Why the People are Voting for Donald Trump12 min read

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  1. Hugh Dorsey says:

    Trump is using the same playbook now that he used in the 1930’s. Then promised to make Germany great again; now promises to make America great again. He scapegoated the Jews then, now Islam and immigrants. He promoted the Nordic race, blue eyes and blond hair, superior to all others. This time around he returns with blue eyes and blond hair and with the same angry followers that brought him to power and his country into destruction in the 40’s.

    Want the truth for yourself, just go within in meditation and ask. Let him with the eyes to see, see.

    1. Ben says:

      Wow, we really have a bunch of fascist losers on this comment board. Comparing Trump to Naziism…real kool aid drinkers…or is it paid shills. Probably some punks living in their mother’s basement playing adult and yapping about something they have absolutely no knowledge of….So to all the idiots and bullies that posted their obvious retarded bias and proof of low EQ and IQ, you are probably also the 39.8% that actually voted our loser into power, Truedolt. To compare a trust fund baby that taught acting for not even two years to a self made mogul…only goes to prove how clueless you all are. Good luck to both Canada and the USA…and may Trump win and Trudeault get shot….now….that would be good politics…not for the globalist…but for the common people…that would be good politics…and that’s why Trump will win.

      1. Jeff says:

        Yeah.. self made mogel… with a million dollar loan from daddy, has nearly countless failed business ventures, and has declared bankruptcy…4 times I do believe.. the you bitch about Trudeau trustfund, funny. Claiming to be an adult with childish name calling and insults. Keep drinking the gas station brand kool-aid. Comes in conservative blue. (Windshield cleaner incase you didn’t understand)

    2. Eric says:

      Hitler had a trained cohort of bullies going around trashing and killing. There is no comparison with Trump. And by the way all politicians study the devious tactics of the Hitler/Goebells propaganda machine. America led the way in this from 1920 on – albeit from the insights of an immigrant student of Austrian psychology.
      Those same techniques are in use today to confuse the public and make them compliant to political and corporate aims. The establishment has more money and more to lose than Trump. Now their evasive schemes are exposed by their actions, whether that is just pure greed or complete arrogant disregard for the American public.
      The week spot is the digital currency controlled by a small elite that disregards balanced budget and just creates more and more debt based assets that support suppression and military adventurism and killing foreigners and treasure hunting at the publics expense.
      All that digital wealth that flows back to the super rich is just that – digits. Those digits exist only because the public is compliant and accepts the smoke and mirrors.

      1. Eric says:

        I should add that successful states exist only because of a social contract supported by citizens. That social contract can be created by elites for their benefit but can survive only if that elite has a moral and ethical foundation and a transparent policy that flows through to everyones ultimate benefit.

        We are herd animals and no one can survive a herd turning.

    3. Connolly says:

      Amazing Hugh how Hillary has you by the testicles. You are blind and blindly following her criminal enterprise. You have no respect for individuals but like Hillary… Follow the money, forget the conscience.

  2. Dave says:

    Some potential issues in play here might bring forth the processes employed previously by both Nazi of Communist regimes. Separating people into groups and punishing all groups for many different things, whether rezl or trumped up, and then explaining to subject groups that they are being punished beczuse of the actions of some other group, thereby giving the target group areason to believe they were punished unfairly and someone else to blame. Slowly all target groups get punished again and again with the planned outcome being one group agInst the other until the groups be ome smaller and smaller thereby being easier to target and control.
    The eventual group size for perfe t control is one, the individual. Germany did this repeatedly and rarely needed the GestPo to envorce things once they got started, natural animosity took over and no one ever challenged the government becuse they would then become a target and “stick or carrot” be omes a strong messenger with those who resisted the changes be oming the enemy of the state.

  3. Jim says:

    Regarding buy backs: Should I take out the equity in my house, buy gold, wait until the price skyrockets, pay back the loan and retire to another country?

  4. Robin says:

    Trumps party will get offshore US investors to bring their money back to the US. The US will become a tax haven. No capital gains tax, no dividend tax etc. The return of that money will stimulate their economy. Of course there are Billions if not Trillions offshore waoting for that opportunity to stimulate their economy…and it will happen.

    Canadians will head south of the border.

  5. don taylor says:

    I think Trump would make The Camp counsellor Trudeau look like he was still in kindergarten

  6. Tim Gileo says:

    Trudeau is a failure experiment based on the same false hope and change mantra that Obama used. Obama after bush after Clinton after bush feeding the sheep lies and bullshit.
    That is how we got to Trump people are sick of being slaves and he may be the last chance.

