The Triumphant Rise of the Reluctant Right

The Left and Right can’t seem to agree on anything. But no matter, they will have to work together on this. This is a story about seeking the truth and how lies are used in the new economy.

Dear Reader,

Something must be done, they say.

Something must be done about CO2 emissions.

In fact, so much needs to be done about climate change that millions of students collaboratively – and rather miraculously – marched in unison to protest climate change in recent years.

Even last year’s Canadian elections debates almost all seemed to center around climate change – and blackface, of course.

Now, I can give you many reasons why climate change is real. But I can also give you numerous reasons why it isn’t caused by CO2, but rather nuclear weapons, radiation, and man-made weather machines.

That’s right, I said man-made weather machines.

Just a couple of years ago, China’s state-owned Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation implemented a plan to send thousands of rain-inducing machines across the Tibetan Plateau to increase rainfall along the region.

But there’s no point in arguing any of that right now. I’ll do that in a different newsletter when the time is right. And believe me, it will be a bombshell.

Today, I want to share a story from John Top that not only highlights how lies are used for the benefit of a select few, but more importantly, how we can actually profit from this battle between the left and right.

The Triumphant Rise of the Reluctant Right

It’s already happening, all around us, every day – but do you see it?

What I am talking about is “a call-to-arms” by the Right; not in a literal sense but a figurative one.  Conservative values and forms of expression have been under constant attack from the Left for decades.  This assault is manifested in many ways.

One of the most obvious ways in which the Right has slowly and steadily been painted into a shrinking corner of remaining personal choice is through legislation and regulation by the Left.  The scope of regulated choice of what you can and can not has expanded to its bursting point.

The silent Right has finally found its voice and is speaking out.

Another voice is also starting to attract an audience: The Libertarians.

Their simple philosophy of “you do your thing and let me do mine” is starting to make more and more sense to more and more people.

The recent political victories by conservative parties, both in England and the US, are clear signs that the socialist “experiment” that has been invading all aspects of life is almost over.  This is excellent news for business – the record-breaking performance of the stock market is not accidental.

Hidden Recruiting Tactic of the Left Exposed

Conrad Black, a former newspaper publisher and author, recently showed up in Vancouver, BC to give a speech at a very odd place: a mining convention.  Although I missed part of his talk, I did listen to enough of it to understand a critical point: The Left is using the issue of climate change as a recruiting tool to attract new members.  This shameful tactic of “bait-and-switch” is especially appealing to those who are either young or very naive.

He mentioned how some from the Left have personally benefitted by latching on to climate change as a rallying cry and making it their own.  The example he gave was Al Gore*, former Vice President of the US and current “environmentalist.”  He parlayed the phrase: “An Inconvenient Truth” into a Nobel Peace Prize in 2007.

(*Ivan here. We should note that Al Gore has his hands in many green investments and his fund is already profiting handsomely from his green tout. This goes all the way back to 2008 when Al Gore’s venture capital firm loaned Silver Spring Networks $75m to develop energy-saving technology. In less than a year, the Energy Department – under a Democrat administration – announced $3.4 billion in smart grid grants. Of that number, more than $560 million went to utilities with which Silver Spring had contracts. Just some food for thought. Perhaps that’s why Bernie Sanders is not only gaining ground, but the likely Democrat to challenge Trump.)

The journey from second-tier politician to “first in the world environmentalist” was an easy one.  Just like water that flows to the path of least resistance, career politicians have a knack of sensing how to frame an idea that garners crowd support.  Just like the street performers, once a crowd forms, it is time to “pass the hat.”

Divide and Conquer:  Still a Valid Strategy for Success

Please take a minute and think about all of the issues that divide us.

These include race, religion, economic standing, education, politics, and many, many more.

What do they all have in common?

The answer: they all offer us a choice.  A choice we all have to make by ourselves and for ourselves.  These choices define who we are and who we will become.

In simple terms, the economic argument from the Right is “work hard; what you earn, you keep.”  The Left prefers “if you have kept more than you can use, then start sharing it with me.”

So you see, the Right and the Left will always be at conflict with each other.

Mankind (no, I won’t use humankind) is an analogue to the animal kingdom: the never-ending conflict between the lion and hyena.  The lion does all the hard work to secure his next meal while the hyena prefers to steal it from him – if he can.  It’s the African Sahara way of life.

