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How Trump’s Border Adjustment Tax Could Affect Canada5 min read

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  1. Christian thibaudesu says:

    Why can’t Canada do the same! This would force our economy to buy Canadian products first. If the product is not made in Canada, let’s start make it in Canada. Seems simple to me.

  2. Sarah Cullen says:

    Allowing U.S. companies to keep tax dollars by buying American is a money grab that won’t actually work. The U.S. is not set up or organized to sustain this and prosper. We sell a huge amount of hydro at ridiculously low prices to the U.S. – in fact almost all our natural resources are sought after by the U.S. We are already setting up trading deals with the rest of the world so – it might be a bumpy ride – but we are in better shape to ride this out than the U.S. is. It is time the U.S. paid a fair price for all our natural resources – let’s see how long they hold out with inadequate supplies of power and materials before it fails. This corrupt U.S. government is so greedy it seems unaware of actual consequences – no one is indispensable and that includes the U.S. Besides with fuel costs for transportation already becoming too expensive, we need to learn to grow most of our food needs at home because, like it or not, food is the most vulnerable weak spot in the U.S. and we are lucky enough that we can adapt and develop enough food production for our citizens. It is time to realize that this U.S. is not our big brother but a bully.

  3. ROSANNA LEE says:

    I think we should look at are own government first before an we judge other country .
    We are in such a mess right now
    We have get that kid out of power
    So we can shut down the border
    Are country became a dumping ground
    On wanted people
    I think it terrible. We have to support people from other country …I worked really hard throw the years for others ….not a chance
    I think it offul I should be enjoying my retirement . But I can”t on count the cost of living is so hight .
    But we should be askin the kid in power to step down . I think he is to young to running
    A country

    1. I told my grandmother how you helped. She said, “bake them a cake!”

    2. I have exactly what info I want. Check, please. Wait, it’s free? Awesome!

  4. Kirchmann says:

    Test a border tax for 4 years. If its profitable keep it – of not – abolish it.

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