  7. Delbert Wrigley says:

    If we extradite Trudeau and The House of Lords perhaps Trump will have sympathy on them and present them with their own island, Alcatraz.


  8. Peter says:

    Trump is a wheeler dealer and has made a lot of money. Trudeau is a know nothing and inherited what he has. Trump could be good for his country, Trudeau will be a disaster for Canada, mark my words.

  9. Bob says:

    ‘Canadians voted for change’? Gotta be kidding. Harper or Trudope, both in the Media Party – but the Media Party directed us to change horses as the old one was getting tired. Canukleheads have no clue.

    Americans have even less clue but Trump has one supreme advantage – he knows how to declare bankruptcy! Exactly what the patient needs.

  10. Myron Bevans says:

    Uh-huh, all very interesting, but what was ‘the ‘one event that could destroy the world’?

  11. Bluebill says:

    I didn’t vote for the stupid ass in Ottawa or Alberta. I’m 60 years old and have seen these idiots come and go leaving a swath of destruction in their wake. Mark my words. These people, Trump included, are in this for heir own personal gain and noterity. They couldn’t care less about the needs of the Canadian or American people. They were and are caught up in the Mob Mentality right now and won’t know what hit them until the smoke clears. Again. Mark my words!

  12. Smart2late says:

    The writer appears to be a far left leaning person with an agenda.
    It is not the general population that generate a country’s wealth. But rather the business minds who through their efforts generate the jobs for the working class. That allows the average citizen to up scale their lifestyles. Without the brain power of numerous employment creators you have Third world countries.
    Trump is not a stupid person. America will do far better with Trump than under the present administration. He may well go down in history as a President who rallied patriotism and rescued America from the traitorous attacks which is being attempted upon it’s constitutional values.

    1. Cody says:

      Did you actually read what was wrote? Typical Yank

      1. Gilbert Schwob says:

        Unfortunately, even if ever you read the article, wealth is not created by business men but by those who are creative enough, inventors and other discoverers who provide the opportunity to create business.

      2. james ross says:

        What was written. Typical Canadian.

  13. Marian Hof says:

    I think one thing Trump has right, bring all the US military and money back to the USA!! In the past 60 years they have been continuously embroiled in wars that have done little but suck money, men and energy out of their country. The war machine has profited, the medical establishment treating returning wounded have profited, but the people have been robbed. How many young men died in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanastan and now Syria? Just think what their youth and ability would have contributed to the US. How many trillion dollars have been spent? I don’t doubt for a minute that if those dollars had been spent on domestic problems, drug addiction, crumbling infrastructure, gutting of industry, declining education and other issues, that America WOULD STILL BE GREAT. I think the UN has pressured the US to denounce isolationism in order to bankrupt the country and eventually erode the very prosperity that gave them the ability to help other countries that is now gone.
    Trump will not be a lone wolf, no one could ever pull the levers of government without a lot of help, but that is the one issue that I fear will derail his efforts to do what most Americans want; break up the banks and brokers, close the many loopholes that allow people like George Soros, Jamie Diamon and the Koch Brothers to buy influence through political donations, rebuild a stock market that offers a level playing field to every investor etc. He needs to clean house, especially in Commerce, Finance, Legal and Environment Departments. If he relies on the same old Elite Cronies nothing will change. Obama had the opportunity to indict men like Diamon, they orchestrated the 2008 Recession then ran to the government for a bail out. Only a couple of years later, while pensioners lost their investments, and others lost their homes, the top guys on Wall Street were right back to collecting multi-million dollar bonuses! Occupy Wall Street was on the right track, but as usual, political influence made the cops shut it down.
    I think Trump will win, I am not sure what will happen in the next 4 years but I don’t believe it will be any cataclysmic event.

  14. Donald Trump is the only candidate I would vote for . We already voted for him in the primary in Illinois.
    The US media does not understand that the more they criticize Mr.Trump the more we appreciate his contributions present and future!
    Contrary to the Media characterization, I am not totally uneducated:
    My C.V. reads: Lycee Condorcet in Paris, M.D. University of Chicago, tenured Professor etc.
    Thank you for asking for a comment!
    E. Paloyan

    1. Ernie Shepherd says:

      I just want to remind all the past commenters and readers that the Government is made up up three entities and the President of the United States has the least control unless he is backed by Congress and the House. Our future is dependent on the bi partisan numbers available in those government structures . I believe in the old adage that “a house divided will fall” We all need to concentrate on achieving a WORKING government and one of the best ways to reach that goal is to dissolve the electoral college. We don’t need it any longer, we have the technology to vote direct and give the American citizen back the majority rule to eliminate bought voting. This is supposed to be a government for the people ,BY THE PEOPLE. Let’s bring that back !

