Could Trump White House Stage Phony Attack to Boost Poll Numbers?6 min read

America’s Love Affair with False Flag Conspiracies

The spectre of a major terrorist attack always hovers over the American political scene … but this week a renowned philosopher raised an even more sinister question:

Could the Trump administration stage a phony terrorist attack to rally the American people behind them?

Noam Chomsky earlier predicted Donald Trump would win the presidential election. Now he suggests the Trump administration could resort to desperate tactics to raise the President’s sagging poll numbers.

In an interview with AlterNet, Chomsky says Trump’s plunging popularity with his core voters may cause him to either scapegoat minority groups, or even stage phoney terrorist attack on his own country.

Here is the text of that section of the interview:

“I think that sooner or later the white working-class constituency will recognize, and in fact, much of the rural population will come to recognize, that the promises are built on sand. There is nothing there.

And then what happens becomes significant. In order to maintain his popularity, the Trump administration will have to try to find some means of rallying the support and changing the discourse from the policies that they are carrying out, which are basically a wrecking ball to something else.

I think that we shouldn’t put aside the possibility that there would be some kind of staged or alleged terrorist act, which can change the country instantly.”

The idea sounds crazy … but it has happened before, in the US and many other countries.

These types of staged attacks are called ‘False Flag’ events.

What’s a False Flag?

As defined by Wikipedia, “False flag operations are covert operations conducted by governments, corporations, or other organizations, which are designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appear as if they are being carried out by other entities.

“The name is derived from the military concept of flying false colors; that is, flying the flag of a country other than one’s own.”

People who bring up False Flag conspiracies are often denounced as ‘conspiracy theorists’; basically crazy people off their meds, wearing tinfoil hats and spouting political nonsense.

Newsweek did exactly that in their article about Chomsky’s remarks: “Allegations of false-flag terrorist attacks have largely been the province of conspiracy theorists. The most serious recent charge surrounds the 9/11 terror attacks and unfounded allegations that it was an “inside job” by the U.S. government.”

The truth, sadly, is that while these types of conspiracies are not common, they do happen more often than most people think.

How False Flags Conspiracies Resulted in Bloody Wars

In fact, False Flag conspiracies have resulted in some of the bloodiest wars and greatest political changes in human history, including the Second World War.

Before dismissing Chomsky’s theory as the crackpot opinion of a lefty Liberal, consider these confirmed conspiracies over the years, and how they were used to galvanize populations into supporting wars or political crackdowns:

The Nazis

On Aug. 31, 1939 Nazi soldiers posed as Poles to stage a phony attack against the German radio station ‘Sender Gleiwitz’. It was just one of several similar actions under “Operation Himmler” that was used to justify the invasion of Poland that kicked off World War II.

At the Nuremberg trials General Franz Halder testified that earlier in the Nazis career, in 1933, Hermann Göring set a fire at the Reichstag which was blamed on a communist radical. Hitler used this to pass the Reichstag Fire Decree, which suspended civil rights, allowed detention without trial, and allowed the Nazis to establish a dictatorship in Germany.


Joseph Stalin copied Hitler’s tactics later in 1939. Stalin ordered his own troops to fire an artillery barrage at the Russian village of Mainila. He then blamed the attack on neighbouring Finland, tore up the mutual Non-Aggression Pact, and launched the so-called Winter War.

The Russians

In more recent times, senior Russian intelligence officials admitted the FSB planted bombs in apartment buildings in 1999, and blamed it on Chechnyan terrorist. This not only justified the war in Chechnya, but paved the way for then-FSB chief Vladimir Putin to seize power. The FSB still denies its role … but FSB agents were actually caught planting the bombs in one building, and later argued they were conducting a “test of vigilance” for Moscow residents!

The Japanese

Even earlier, in 1931, the Japanese Army staged a phony attack on a rail line owned by a Japanese rail company. The tiny explosion caused little damage, but was used to invade and conquer Manchuria.


More recently, Israel conducted a failed False Flag operation in Europe in 1954. A group of Egyptian Jews were recruited to plant bombs inside businesses mainly owned by American and British companies, such as schools, cinemas and libraries. The attacks were to be blamed on the Muslim Brotherhood and local Communists, and Israel hoped to convince Britain to keep its troops in the Suez Canal zone. Unfortunately for Israel one of the bombs went off prematurely, killing an agent, and other agents were captured.

All of those plots were conducted by foreign governments. Unfortunately, America has its own troubling history of False Flag conspiracies.

Yes, America too

All of those plots were conducted by foreign governments. Unfortunately, America has its own troubling history of False Flag conspiracies.

The most famous of these conspiracies was the recent Iraq War, when the Bush administration falsely linked Saddam Hussein to Al Qaida, claimed Iraq was stockpiling Weapons of Mass Destruction, and that Iraq was close to developing a nuclear weapon.

All of this is well documented in the book “A Pretext for War” by political scientist James Bamford.

But the Iraq War scandal was just the latest in a long series of similar False Flag incidents:

Perhaps the most damaging was the Tonkin Incident, that led to the Vietnam War.

The war was originally launched by then-President Lyndon Johnson after it was reported North Vietnam tried to torpedo a US destroyer, the USS Maddox. Secretary of Defence Robert McNamara later admitted the attack never happened, but the subsequent war resulted in the deaths of 58,000 US soldiers, and more than 2 million people in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

In Iran in 1952-54, CIA assets posed as communists and harassed Islamic religious leaders, resulting in a coup that installed the US-backed Shah as leader of Iran.

Operation Northwoods was among the craziest of these False Flag conspiracies. The Department of Defence and the Joint Chiefs of Staff crafted a detailed plan in the 1960s to stage terrorist attacks on American citizens, and blame Cuban spies for the attacks. The intent was to justify an invasion of Cuba, but President John F. Kennedy wouldn’t approve the operation.

The US and its NATO allies did, unfortunately, approve a plan to launch fake terrorist attacks in Italy and other European countries to rally people’s support for the fight against Communism.

Given that history, is it so outlandish that the Trump White House would launch a False Flag tactic, for example against ISIS or some other enemy?

In some ways, the same type of campaign is under way now, and started during the presidential election.

Trump’s campaign garnered massive support after he claimed Mexico was shipping “rapists and drug dealers” north to the US as illegal immigrants.

Trump and his team have also done their best to instill fear and hatred against Muslims, insinuating the citizens of various Muslim countries had to be banned from the US in order to prevent terrorist attacks.

The scapegoating of certain racial and religious groups has already begun; is there any reason to believe the government wouldn’t plan another False Flag conspiracy to bump support for this historically unpopular president?

Under the right conditions something like this absolutely could happen … and we know this because it’s happened many times before.

But is it likely?

In the current climate in Washington, probably not. Such a conspiracy would usually require the cooperation of America’s security and military apparatus, namely the NSA, CIA, the Pentagon and possibly the FBI.

But thanks to Trump’s personal attacks on these very agencies, it seems unlikely the White House could get much support for such a scheme.

Nevertheless, if you start hearing claims of terrorist plots or threats to America. It may be true … or it may simply be another False Flag conspiracy designed to manipulate public opinion.

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