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Conspiracy Revealed: The Real Reason Why Gold is Going Higher16 min read

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  1. Travis says:

    of course they are doing it…price suppression…if there is not punishment then the crooks see it as a blind eye from authorities and continue to do it…and it is not just the commodities markets they are manipulating it is also stocks and options…they sit and watch for money to go in and as it does they short everything overnight and everyone …retail investors …loose their shirts…they wait till the shark fest is over and bottom out on stocks and expiration dates of options and then jump back in and buy and wait for new investors to come back and rinse and repeat……

  2. Richard Whiffen says:

    Massive corruption, And still no accountability

  3. Tasha says:

    The storm is here.

  4. john says:

    Back about some time in 1968 I worked at a Brokerage Firm in Manhattan NY. On a Monday morning at our office we were told that Morgan had placed several million dollars of Bearer Bonds in their vault on Friday and they were not in their vault on Monday.We were told we had to search our vault and our desks to see if they in our office. This was told to every Brokerage Firm involved with all of Wall Street Trading ! That was the dumbest thing I ever heard any Company say.Why ! Because I said to one of the guys that worked in our office.Those Bearer Bonds were never put into the Morgan Vault ! Why ? Because what dummy would take the Bearer Bonds and leave all the cash in the vault ?

  5. I have never doubted the manipulation of the financial markets, which still goes on including the Options market now more than ever.

  6. James says:

    As long as Republicans are in control deregulation will be the policy of the administration. The above conspiracy is an example of the results from deregulation.

  7. JACK MACSWAN says:

    Wasn’t there a matter after the financial sector collapse in ’08 of oil prices continuing to move higher despite a crippling recession? It was alleged oil moved up in what should have been a nose-dive market because energy analysts and traders at JP Morgan, who had formerly worked at Enron were publishing “buy” recommendations to artificially prop up oil prices because JPM owned a couple of tank farms in Connecticut where millions of barrels of crude were stored.

  8. Mike says:

    Hey guys,
    I’ve owned gold since 2003 and followed Andrew Maguire’s work since 2010 and I became totally disgusted with the manipulation in jan/Feb of 2013!!

    Why isn’t “Golden Boy” Jamie Dimon going to jail… he’s the Big Dawg, not only for the gold/silver manipulation but for insider information also, For example, Obama knocked on his door before his inagauration and before Obama’s interview on TV in Feb/March of 2009(bottom of great recession) Jamie bought 500,000 shares of JP Morgan at about $20/share, Brian Moynihan of Bank of America did the same. They both did it again back in June 0f 2016…same 500K shares guys(WTF), put these (MotherF%$#’s) away, I’ve been following this BS for many years as well. It’s all in plain sight if you pay attention and have a good memory!!
    Bury these bastards… oh by the way, I have family on Wall St. over 30+ years and I haven’t spoken to them in over 25….arrogant MF’s as well. No favorites here,,,let them all burn in hell!!! Please pub;lish this email Thanks…Mike

  9. Glen Forby says:

    For more than 5 years I have followed /GC. I was always puzzled why the gold price would occasionally spurt during off hours. And then drop back in to the price trough during normal business hours. My theory was that the gold market was some how being manipulated by the Chinese. Little did I know, that the market was being manipulated by crooks on Wall Street. No wonder the little guy can’t get ahead.

  10. Rick says:

    Your letters are most interesting reads. I do have a problem with your what looks like “pump and dump” on WTER.

    1. Equedia says:

      Appreciate your comment Rick. And fully understand your concern, as it is ours as well. We haven’t sold a share after that report and own a big position in the Company. Our business model only works if the companies we feature do well. We think someone/something/some institution might have taken advantage of the news and sold off. That, combined with the recent downtick in all things small-cap and cannabis-related, is what we believe caused the share price to fall. However, we remain bullish on the company and have not sold a share since that report was released. Hope this helps.