This leads to a memory illustrating my very point…

Buried Alive!

In November 1997, my two brothers and I were lucky enough to visit Africa and go on a safari.  We went to the Ngorongoro crater, the world’s largest caldera and home to a full spectrum of African game animals.  It was a delightful trip.

At that time, I was working for a small exploration company active in Tanzania. Its asset adjoined a very large and exciting gold discovery that later became a major gold mine.  We also had the chance to secure our neighbor’s project when it was still in the early stages of development.

This later turned out to be a very, very timely visit — more on this in just a bit.

After a few months of returning home, I ran into an Amnesty International representative out on a street corner. So I stopped to see what she had to say – I figured it must have been something important for her to stand there in protest.

Much to my complete surprise, she was talking about Tanzania.  Go figure.

According to the bright-eyed young woman, a mining company in Tanzania had recently “buried some artisanal miners alive.”  This was the basis of their appeal for funding – to help the families of the impoverished miners.   Well, now she had my attention!

I told her I was just in Tanzania on a safari trip, so I was eager to hear her tale about these poor miners.

She spoke with unwavering conviction, and with a deep sense of despair in her eyes. She went on to say that the mining company was angry that the indigenous miners were “stealing their gold,” so they decided to fill in the pits that they had dug.  Regrettably, some of the miners were still in the pits when this happened.

Wow, I thought. Could that mining company really be that evil?

So I asked: “Where in Tanzania did this happen?”

To my surprise, she told me it was the very same mine development site I just visited!

I was shocked. Why? Because I knew the real story…

The Truth

While at the mine site, I learned that there had been an issue with artisanal miners.

The problem was that, at night, they would sneak on to the site and continue digging in pits that were getting increasingly more dangerous as they got deeper.  Rainfall made this situation even more treacherous.

Knowing the dangers, the mining company had fenced off these areas and even had posted guards to keep the locals away at night. Unfortunately, those safeguards weren’t enough to keep them away.

Recall the words of Danny Archer (Leonardo Di Caprio – movie Blood Diamond) “TIA” – “This is Africa.”  In other words, there simply wasn’t an enforceable solution that could keep the locals out of the pits.

So, tragedy struck.

The rains came, the pits collapsed, and people died.

And here is where truth became warped by fiction.

The next morning, the mining company, in a humanitarian gesture, used their equipment to dig out the pits so that relatives of the artisanal miners could have access to their last remains.

When I explained this account to the Amnesty International representative, it was like turning on a light in a dark room.  She quietly went over to the nearest garbage can, threw away her ID, came back to me, and said, “Sorry, I really didn’t know.” Then she left.

Later, in a moment of reflection, I thought that maybe I should have said nothing to her.

After all, in her world, she was happy. Could I have ruined that for her?

But then it came to me: the truth matters.

Ivan always signs off by saying, “Seek the Truth.”  It is a mainstay of this letter.  I encourage everyone to do the same.

Ivan: I couldn’t have said this better myself.

Today, we are bombarded by the notion that working hard, making money, and winning is a bad thing – yet, we are influenced to idolize rich and beautiful actors and actresses, singers and songwriters, and athletes.

We are told oil and gas is bad, but electricity is good; yet, we are never told about the environmental damage required to build and support this new green-electric initiative.

We are told oil and gas lead to climate change; yet, we are never told how much resources mother nature has to strip from her body to create this new green revolution.

And we are certainly not told about how many new power plants (likely nuclear, coal, and yes, oil and gas*) will be required to support an all-electric transportation system.

*For example, Duke Energy, one of the largest power holding companies in the U.S., generates almost all of its electricity from coal, natural gas, and oil. So someone who thinks they’re saving the world by driving an electric car, should think about where their electricity comes from. It’s like a meat eater calling himself a vegetarian because he didn’t kill the animal in his burger. 

Where am I going with this?

Our current society has transformed from diversity to division. There’s no more political spectrum: you’re either left or right, wrong or right.

If you’re Left, you have to believe in oil and gas-made climate change.

If you’re Right, you can’t save the whales while drilling for oil.

But luckily, as an investor, you can be both.