  15. robert says:

    Donald Trump is at least a successful businessman who has had to meet a payroll and pay taxes.
    Much better than the career leeches we call politicians.
    Trudeau has no idea how to run a popcorn stand let alone a multi billion dollar government.
    I think Trump is the right man to clean up the mess in the USA caused by all the bought and paid for politicians. Which genius decided to put the USA into debt another 12 trillion dollars in the last 7 years? This will only lead to disaster and I think Donald can help head it off. Donald is head and shoulders above pretty boy Trudeau.

  16. Kenneth says:

    Trump, to me, a senior, Viet Nam era vet and retired military guy, Trump represents the antidote to the quasi-seditious ideology of Obama. It’s just that simple. Plus all the things you said in your fairly balanced article. When I was born FDR was president. I have seen so many since then. I voted for Obama in the California primary in 2008 and then soon after saw the error of my ways and stopped buying into the snake oil sales program of an intolerably arrogant Obama. Now, almost 8 years later I want the next president to drive a freight train right into the belly button of WashDC and place Americans first again (within our own system) before people like Barack give everything away to globalists or worse (i.e., Iran). This is not rocket science. Not at all. Our leaders must place Americans in the top spot again, in everything they do. Obama has done the opposite ever since he snuck by the radar and fooled us all. I believe either Trump r Cruz would be right to balance the dangerous side to the left wing precipice we now find ourselves at. WE must balance the radical left wing ideology with something on the right. The more the better. It’s just that simple.

  17. Ayo Adediji says:

    This is a bunch of nonsense. Retell this story in October. Americans may be naïve but not stupid.
    This is the most powerful nation on earth. I bet most responsible republicans would rather see Hillary Clinton they don’t like as President than Donald Trump that would set American international reputation back several generations.
    Are you listening to the concerns being raised from every major capital in the world?

  18. walter robert carnes says:

    Donald, the duck Trump represent what America is decelerating from any dignity, quality or character. A coward and bully who beat the draft, dumped multi bankruptcies and losses on others yet thinks he will be gods gift to the salvation of American political problems. An ignoramus whose hand gesticulations and repeating of words reveals his ignorance of the most fundamental historical facts and theory of world politics and history. Need we go on to outline the trump duck. WRC

  19. lilbulldog says:

    All Donald Trump needs is a good PR man to filter his comments. He hasn’t let anyone die under his watch LIke Hillary (Bengazi). Some of his ideas are a little far fetched, but I’m sure his advisors will let him know, that you can’t actually do this and that like you said you wanted to do. Hillary is in the pocket of big business, has continually been ablove the law, from insider trading to a private email server, has called the American people stupid and says the government needs to run their lives and even the comment about Brazil “we need to be more like Brazil” The government wiped out the middle class with their tax structure, you are either super rich or dirt poor. Most middle class citizens went down to poor not up to rich. At least Donald can be molded into the type of President we need, where as Hillary has already decided she will be the evil queen we all dread. Anyone but Hillary, and if the only of choice is the Donald, then so be it. And I’m not alone in this line of thinking. Give me someone who I can believe in.

  20. John Stewart says:

    What is hurting ordinary working people is the financial system, banks and the stock market – to call it by its name, Capitalism. Portraying Trump as anti-capitalist is weird – he is a successful capitalist and shows no signs of wanting out. And since the author of the article starts by flaunting his own successful stock-market operations, I don’t trust him either.

  21. Walter Peterson says:

    I’ve heard it said that our(?) Trudeau can do a one armed push up, that has to give him some creditably .

  22. Marie Willcox says:

    If Trump becomes president then its’s time for all Americans to get out as he is a total nut case, a liar and a cheat, just thinks of himselt, no real family values, when his wife gets old she will be dumped like the rest, he has been bailed out so many times, caught out so many times, why are people still voting for the idiot, is beyond me, must be something to do with being a racist

  23. I love the United States, I studied there, and worked for the State Dept for 16 years! I’ll be sad to have him as President of the United States. I don’t like what he represents but it is a question of polittical views! I’ve learned that religion,politic and ratial matters we don’t discuss them!

