Season of the Crazy Bears

The season of the crazy bears is here. How the US 2020 elections is about to change politics forever, and how our prediction from 2016 has been bang on.

The Season of the Crazy Bears is Here

Many years ago, I was sitting around a campfire listening to stories passed on by people who had a lot of experience in the Far North. 

One story stuck with me.  

It was known as the “Season of the Crazy Bears.” 

Here is how it goes.

On rare occasions, there is unexpected warming of temperature during the mid-winter months. Large animals that hibernate, such as bears, are awoken while smaller animals remain safely and soundly asleep. This is a very big problem for the bears who are now awake and rather hungry. There are no plant sources of food and a distinct lack of animal protein to be found.  

The aboriginal people have seen this before and have even created a word for it. Yes, you guessed it – a word that translates to “Season of the Crazy Bears.”

The bears are literally starving and will eat anything, including humans.  

This time is when bears are the most dangerous. 

Thinking about this story has got me thinking about something else: the 2020 US Election.  

Are the Republicans and Democrats so divided that they will literally “do anything to win”? Or will they “do anything” to make sure that the other side does not win? Think about it – this is actually a very important question. 


What happens if the current US election serves to re-define politics? How would this happen, and why would it be so devastating for America, it’s economy, and its people?

Politics is supposed to be about choice. One party makes representations and lays out its policy on how to deal with the various problems affecting the country. The other party sets out a different agenda – a different path – on how they see problems getting solved. The electorate listens to each view and votes for their perception of the best choice. 

A winner is declared, a peaceful transfer occurs, and another 4-year term begins. This is how it is supposed to work. This is how it has worked for a very long time, without interruption.  

There is a reason why the American system of democracy has been so successful and has stood the test of time. The key is and always has been the concept of co-equal branches of government.

We all know that the powerful US Constitution established the legislative branch (creates law), the executive branch (enforces law), and the judicial branch (interprets law).   

The thing is, the framers of the Constitution may not have considered the current situation: the season of the crazy bears.

The underlying premise of the political system in the US is that either party will act in what they believe to be in the best interests of the country as a whole. 

Is this what is happening today?

Or are we witnessing something else? Something far more destructive?

We have all seen the message on our television sets. It is not cryptic or hidden or subliminal. It is bold and in our face: “Burn it down.”

It can not be more clear. Certain political factions are prepared to accept complete destruction as a means for change. Just like the “crazy bears,” their motivations are not rational; they are visceral.

So what should an investor do? Is there any real protection to events that can easily become uncontrollable?  

Look, this is not an alarmist view of the future. It is a practical one.

Gold has been referred to as “financial fire insurance.” This is one way to hedge what is about to happen. It is crucial to be reminded that political stability is necessary for economic stability, which, in turn, promotes social stability.  

So you can see that politics is not something to be ignored.

The primary focus of elected government officials is to guide a nation through the many challenges it faces in an ever changing world. This focus is at the center of good government. But what happens when this focus is lost?

Can you see where this is going? Are we seeing politics devolve into a state where the primary focus is to gain power and then use it to weaken your opponent at all costs? Is this what it has come to?

We all hope not, but time might prove otherwise.

Look outside your window, do you see any “crazy bears” prowling about?

For more insight on what may be about to unfold, please read Ivan’s past prediction from 2016 before Trump was elected – one that’s unfolding today precisely as he had predicted. It might even scare you how accurate it is.

-John Top

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