You see, we know the green revolution is moving forward. It’s the new green economy. And it should be – considering green bonds are expected to hit a trillion dollars in value this year.

The Left will have its climate-change and environmental initiatives. But it will consume a lot of resources doing so.

And that means the Left will have to allow the Right to have its “environmentally-damaging” mines to source materials for their infrastructure.

Ah, finally, the Left and Right can agree: The Right will give the Left a greener world, and the Left will give the Right a quiet acceptance to drain the earth’s resources.

For the Left, investing in green tech and green funds should prove very rewarding in the coming years.

For the Right, mining companies will likely be back in focus sooner than most expect.

For both, many utility stocks who supply electricity will likely continue to climb.

Lastly, with gold climbing well over the $1600/oz mark, I suspect that – just as we mentioned in the last newsletter – gold stocks will soon follow gold’s rise.

In fact, if gold can hover above $1600 until early March, I believe we could see shares of many gold miners – especially the junior producers – climb even higher, with many soaring as much as 20% in the coming weeks.

That’s why we haven’t sold a share of THIS junior gold producer.

You can find the full report by CLICKING HERE.

Seek the truth,

Ivan Lo

The Equedia Letter

Disclosure: We own gold and shares of gold companies, as well as other mining stocks. and Equedia Network Corporation are not registered as investment advisers, broker-dealers or other securities professionals with any financial or securities regulatory authority. Remember, past performance is not indicative of future performance. This article also contains forward-looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from the forward-looking statements made in this article. We are biased towards gold and gold stocks because we own them. You can do the math. It’s your money to invest and we don’t share in your profits or your losses, so please take responsibility for doing your own due diligence and consult your own professional advisers before investing in gold or trading in gold securities.

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  1. Please check your facts. The “World’s” largest Caldera is in the Philippines and the 2nd largest is Yellowstone. The Ngorongoro Crater is only 10-12 miles across and Yellowstone is 37 miles. I was just in Yellowstone so I knew your claim was wrong.
    The Apolaki Caldera in the Philippines is estimated at 150 Km is about 93 miles across.

  2. I noticed at the bottom of your article that you own gold and gold stocks.
    I believe a gold stock I own might be of interest.
    It is called Mineral Mountain Resources, symbol MMV on the TSX.
    Mr. Terry Lyons of Sprott Capital Management was recently named to the Board.
    With the PDAC coming up next week I believe they will have a major announcement about their discovery of a Homestake Mine like find.

    I’ve read the Equedia Letter for years now and really enjoy your take on things. Thanks.

  3. It’s obvious to me that the left (Democrats) and right (Republicans) are both wrong. We need a new third party with this as a cornerstone: no foreign entanglements and promote the general welfare at home which translates, help workers. Do that and you will have a solid foundation to go forward.

  4. Hello Ivan,

    Hope you don’t mind a question rather than a comment about this latest newsletter.

    I am already a small shareholder of Calibre, and was inclined to get a more substantial position – something that this latest missive from you has made even more interesting.

    My concern though has been whether the Nicaraguan government will keep its hands out of the company’s till, or whether it will be likely to nationalize or grossly increase its levies. I assume you’ve already considered this and decided it wasn’t a major concern, else you’d not have the large investment yourself, but you might also be far more inclined to take large risks than I, so anything you might be willing to impart would be much appreciated.



    1. Hi Al. Thanks for your comment and question. I certainly have assessed the jurisdictional risk, and still feel that Calibre is in a great position.

      A few years ago, we invested and wrote about a gold Company in PNG – a country that may be considered even riskier than Nicaragua. Today, that company is trading far higher than it was when we wrote about it first and has become a darling of the juniors in Canada.

      While many feel places like Nicaragua has risks – which it does – I always point out that every country has risks.

      For example, look at Canada and what’s happening with the pipeline protestors. And Canada is considered a great place to do business.

      Meanwhile, countries like Nicaragua understand the amount of jobs mining creates and the amount of tax revenue it brings in.

      Lastly, as you may have noticed, Rio Tinto – one of the world’s largest mining companies – just signed an agreement with Calibre that will have them spend tens of millions to explore Nicaraguan assets. The guys at Rio Tinto are much smarter than I am, so I can only assume they have met with the government there and assessed the jurisdictional risk themselves.

      I hope this helps.


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