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The Triumphant Rise of the Reluctant Right9 min read

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  1. Mike says:

    Please check your facts. The “World’s” largest Caldera is in the Philippines and the 2nd largest is Yellowstone. The Ngorongoro Crater is only 10-12 miles across and Yellowstone is 37 miles. I was just in Yellowstone so I knew your claim was wrong.
    The Apolaki Caldera in the Philippines is estimated at 150 Km is about 93 miles across.

  2. Robert Chittenden says:

    I noticed at the bottom of your article that you own gold and gold stocks.
    I believe a gold stock I own might be of interest.
    It is called Mineral Mountain Resources, symbol MMV on the TSX.
    Mr. Terry Lyons of Sprott Capital Management was recently named to the Board.
    With the PDAC coming up next week I believe they will have a major announcement about their discovery of a Homestake Mine like find.

    I’ve read the Equedia Letter for years now and really enjoy your take on things. Thanks.

  3. It’s obvious to me that the left (Democrats) and right (Republicans) are both wrong. We need a new third party with this as a cornerstone: no foreign entanglements and promote the general welfare at home which translates, help workers. Do that and you will have a solid foundation to go forward.

  4. Hello Ivan,

    Hope you don’t mind a question rather than a comment about this latest newsletter.

    I am already a small shareholder of Calibre, and was inclined to get a more substantial position – something that this latest missive from you has made even more interesting.

    My concern though has been whether the Nicaraguan government will keep its hands out of the company’s till, or whether it will be likely to nationalize or grossly increase its levies. I assume you’ve already considered this and decided it wasn’t a major concern, else you’d not have the large investment yourself, but you might also be far more inclined to take large risks than I, so anything you might be willing to impart would be much appreciated.



    1. Equedia says:

      Hi Al. Thanks for your comment and question. I certainly have assessed the jurisdictional risk, and still feel that Calibre is in a great position.

      A few years ago, we invested and wrote about a gold Company in PNG – a country that may be considered even riskier than Nicaragua. Today, that company is trading far higher than it was when we wrote about it first and has become a darling of the juniors in Canada.

      While many feel places like Nicaragua has risks – which it does – I always point out that every country has risks.

      For example, look at Canada and what’s happening with the pipeline protestors. And Canada is considered a great place to do business.

      Meanwhile, countries like Nicaragua understand the amount of jobs mining creates and the amount of tax revenue it brings in.

      Lastly, as you may have noticed, Rio Tinto – one of the world’s largest mining companies – just signed an agreement with Calibre that will have them spend tens of millions to explore Nicaraguan assets. The guys at Rio Tinto are much smarter than I am, so I can only assume they have met with the government there and assessed the jurisdictional risk themselves.

      I hope this helps.


  5. Orest Wakaruk says:

    Cxb has not moved even with gold over 1600; what gives???

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