South China Sea Ruling: 5 Things to Know

China’s South China Sea ambitions have been denied! The ruling by a United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea tribunal in the Hague said China’s claims to the South China Sea have “no legal basis.” Is this a victory for the Philippines? The United States? Or will this lead to war?

Putin: US anti-missile defence puts Europe in the crosshairs

During a visit to Greece intended to repair ties with the EU, Vladimir Putin said that Russia has “no choice” but to target Romania, which has recently opened a NATO missile defense base, and Poland, which plans to do so within two years.

Where’s the Liberals’ election reform plan?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised 2015 was the last election to be fought on first-past-the-post. What shape could electoral reform take?

Justin Trudeau’s Broken Promises

From broken promises by politicians to fallen empires, here’s a look at what Canada’s debt level really looks like and what will happen if Canadians allow this to continue.

Obama and Castro hold historic meeting in Havana

The US and Cuban presidents have met in Havana in a historic meeting where they pledged to put aside the differences that have divided their countries for decades. Barack Obama welcomed what he called a “new day” in relations between the two countries. But President Raul Castro was forced to defend Cuba’s record on human rights.

QuickTake: Why the U.S. Finally Warmed Up to Cuba

President Obama is in Cuba starting March 20, 2016. It is the first time a sitting US President has visited the island since 1928. This video QuickTake explains the thaw in the US-Cuba relationship.

Why the People are Voting for Donald Trump

If this one event happens, the world could be in for a very disastrous and disturbing surprise. In this Letter, I’ll tell you what that event is and what to do if it should happen. Also, I talk about why Americans are voting for Trump and I give an important update on a major technological breakthrough.

Inside Story – Have sanctions against North Korea worked?

The UN Security Council last week voted to impose its toughest sanctions against North Korea in two decades. North Korea dismissed them and warned of “merciless” steps in response. Do sanctions deter North Korea’s ambitions? And can diplomacy work?

Turkey might be gearing up for invasion of Syria – Russian Defense Ministry

Developments on the Turkish-Syrian border give serious grounds to suspect that Ankara is planning a military invasion in Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Japan readies to ‘destroy’ North Korea rocket

Japan has put its military on alert to shoot down a North Korean rocket if it threatens Japanese territory. The North Koreans insist the rocket, which they plan to launch this month, will carry a satellite.

‘No American boots in Syria’ failed: US go on sending troops to Iraq & Syria

US is preparing to send more troops to help the fight against ISIS. But dozens of US troops have been already sent to Syria. Thousands are already in Iraq. The US govenment insists it is not a military op, troops are just assisting and consulting anti-ISIS forces.

How to Win in the Stock Market with Justin Trudeau in Power

Now that Justin Trudeau is the Prime Minister of Canada, how should we invest? Here’s a look at how we can benefit and make money in the stock market with Trudeau in power.