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The Great US Debt Rotation10 min read

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  1. RedDog says:

    I think the bears are getting desperate now because they have been wrong for so long and have only seen a healthy 10% correction. If the FED doesn’t hike, I suspect it will show a lack of confidence in the economy or data and propel equities to new yearly lows. If they hike modestly, equities should initially sell off but propel to new highs before year end. I also contend that the last 7 bear markets/recessions occurred during a steeping of the yield curve or when 3 month and 10 year rates were in equilibrium. We are not close to that state and companies are flush with cash or sitting with 2 trillion on the sidelines. The good news is that I think a lot of this volatility is priced in and has spooked many traders/investors out of these markets or into short positions which is healthy and which will also help propel these markets higher and or if China and Europe get they act together. Also of note is that bear markets have never happened when US data was firing on all cylinders. I recommend 45% equities (30% USA), 15% bonds, 15% gold/silver and 25% in inverse funds.

    1. James Holden says:

      doesn’t matter how much cash is on the sidelines in a corporations bank account. What will turn the economy around?

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  2. RedDog says:

    To me, in a nutshell, it’s all about supply and demand. When supply out stripes demand there are excesses in the system that need to be worked off to arrive at an equilibrium point or where buyers and sellers are satisfied. Until that point is reached, deflation and or dis-inflation will persist, like in commodities.

    To get out of that we either need inflationary forces at work, like higher incomes, prices, GDP rates & money supply levels that reach the populous or M&A activities and shutdown’s that shrink the businesses and sectors or a set of solutions that focus on simultaneous easing of budgetary and monetary policies is required.

    That all takes time and sometimes years to work through but will happen sooner or later. There are many good articles on this phenomenon.

  3. william humphrey says:

    ….Thank you for your valuable evaluation of the world economy. Your article was sent to me by a Canadian friend. Your predictions are right on key. It could happen at anytime. There is nothing I can add to your views. They coincide with mine exactly. It is not if but when it will the crash will happen . The recent refusal to raise interest rates even the least amount proves the danger of the inevitable. That is forthcoming by necessity and we better be ready. Recently I have made moves to invest in Canada and hold my portfolio out of the US. We must diversify as widely as possible in order to save at least a portion of our hsrd earned savings.

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