  11. RedDog says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the US Gov’t or even the FED. is behind GOLD’s manipulation. I mean, with the trillions of $’s the US owes, it would be in their best interest to protect the Defacto standard or world’s reserve currency because of all it’s benefits. Think about it, the US can borrow more cheaply than it could otherwise, US banks and companies can conveniently do cross border business using their own currency, and when there is geopolitical tension, central banks and investors buy US T-Bills, keeping the $ high. A Gov’t that borrows in a foreign currency can go bankrupt, not so when it borrows from abroad in its own currency (through foreign purchases of US T-Bills). The US can spend as much as it likes, by keeping on issuing T-bills that are bought continuously by foreign governments. No other country can do this. If the US cannot do that, they become less relevant and SDR’s, Bitcoin or even GOLD may pave the wave for a new reserve currency. Since the US cannot pay back it’s debt, they will be doomed.

    According to the IMF’s last quarterly report, the dollar’s share of global foreign currency reserves in Q2 2019 fell for the sixth straight quarter, to the lowest level since 2013. Tellingly, the start of the fall corresponds to when Trump took office as the 44th president. In January 2017, Trump’s inauguration, the ratio was 65.4%. In the first quarter of 2019 it was 62.5% and in the second quarter it slipped to 62.3%. We are now witnessing currency wars as countries are lightening up on T-Bills and $’s. More cooperation between Russia and China, through the signing of multi billion dollar energy deals and currency swaps that water down the $’s influence. The times of de-dollarization has begun. Central foreign banks are staying away from government bonds with record low or negative yields. They’re selling T-Bills and $’s, buying Gold, and to a lesser extent, yuan, euros and yen. The US will do whatever it can to stop the invasion and rise of GOLD, SDR’s and Bitcoin. Can the US hang on to it’s reserve currency status?

  12. Bob X. says:

    BIG DEAL!!!! Same old crap, wealthy evil minded people manipulate the markets or companies screw the consumer.
    They get caught making tens of billions dollars, pay a cheap fine, claim no wrongdoing and nobody goes to jail!!
    Nothing but a SCAM including members of Congress and high ranking Federal people and bought-off judges who
    all become multi-millionaires. Isn’t that SWEET!!! All CRIME and no PUNISHMENT!! Whitewashed by the media and colleges
    by BRAINWASHING the young idiots with socialism when they really mean communism.
    I was a victim from Warren Buffet and Pres. Obama teaming up to stop the Dakota Access pipeline so Buffet’s BNSF RR
    hauled the oil out of the N. Dak. Bakken making Buffet over $1 million per day. I lost $500,000.00 of my retirement savings.
    The fix is harsh prison time and death penalties!!
    Are the Canadians finally fed-up with their idiot president Justin Two-Door?? As bad as U.S. Pres. Hussein Odumbo!!

  13. Lenny says:

    The prices of precious and base metals are set in the Comex Futures Market (paper), not the physical. That’s precisely why Russia, India and China have been able to buy so many tonnes of gold at low prices. Also, it is alleged that India has been able to buy a years worth of annual mine supply of silver. The research of GATA, Ted Butler and Ed Steer speak for themselves. However , their is an escape hatch. Firstly, a “force majeure” mechanism is in place to settle trades in cash in lieu of physical metal, and that there’s a circuit breaker in place temporarily; that only allows gold to increase by $100/day.

  14. WAYNE RICHMOND says:

    I lost $80k or better in a very short time in GLD ETF. I had a feeling that it was rigged against the investor. Now I know.

  15. Patrick Gaido says:

    I own a lot of silver. I was told long ago (11 Years) that silver was a great investment and that it would eventually outperform Gold. Well, I bought silver at $15 per ounce 10 years ago and it’s still around that price today. I believe there is a conspiracy to keep the price of silver low so the average American doesn’t benefit in the long run from buying silver. We seem to be wasting our money on investing in something that goes nowhere and continues to remain low.

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