  24. Scott says:

    Why ? Because some people are just stupid.

  25. Donald J. Trump will the next President of the United States because most Americans, and I would hope Canadians, are sick and tired of being lied to constantly by their governments at all levels, by their political representatives, by their corporate leaders, and above all, by the globalizers and international bankers. For over 30 years, I was a board-level consultant in financial communications to many of the significant banks on this planet. There was a reason I would never sign a document containing any banks’ financial reports. These unpatriotic, greedy bastards are crooks! I can recall a very few exceptions. Through there control of each central bank, but notably, The Fed, they control US, everyone of US. And Donald Trump understands that. True power has moved from Washington to Zuerich, Geneva, London, and Wall Street. Globalization my butt. This is the most private and self-serving club on Earth.

    My only fear is that even Trump cannot destroy this sewer, and thereby have a chance to fix it and save us all.

  26. dale says:

    You know the left is always telling us we can’t say or do something that might offend someone else’s religion, minority, race, sexual preference or gender and the list goes on, But every time I see a trump2016 some left writes how stupid you are and must be an uneducated bum! I really think the trump supporters have one thing the lefts don’t have and was not learned in their 6 years of college and its COMMON SENSE! Canada P.M. is a young kid he should have never got in and the only reason he is in was the vote from pot smokers and Canadians are talking about the American voters and Trump and how stupid they are lol roll up another joint sit back and watch as Trump wins!

  27. Gilbert Schwob says:

    What is known about him is not so far from what we knew about Romney: capitalism pushed to its extremes with bankruptcies, etc. However you are right: he may be elected as GWB was because, nowadays, ostracisms, nationalisms and extremes remain far more attractive, far more “easy” to understand, than cooperation and diversification.
    After all the next few generations are far more interested in robots and robotics than in thinking human beings. Setting the dictatorship of capitalism – I mean a system promoting a few rich and powerful people driving the populace as you said – is far interesting for the empowered few and far more acceptable by a dependent but not responsible populace. This is how dictatorships are set and, of course, demagogy helps. I saw the rise of many dictatorships. From Hitler to Pinochet, from Togo to Franco and Peron: each and everyone of them had the same arguments, the very same behavior and it seems that America is searching for this type of experience since GWB.

  28. David Allbury says:

    You ask what will happen but there is a short and long answer. In the short term maybe a few weeks the share market will drop and it will be a field day for those with money to buy. After that the share market will rise and as trump gets into his stride the share market prices will start to rise and even get better than before the election. Once the share market realizes that the world just carries on as usual and Trumps promises of less tax on company’s and more money in peoples pockets will boost the spending power even if not in the first few months, certainly in six months time. After all investments are a gamble and there is a possibility of gain from sales etc. Look at what happened to the UK with Brexit.
    Also Trump still has to agree with the Senate and Congress to make changes so he is controlled. But Trump makes a great General charging ahead of his troops in the battles of the economy and letting America stand up great.

  29. Chalmers says:

    A fired part time grade school teacher (told 2nd hand for being absolutely incompetent) and not trusted by the party to be alone in Quebec and Ontario or in parliament (told to me by a long time Laurier club member and former power broker in party) for fear of what he is going to say or do. Hence party keeps him on the road. Compare this to Trump who received approx. 3 million from his father as a gift/ loan, runs a business, created jobs, cause one to believe effete snobs characteurations apply to Canadians who believe we have competent leadership.

  30. Don says:

    Let’s See, Trudeau is not rich, Trump is so he don’t need the money. Trudeau in it for the money, Trump isn’t.
    Trudeau does not give a rats ass for the low class and low income homeless Canadians, Trump will take care of all home less and low income, low class Americans, and probably put a stop to refergee’s getting in America and taking American jobs, and he will put Americans first. Trudeau will just keep bringing refergees in at Canadians expense and feed them give them free homes and just give them jobs and welfare and throw all Canadians aside except the rich, cause he’s just like the rest of the politicians, Lining their pockets for when they either retire or get voted out. If trump was prime minister of Canada we would be a lot better off then we are with Trudeau, Trudeau is a joke just like his father was. Lets face it Trudeau makes big money bringing refergees into Canada, we see none of it.

  31. Dan says:

    He’s winning because the alternative is a lying sociopathc NeoCON who should be in prison…and everyone knows it. Nuff said

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