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The One Sector Set to Thrive Amidst Low Rates and COVID-1912 min read

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  1. Garry Kanz says:

    It has been my observation– that the weak part of the Chinese various Sectors — is HEALTH and HEALTH ADVANCEMENT. I have taken many trade missions into all parts of China and can speak with some knowledge on this. The question also- I would have – is if the USA either taxed (in addition to Chinese Students coming to the USA to College) another minimum of 1mill. per student. Or best- not allow Chinese Students to US Universities. How many American Students are going to Chinese Universities– No where near the 385,000++ Chinese Students here.

  2. Jason says:

    A great company to take advantage of this mining potential is West High Yield (why). They have a world class find with magnesium, nickel, silica, and lots of gold. They are at the final stages to get their permit. The find is located in British Columbia, Canada

  3. Tony says:

    Who are some of the base metal companies one should be looking to invest in?

  4. Pierre says:

    Keep your eyes on Champion Iron , they are perfect for take over China needs lots of iron ,! so I totally agree with your letter.

  5. Tom Woods says:

    I’m interested in your thoughts on how everything in your article would change if there was a treatment for COVID-19, because Cytodyn (cydy) from Vancouver, WA, USA has a monoclonal antibody, leronlimab which has had significant results in their FDA trial for mild/moderate patients with COVID, and their severe/critical trial completion will be soon.
    Go to Cytodyn. com and study the science on their website.
    The United Kingdom is interested in leronlimab, and in the very near future the whole world will be wanting leronlimab.

  6. Hugh Parker says:

    In which Bitcoins, altcoins, and cryptocurrencies, are sovereign funds invested?

  7. jrj90620 says:

    I don’t understand your acceptance of govt inflation numbers.I assume,like Democrats,you really believe in big govt and all it does.Why do you and others think politicians are dishonest and lie to get elected,but once elected,they are honest in their dealings with the little people and would never dream of lying about inflation or any other govt action.If you are so rich that you don’t pay attention to prices of what you buy,you should change your behavior and start paying attention.It will help you understand what is really happening.Current inflation is at least 6% and probably nearer 10%.It is likely to go much higher,no matter what govt tells you.

  8. Bill says:

    China likes to buy commodities when they are low in price so that they stockpile. My gut feeling they will start stocking up on zinc and oil but I also feel that uranium will come into play as those reactors will need their feed. Since there is a shortage of copper they probably will continue to import.

  9. Hiawatha Pierce says:

    Hi, love the information that you provide. How can get a list of highly recommend base metal producers to invest in?

  10. sp says:

    Would like to frame out summary points from the article for discussion below:
    1. unemployment rate could be lowered. Taking out conventional automobile industry in replacement of EV, you might have massive unemployment rate
    2. there is a worry on forecasted inflation
    3. infrastructure and metal bloom

    1. The lock down over such a long period of time making life hard for the hard core who earn their income on daily wages….. Without contract, without proper protection, they rely on social welfare and government hand outs, may be their minute saving and garden vegetables and fruit to get by…. The next hit is middle class small biz owners. They need to fork out for rental of business premises and bills without income. Most would not be sustained for more than 6 months to a year……. We create a new pool of urban poor, the latest popular trend of modern tribe commonly acknowledged by well known institutions of the world. How do we lower the unemployment rate with such low consumption turn over rate in the market?? Nearly not likely, or no??

    Automobile has been a major industry in all countries progressive enough in the world…….. Changes in the industry would affect people in the industry for sure……. How to minimize the impact could be a topic worth looking into?

    2. In contrast to inflation, a more popular adoption could be a DEFLATION…..

    With low consumption turn over rate, low viable income for the majority, reduce the prices could probably encourage affordable spending on necessities for most and revitalize a few parts of the market.

    In laymen preposition, if the production costs of a loaf of bread is 30 cents, the marginal profit usually required could be 60 cents. Then we have a common price of 90 cents to a dollar a loaf of bread. But, people are considering hard between a can of beer of 45 cents and a loaf of bread of a dollar. Low turn over and may be loss could be induced over this period.

    If we lower the marginal profit required,i.e. to 30 cents….. now we have a loaf of bread at the price of 60 cents……It could be sold like a hot cake. The high turn over would generate profit more than enough to cover the operational costs, or no??

    Therefore, deflation could help not only the people in need, but also the business owners, the market, and the country…..

    3. Commonly belief that infrastructure is the basic of development………… Massive deforestation for development purposes has been a common trend and strategy adopted or copied throughout the world……. Most developed countries left may be 10 to 20% of their forest as reserves………. There has been an encouraging remeditive trend of reforestation……… However………… If we were to cut down and replant, with foreseeable side effects known or observed, could we encourage better planning and designs before we develop?? Crowd thinking or flowing with the crowd although is an easy and popular method, it might not necessary be the best strategy, or no??

    Thank you

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