go if they continue to pursue this aggressive desire to have a nuclear war?

  4. Derry Robertson says:

    Progresively since WW1 the British French and US lost the opportunity to maintain their influence and hegenomy in the Middle East and in the World through inappropriate alliances and,since WW2 by stupid and illegal military action – Suez, Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Syria and now Iraq again. The chaos in the Middle East could prove the perfect hotbed for World War

  5. Mike Papacosmas says:

    Obama has began transforming the US into a left leaning country. If the Republicans can win the 2016 elections and deliver on their promises than the US has a good chance to stop this advance before it takes hold. So I think there is a good chance for the US to continue as the beacon for the world!

  6. Matt says:

    Alright, I’ll be expecting some gold stock picks sometime soon Ivan!

  7. chester kendra says:

    Is America losing it’s pwoer? YES and thank God. Now that the US has abused and alienated the worlde it’s time for another power to have a kick at the can and maybe they will do better at maintaining some fairness and true justice on this planet we all share.

  8. mike says:

    How will all this affect Canada?

  9. Myron Martin says:

    Excellent synopsis of on going world events. The only people who can’t seem to see the forest for the trees is the average American citizen. It is sad to see the demise of a great country such as the U.S. unfolding like a train wreck in slow motion, the ultimate crash can not be far off. Maybe gold will even return to its rightful place as the premier currency of the world, certainly no current fiat currency is positioned to replace the dollar which is a shadow of its former self having lost 97% of its purchasing power since its original definition of a specific weight of gold or silver. The Bible admonishes us to have “honest weight and measures” (in other words no cheating and mankind has violated every aspect of that in every way possible since time immemorial. Will we never learn and just keep electing corrupt leaders who promos benefits they are unable to deliver? Voters en-masse have apparently not yet learned the simple and basic truth that no government can give us anything that they do not first take away from someone else; and they themselves live off the avails of their prostitution to the banking cartel.

  10. Ron Schumacher says:

    I am still new to your newsletter so I am unclear if I am reading too much of your schadenfreude into your comments but…..

    Of course changes are forthcoming. Some will be huge, some small. I wonder why every potential change, however, is being viewed as the end of the U.S. The advent of the AIIB and more useage of currencies other than the USD in International Trade will defiantly change the way we do business but you are making an unsubstantiated stretch to say it will be the end of this country. Your comments make the assumption that the United States is, or will be, incapable of “adapting” to coming changes to which I am in compete disagreement. Thank you!

  11. James Cunningham says:

    If we hadn’t become such an arrogant menace to the world in recent years, I would be unhappy. As it is, I will probably feel a sense of relief. My greatest worry is our causing a nuclear war as the Empire falls.


  12. Roberto Navarrete says:

    I think that, under the circumstances, I better vote Republican next time around (the least of two evils), become a Catholic, pray a lot, and learn how to speak Chinese and Arabic. Between the loss of moral values in our former great Nation, current cost of living, the pencil of the IRS, loses in the stock market, corruption in Wall Street, etc, I am just about done. I have nothing else to lose. Americans are their own worst enemies (as in a ball game, the continued mistakes of the one team will determine the final score) May God Bless our children, and whatever is left of the awesome America I once knew. Have to keep thinking positive though. Sincerely and respectfully to all. -Thank you for your great Equedia Letter.

  13. Mike says:

    For God’s sake it’s not the end of the world. Would you rather live in Russia, China, or any of the Arab countries?

  14. jrj90620 says:

    @Myron Martin.It’s not that good.Govt has to take a lot more in taxes than it outputs in benefits.I would estimate,that being generous,govt has to take a Dollar in taxes to output .50.So,govt is like a giant shredder and the larger the govt becomes,the poorer is the country.

  15. Myron says:

    Very interesting and informative article, but at the end of the day, we have to ask if a rival development bank led by the Chinese would be any less rapacious than the IMF? As well, what can we as investors make of this information?

  16. M. Worthington says:

    “That could also mean gold might bounce higher from here.”

    Another great call this week on gold, Mr. Lo. Gold is has propped back up and looking to rally from here. Always looking forward to your letters, as they provide valuable insight on market movements and not just some technical gibberish.

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  18. Mark R Winikoff says:

    With the Chinese government’s recent announcement of their 1600+ tons of Gold held in physical reserve, one can easily see the methodical plodding and patience of a new world order taking place. An order bent on absolute control, where not simply global trade is affected but basic human rights, and what it is to be a free person tested in the laws of various nations, all being slowly undermined and with severe prejudice. This in an effort to creating a docile and compliant workforce, one globally controlled through Beijing. Make no mistake this is coming and very little can be done to slow it’s march, short of war.

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