Correction Off The Table!

Is the correction completely off the table? Watch the video as Kevin Cook explains why he’s buying any dips again to 1650 and why he’s looking for new highs.

The Bottom Line: Where Canada’s Economy Stands

The Bottom Line panel looks at where Canada’s economy is going and what that means for you including a look at employment and housing.

Just How Bad Is the European Recession?

Just How Bad Is the European Recession? Bianco Research President Jim Bianco discusses the European recession with Trish Regan on Bloomberg

S&P Path of Least Resistance = Lower

Why Zacks Investment’s Kevin Cook says his probability of testing the June lows at 1560 has increased to 35%.

The Truth Behind the NASDAQ Glitch and the Gold Market

A look at what might have caused the NASDAQ Glitch, which halted trading for 3 hours and a look at why one major U.S. bank is transferring gold from other banks.

Average Hourly Wages vs. Inflation

Average Hourly Wages vs. Inflation: Bloomberg’s Alix Steel displays how hourly wages at Wal-Mart and Target have not kept up with the pace of inflation.

Time is Running Out: The Charts You Need to See

The charts you need to see on gold, the stock market, and the 10-year yield, and how to use them to your advantage. Also a brief look at two Equedia Selects.

Performance of Tech Stock Buybacks

Performance of Tech Stock Buybacks: Watch the video as Olivia Sterns reports on the performance of tech stock buybacks. It may surprise you.

This Could Kill the Stock Market: The 10 Year Treasury

A look at the 10 year treasury yield and why its the most important indicator for stock market performance, and the amount of leverage used by hedge funds.

Who’s Afraid of New Highs? Trade of the Week

Who’s Afraid of New Highs? Kevin Cook certainly isn’t. Watch the video as he gives you his trade of the week and some great charts that stood out this week.

Get Out Before It’s Too Late: Commodities Manipulation Revealed

How big banks are involved in commodities manipulation, why the government is finally cracking down on them, and the market outlook of metals as a result.

Shocking Truths About the Labor Market and Stock Market Outlook

A look at the true US labor market and unemployment numbers, GDP vs. the S&P/DOW, and stock market outlook for both U.S. and Canadian stocks.